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  • Just 165 miles from San Francisco,

    在距離舊金山僅 165 英哩之處

  • lies one of America’s greatest treasures.


  • Yosemite National Park sits on the western slopes of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains,

    優勝美地國家公園就坐落在 加州內華達山脈的西部山坡上

  • it also occupies a special place in the nation’s soul.


  • Yosemite’s story began as the last ice age ended,


  • when the glaciers of the region’s high country scoured and sculptured the valley below.

    當時此地區的高原冰川逐漸消融 進而蝕刻出下方的山谷地形

  • Managed by the National Park Service and covering almost 1200 square miles,

    優勝美地由美國國家公園管理局負責管理 面積將近 1,200 平方英哩

  • Yosemite takes in five vegetation zones,


  • from oak and chaparral woodlands, to sparse alpine high country.

    從橡樹與灌木林林地 到植被稀疏的高山高原

  • Of the four million visitors who come each year,

    每年都有 400 萬名遊客前來探索優勝美地

  • most spend their time in Yosemite Valley, which is open year round.

    其中大多數的人都是為了全年開放的 優勝美地山谷而來

  • At only 8 miles long and 1 mile wide,

    在僅 8 英哩長、1 英哩寬的山谷地形中

  • this valley packs in more jaw-dropping scenery than just about any other place on Earth.

    蘊藏著比地球上任何一處都還多的 壯麗絕美風景

  • As you enter the Yosemite Valley ring road from the west,

    如果您從西邊進入優勝美地山谷 的環形公路

  • it’s worth taking a short detour to Tunnel View and stand before a sweeping panorama

    不妨稍微繞個道,前往隧道口觀景點 將整座優勝美地山谷一覽無遺

  • that’s reduced generations of visitors to silence, and many to tears.

    在如此壯闊的美景前,無數遊客屏息讚嘆 甚至流下眼淚

  • To the right, there’s the ethereal mist of Bridalveil Fall,

    位於山谷右側的,是霧氣飄渺的 新娘面紗瀑布

  • to the left, the sheer granite face of El Capitan,

    而左側則可眺望酋長岩陡峭的 花崗岩壁

  • while in the background,


  • the rising majesty of Half Dome beckons you deeper into the valley.

    半圓頂岩的雄偉之姿彷彿在召喚您 更深入探索這座山谷

  • From Tunnel View it’s just a short drive,


  • and then an easy walk to the base of Bridalveil Fall.


  • The fall reaches it’s peak in May,

    瀑布水量會在每年 5 月達到高峰

  • yet possess a magic all year round.


  • If youre looking for love, breathe deeply;


  • the park’s original custodians, the Ahwahneechee,


  • believe that inhaling the fall’s mists increases your chances of marriage.

    吸入這座瀑布的水霧之氣 能為人帶來姻緣

  • The park’s ring road follows the banks of the Merced River,

    優勝美地國家公園的環形公路沿 默塞德河而行

  • a national wild and scenic waterway,


  • which shifts in character as it thunders and tumbles from the valley walls,

    從瀑布上游以洶湧轟鳴的水勢 沖激而下

  • before gently winding across the valley floor.


  • Here, the river is lined with pine forests,


  • rich meadows, and beaches.


  • These are the places to pause, and let the park’s spirit wash over you.

    您可以在此稍作停留 讓優勝美地的神聖美好洗滌您的心靈

  • These are the places which inspired President Teddy Roosevelt to write,

    羅斯福總統就是在此地深受啟迪 並寫下:

  • It was like lying in a great solemn cathedral,


  • far vaster and more beautiful than any built by the hand of man.”

    但其卻遠比人類所建造的任何建築 更美、更壯闊」

  • The Yosemite Valley ring road is dotted with trailheads


  • that lead off into 800 miles of hiking trails.

    可讓您走訪全長 800 英哩的登山健行步道

  • First cut almost 150 years ago,

    最早開闢的路徑距今已有 150 年之久

  • The Four Mile Trail climbs the valley’s southern wall

    其中的四英哩步道可帶您從山谷的 南面山坡

  • to two of the park’s great outlooks.


  • At Glacier Point, gaze down into the entire valley,


  • and away into the distant high country.


  • A little further along,


  • whatever breath you have left will be taken away by the views at Washburn Point.

    瓦士本觀景點的景致 將讓您嘆為觀止

  • If youre pressed for time,


  • you can also access these outlooks by car or tour bus via Glacier Point Road,

    亦可開車或搭乘觀光巴士走冰河觀景點公路 前往這些觀景點

  • which is open between May and November.

    公路開放期間為 5 月至 11 月間

  • Further along the ring road is the trailhead for another of Yosemite’s signature hikes,

    繼續沿環形公路而行 則可前往優勝美地另一條著名步道的登山口

  • The Mist Trail.


  • This five-hour hike is for moderate to experience hikers,

    這條 5 小時路程的步道屬於中高難度的路線

  • but repays every step with even more stunning vistas,


  • and the spectacle of Vernal and Nevada Falls.


  • The Mist Trail links up with the John Muir Trail,

    迷霧步道與 約翰繆爾步道相連接

  • named after the grandfather of America’s National Park System.

    這條步道的名稱來自美國 國家公園之父,約翰‧繆爾

  • In his 1912 book, The Yosemite, the naturalist wrote,

    這位自然主義者在其 1912 年的著作 《優勝美地》中寫道:

  • Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,


  • places to play in and pray in,


  • where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike”.

    而大自然就如同此等存在,可為人類的身心靈帶來 療癒和力量。」

  • It was writings like this,


  • which helped seed Yosemite into the consciousness of a nation,

    使優勝美地的大自然深植於 美國人的國家意識之中

  • and led to its designation as one of America’s first national parks.

    並促使其成為美國首先設立的 國家公園之一

  • After crossing the river at the valley’s


  • eastern end, the ring road turns west,


  • towards Yosemite Village.


  • At the Museum, explore the culture of the valley’s First Peoples..

    您可以在博物館中了解優勝美地村 原住民的歷史文化

  • Then, at the Visitor Center,


  • learn about the miners, ranchers, artists and entrepreneurs who followed.

    了解隨後來到此地的礦工、牧場主、 藝術家和企業家在此留下的印記

  • And don’t miss the Ansel Adams Gallery,


  • dedicated to the photographer who’s timeless black and white images

    館內可欣賞這位攝影家親身領略優勝美地 自然之美的精典黑白影像

  • have inspired millions to see Yosemite for themselves.

    他的攝影作品讓數百萬人不遠千里而來 就為探訪優勝美地

  • From March to October the park gets busy,

    每年 3 月至 10 月為優勝美地的旅遊旺季

  • so consider leaving your car at the village


  • and exploring the valley on the free shuttle service.

    然後搭乘免費的接駁車探索 優勝美地山谷

  • Or, enjoy the valley views from two wheels!


  • Follow the twelve-miles of bike paths,

    園區內規劃了 12 英哩長的自行車道

  • which loops along the river and crosses dreamy meadows filled with wildflowers,

    會帶您沿著河流而行 穿越長滿野花的夢幻草地

  • taking in the valley’s star attractions along the way.

    繞行一圈可欣賞到優勝美地山谷的 各處著名景點

  • For thousands of years,


  • the Ahwahneechee had villages throughout this fertile valley floor,

    原住民阿瓦尼奇族人的村落散布於 整片肥沃谷地之中

  • but it was here at the base of Yosemite Falls,


  • where their great chief resided.


  • The falls flow in three sections,


  • which you can see in their entirety from vantage points all over the park.

    您可以從公園內的各個觀景點 欣賞整座瀑布的完整樣貌

  • But nothing compares to taking the one-hour hike to feel the full force of the lower falls,

    但是都比不上走一小時山路 近距離感受下層瀑布水勢的驚人力量

  • or spending the day climbing all the way to the upper falls.

    您也可以花上一天的時間一路登上 瀑布的上層

  • When it comes to climbing,


  • El Capitan, a 3000-foot high granite monolith

    高達 3,000 英呎的酋長岩是一座獨體花崗岩

  • has become a rite of passage for climbers from all over the world.

    是全球各地的攀岩好手 都想要挑戰的目標

  • The first ascent, in 1958, took 47 days.

    首位成功挑戰者在 1958 年花了 47 天才攻頂

  • From the comfort of El Capitan Meadow,


  • sit back and watch modern climbers,


  • who have reduced that same climb to a couple of days,

    只需花上短短幾天 甚至是幾小時

  • or sometimes, to a just few hours.


  • As the ring road winds back towards the park entrance,


  • stop at Valley View,


  • for one long look back.


  • But there’s no need to feel heavy-hearted,


  • because there’s so much more of Yosemite to discover,

    因為您還可以繼續上路 前往探索

  • just up the road.


  • To the north of Yosemite Valley,


  • climbs one of the USA’s most scenic highways.


  • Tioga Road is impassable between October and May,

    蒂歐加公路在每年 10 月至 5 月期間 不開放通行

  • but as the snow clears, the road reemerges,


  • rising into the rugged Sierra Nevada high country.


  • Pull over, and fill your lungs with cool alpine air at Olmsted Point.

    您不妨在奧姆斯特觀景點停下車來 大口呼吸冷冽的高山空氣

  • Refresh yourself by the pure waters of Tenaya Lake,

    特納亞湖的純淨湖水能洗滌您的身心 恢復精神

  • named in honor of Yosemite’s last great chieftain.

    這座湖泊的命名是為了紀念 優勝美地的最後一位偉大酋長

  • Then follow the road further to Tuolumne Meadow,


  • the traditional summer hunting grounds of the Ahwahneechee.

    這裡曾是阿瓦尼奇族人夏季時的 傳統狩獵地

  • Today, this sub-alpine meadow is the perfect place to stock up on serenity,

    如今這片亞高山草原則是 享受寧靜大自然的好地方

  • or to pick up one of the many trails that lead to further alpine adventures.

    此外還有許多登山步道 供您體驗高山探索之旅

  • One of the shortest,


  • but most rewarding trails leads to Lembert Dome,


  • named after one of the parks earliest settlers.


  • From its high country to its waterfalls,


  • from its towering sequoia groves to its valley meadows,

    高聳參天的紅杉樹 到翠綠的山谷草原

  • Yosemite is an American story unlike any other.


  • It is a place where a nation returns again and again,

    此處是美國精神的寄託所在 也是一再回訪的心靈故鄉

  • through the best and worst of times,


  • to breathe,


  • to be inspired,


  • and just be.


  • For this is a place,


  • John Muir once wrote,


  • that is far easier to feel than to explain.


  • This is a place,


  • to wash the spirit clean.


Just 165 miles from San Francisco,

在距離舊金山僅 165 英哩之處


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