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Hi guys!
It's a Friday today
and we're heading out to go check out the cherry blossoms!
Every year, it blooms for about 2 weeks.
In Sydney, there's only one place I know of where you can go and see them
and that's at the Auburn Botanical Gardens.
To celebrate the cherry blossoms, they usually celebrate it over 2 weekends
and they have a lot of events on.
They have sumo wrestling
and they have all these other different activities.
Because we are going on a Friday, there isn't going to be as many activities
but obviously the flowers would still be there.
So we're just heading there now.
We're gonna grab some lunch first.
Hopefully, it's going to be really nice.
The weather's really good today.
I'll show you soon.
This was our first time going to the Cherry Blossom Festival
and to make sure we had enough energy
we decided to have lunch first
before heading over to the Auburn Botanic Gardens.
Doesn't this remind you of Japan?
I never cease to be amazed
by how culturally diverse
Sydney is.
Cherry blossoms bloom
for a very short amount of time
every year.
Here at the Auburn Botanic Gardens
they bloom just before Spring
and for a 2 week period
they are at their most beautiful.
As you can see,
the cherry blossom trees here
aren't as big as some of the one's in Japan.
They're just a little bit taller than I am,
but that doesn't mean, they aren't just as beautiful.
If you are in Sydney
around this time of year
or have never been to Japan,
this is a fun little experience.
Make sure to check it out!
Thanks for watching guys,
Don't forget to like and subscribe
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See you in the next video!


Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 @ Auburn Botanic Gardens

1844 分類 收藏
Winny Luong 發佈於 2017 年 9 月 25 日
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