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  • Nestled between the world’s largest ocean,


  • driest desert,


  • longest mountain range,


  • and southernmost grasslands,


  • is Santiago de Chile.


  • It’s no wonder that this South American capital is a city of extremes.

    這也難怪她是集各種極端於一地的 南美洲大城。

  • Bienvenidos a Santiago,


  • a cosmopolitan city where you can be whoever you want to be.

    您可以在這個大都會裡 放情做自己。

  • Dine out in elegant business districts,


  • grab a Churro in an urban park


  • or hand-pick fresh seafood in a historic market hall.

    或到歷史悠久的市場大廳 親自挑選鮮活海產。

  • Delve into classic art museums or get inspired by bohemian street art.

    深入古典藝術博物館殿堂 或感受波希米亞街頭藝術的啟發。

  • Escape the heat in modern,


  • air-conditioned malls or find sanctuary in historic cathedrals.

    或前往古老教堂 尋求片刻寧靜。

  • Treat your palate to a fine wine,


  • or down a beer in one of the city’s favorite bars.

    或到全市最夯的酒吧 盡情暢飲。

  • No matter what you are looking for, Santiago has it all.

    無論您要什麼,聖地牙哥 都能讓您心滿意足。

  • Framed by mountain ranges,


  • Santiago is often shrouded in a hazy cloud.


  • In this soft light, the well-worn stones of the city’s oldest districts

    城市老區裡的石頭經過時間洗禮, 在柔和的燈光下

  • recall the atmosphere of the old Europe.


  • Chile is theCountry of Poets


  • and its romantic urban parks that show us the simple delights of the old days,

    浪漫的都會公園帶給人們 在數位時代出現前的

  • before the digital world arrived.


  • Outside of the historic district Santiago

    在饒富歷史風味的老區之外 聖地牙哥

  • is buzzing with energy and growth.


  • Shiny skyscrapers tell a story of a thriving city

    耀眼的摩天大樓訴說著 一個城市

  • with its eyes fixed on the future.


  • Free-spirited students, artists,


  • and businesspeople make this one of South America’s most progressive cities.

    和企業人士共同讓這裡成為 一個前衛的南美洲的城市。

  • The central Plaza de Armas is the perfect starting point for first-time visitors.

    位於市中心的武器廣場 (Plaza de Armas) 是初次到訪者的最佳觀光起點。

  • Browse its arts stalls or have a drink in one of the square’s lively cafés

    駐足各個藝術攤位 或到廣場邊熱鬧的咖啡廳喝上一杯,

  • to mingle with friendlyChilenos”.


  • Admire some of the city’s oldest buildings and step into the Metropolitan Cathedral,

    欣賞城市古老建築 並前往大都會大教堂

  • a place for devotion and contemplation.


  • Still in the plaza,


  • make your way up the historic bell tower of the National History Museum.

    您還可以登上國立歷史博物館 (National History Museum) 的鐘樓。

  • See how 16th-century Spanish conquistadores

    了解 16 世紀時西班牙征服者

  • planned the capital around Santa Lucía Hill,


  • the spot where the city was founded.


  • Of course, thousands of years before the Spanish arrived,


  • Chile already had a thriving civilization.


  • Today, only a few indigenous groups remain.


  • The Civic District along Ahumada Boulevard is home to La Moneda Palace,

    沿著 Ahumada 大道的市政區 (Civic District) 是拉莫內達宮 (La Moneda Palace) ,

  • which was the colonial mint and is now the seat of Government.

    此處在殖民時代是鑄幣廠,如今則是 智利總統府所在地。

  • The original palace was bombed when

    原本的宮殿在 1973 年奧古斯圖 • 皮諾契特將軍

  • General Augusto Pinochet seized power in 1973.

    (General Augusto Pinochet) 政變時遭到空襲。

  • The Museum of Memory and Human Rights


  • reminds visitors of the thousands of victims of his repressive rule.

    (The Museum of Memory and Human Rights) 提醒參觀者在他高壓統治犧牲的數千條生命。

  • The people fought back and Chile is now a prosperous and free nation.

    人民反抗後,如今的智利是一個 繁榮自由的國度。

  • As the country’s beloved poet Pablo Neruda once said:

    正如這個國家珍愛的詩人聶魯達 (Pablo Neruda) 曾經說過的:

  • You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

    「您就算摘折了所有的鮮花,仍無法 阻止春天的到來。」

  • Since the 1990s Santiago has flourished and is today one of the

    聖地牙哥自 1990 年代起繁榮發展,如今 已成為南美洲

  • hippest capitals in South America.


  • Don’t miss Parque Forestal

    千萬別錯過森林公園 (Parque Forestal)

  • This green corridor gives access to some of the

    這條綠廊可帶您抵達 全市

  • city’s most remarkable art museums and sculptures.


  • Take a peak inside Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho,

    到馬波喬文化中心站 (Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho) 逛逛,

  • a monumental train station turned exhibition space

    欣賞宏偉的火車站如何與展覽 空間、

  • with café and restaurant.


  • Rent a bike and head to Providencia to see the jumble of artworks

    租輛腳踏車,前往普羅維登西亞 (Providencia) 的雕塑公園 (Parque de las Esculturas)

  • in the Parque de las Esculturas.


  • Keep riding northeast to Vitacura to feed the swans in Parque Bicentenario

    繼續向東北騎去,到維塔庫拉社區 (Vitacura) 的雙世紀公園 (Parque Bicentenario) 餵天鵝

  • or pull up a beach chair.


  • To the south of the city is Pirque,

    城市往南可以到皮爾古 (Pirque),

  • where you can tour the famous Concha y Toro winery.

    參觀知名的 Concha y Toro 酒莊。

  • The experience will make you a connoisseur of the region’s chardonnay

    一趟下來您會成為 這一區夏多內 (chardonnay) 葡萄品種的行家,

  • and the viña’s tasting sessions are a feast for the senses.

    至於品酒大會,更無疑是樂中此道者 的盛宴。

  • If you’d rather drink a coldcerveza",

    如果冰涼啤酒 (cerveza) 才是您的最愛,

  • visit a sidewalk café in the central Bellavista neighborhood.

    那就到貝雅維斯塔 (Bellavista) 路邊咖啡座 好好放鬆一番。

  • Browse craft shops, look for precious antiques,


  • and check out the area’s colorful street art.

    同時欣賞處處可見的多彩街頭 藝術。

  • From Bellavista,which is Spanish forbeautiful views”,


  • you can scale the city’s revered hill, Cerro San Cristóbal.

    您可以從此處攀登城市山丘,聖克里斯托瓦爾山 (Cerro San Cristóbal)。

  • take one last look at sparkling Santiago


  • before you set out to explore Chile’s many natural treasures.

    然後繼續探索智利各處 天然美景。

Nestled between the world’s largest ocean,



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