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  • Before you set out exploring the mysterious mountain city of Machu Picchu,

    在您出發探索神秘山城 - 馬丘比丘、 的的喀喀湖的水上村莊、

  • the floating villages of Lake Titicaca

    以及熱帶寶藏 - 亞馬遜叢林之前,

  • and the tropical treasures of the Amazon jungle,


  • discover the striking contrasts of Peru’s coastal capital Lima.

    這裡除了是秘魯的首都, 也是個性最極端的城市。

  • Ancient and modern


  • rich and poor


  • fascinating and entertaining


  • practical and elegant:


  • Lima is a city of contrasts.


  • Almost a third of all Peruvians call this sprawling metropolis home

    有將近三分之一的秘魯人 以這個不斷延伸的大都會為家。

  • and they live in everything from modern high-rise condos

    他們的住家也充滿對比, 有的住在高級時尚的公寓,

  • to humble hill-top shacks.


  • The painted façades burst with color in summer


  • but this image is paled by the fog that rises from the Pacific Ocean in winter.

    在夏季鮮豔繽紛... 在冬季則掩蓋於太平洋水氣形成的薄霧之中。

  • In this ever-changing city you can find a new surprise at every turn.

    在這個變化萬千的城市裡, 每一個角落都能發現驚喜。

  • All you have to do is prepare your senses;


  • Along the boulevards of Central Lima youll be immersed in the sounds of chaotic traffic,

    您會在利馬中央的大道上 被車水馬龍的各式聲音淹沒,

  • while quiet benches await in coastal parks.


  • Everywhere you go in Lima you can feel the hot desert sun warm your skin,

    走在利馬的任何角落, 您都可以感受的炙熱的陽光灑在您的身上,

  • and at the same time taste the salty sea air.


  • To experience the bohemian side of Lima, follow the Bajada de los Baños,

    想體驗利馬波希米亞的一面, 可以沿著從巴紐斯峽谷

  • a walkway that runs from the coast through the quaint Barranco district.

    一路從海岸前往 精美的巴科蘭區。

  • Stroll over the Bridge of Sighs,


  • a legendary place of forbidden romance between a wealthy girl and a handsome street sweeper.

    由於相愛卻不被允許 進而私訂終生的嘆息橋。

  • Rich or poor, all Peruvians find common ground in the city’s many public parks.

    不管是富裕或者貧窮的秘魯人, 都能在城市裡眾多的公園中找到屬於自己的小天地。

  • El Malecón, a continuous stretch of paths and flower beds,

    沿著佈滿鮮花的馬勒孔 繼續往下走,

  • allows you to explore the coastal cliffs of the Miraflores district on foot.

    您可以步行探索 米拉弗洛雷斯區的海岸懸崖。

  • It’s in modern neighborhoods like this that you almost forget

    漫步在這個現代時尚的區域中, 會讓您差點忘了

  • that Lima was built on the ruined pyramids and temples of ancient civilizations.

    利馬可是建立於古文明的 金字塔遺跡和廟宇之上。

  • Yet, in its heart


  • you can retrace the steps of the Lima people in Huaca Pucllana,

    是 1500 年前, 利馬人用來舉行儀式和祭典的

  • a place of ceremony and sacrifice from around 1,500 years ago.

    華卡布亞納, 您可以在此認是秘魯的古老文明。

  • Indigenous Peruvians still observe the rituals and beliefs of their forefathers,

    儘管祕魯的原住民們 如今已是虔誠的天主教徒,

  • despite being devout Catholics today.


  • This religion was introduced to them by Spanish conquistadores,

    宗教信仰、 卡斯蒂利亞語言,

  • along with the Castilian language and Baroque architecture.

    以及巴洛克式的建築, 都是由西班牙統治者所引進的。

  • To see fine examples of their colonial legacy, visit the Plaza de Armas,

    想進一步了解利馬的殖民歷史, 可以拜訪「武器廣場」,

  • which is also known as the Plaza Mayor.


  • It was here that the Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro

    這裡也是西班牙征服者法蘭西斯克·皮澤洛 在 16 世紀時

  • founded Lima in the 16th century.


  • His quest to make theCity of the Kings


  • the capital of the New World started with the construction of the Lima Cathedral.

    作為打造新世界的首都 - 「國王之城」的開端。

  • Inside, look for Pizarro’s tomb, early religious artworks and the gold-plated altar.

    在大教堂裡,可以看到皮澤洛的墓碑、 早期的宗教藝術,以及鍍金聖壇。

  • Pizarro lived and worked in the Government Palace across the street,

    皮澤洛生前的住所與辦公室 就在教堂對面的政府宮

  • which is still the official seat of government today.

    該處如今依然是政府的 官方辦公地點。

  • Take a horse-and-carriage tour from the Plaza,


  • a romantic way of exploring Lima’s UNESCO-protected


  • Historic Center with its typical colonial balconies.

    利馬歷史中心,以及經典的殖民式建築陽台 最浪漫的方式。

  • Peru gained independence in 1821, but the Spanish influence has never been erased.

    秘魯雖然在 1821 年宣布獨立, 但西班牙的一切仍然深深的影響著這塊土地。

  • Take a peek inside inner-city museums and libraries to find stately rooms,

    在市區內的博物館中, 放眼望去,看到的是莊嚴堂皇的房間、

  • soaring glass ceilings and colorful tiled courtyards.

    大片的玻璃天花板, 和舖滿彩色磁磚的中庭。

  • Another highlight is the 18th-century Museo Larco,

    另一個不可錯過的景點 當然就是建立在

  • which stands on the ruins of a 7th-century pyramid.

    7 世紀金字塔遺址上的 18 世紀拉科博物館。

  • The colonial mansion in the Pueblo Libre district houses an impressive collection of ceramics,

    自由部落區的殖民地豪宅中 充滿了前哥倫布時期

  • artworks and golden jewelry from pre-Columbian times.

    令人讚嘆的陶瓷藝術 以及黃金首飾收藏。

  • The exhibits show the history of ancient Peru through arts and crafts.

    該展覽透過藝術和雕刻 充分的展現了古秘魯的歷史。

  • After lunch on the patio,


  • cross the garden to the Sala Erótica to see the museum’s most talked about pieces

    穿越花園,來到情色廳 親眼瞧瞧博物館中最具話題的收藏...

  • Nearby Parque de las Leyendas,


  • which is Lima’s zoo,


  • introduces the wild animals of Peru’s remote Amazon jungle

    展示了各種秘魯郊區亞馬遜叢林的 野生動物

  • to all who can’t travel there themselves.


  • Another popular family attraction is Parque de Exposición in the city center,

    另一個有名的家庭旅遊景點 就是博覽會公園

  • where kids and adults alike love splashing around in the water fountains.

    在這裡,不管是大人還是小孩 都會愛上噴水池的樂趣。

  • As the day turns into night,


  • the park’s magical light show is a reminder that ANYTHING is possible in Lima.

    公園的魔幻燈光秀,清楚的述說著 「在利馬,沒有不可能」。

  • Don’t forget, Lima is the perfect stepping stone to the many natural,

    別忘了,不管您是想探索 祕魯有名的

  • cultural and historic treasures that Peru is so famous for.

    自然、文化或歷史寶藏 利馬都是一個非常好的起點。

  • Take your pick from coastal desertslush rainforests…. fertile altiplanos….

    您可以透過沿岸沙漠... 茂密的雨林...肥沃的高地

  • and snow-capped mountains to see the many faces of Peru.

    以及白雪靄靄的高山 來認識祕魯的各種面貌。

Before you set out exploring the mysterious mountain city of Machu Picchu,

在您出發探索神秘山城 - 馬丘比丘、 的的喀喀湖的水上村莊、


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