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Welcome to Speak English with Tiffani.
I am Teacher Tiffani and today I am going to teach you How to introduce your family
in English.
Are you ready?
Well then, let's jump right in.
As an English learner, one of the first skills you learn is how to introduce yourself properly
in English.
You learn how to talk about your appearance, your personality, and your hobbies.
And usually, the next thing you have to do is talk about your family.
But, the problem is, you don't know how to actually speak fluently in English about
your family.
Well, don't worry, there is a quick and useful 4-step formula that will help you to
speak clearly about your family.
STEP 1 : Give an interesting piece of information about your family
The purpose of this step is to grab the attention of the person listening to you.
Your goal is to help them see the general character of your family.
For example, your fact can be a habit that you find unique.
“My family and I usually spend Saturday nights eating pizza and watching old movies.”
Or your fact can be a funny or memorable story.“One of my best memories with my family
is when we traveled to Europe for 10 days.
The airport lost all of our luggage, so we had to wear the same clothes for three days.
But we just laughed about it and still had a great time.”
Or you can choose to say - Why they are special to you.
“I love my family dearly because they support me in everything that I do.
They are my biggest fans.”
STEP 2 : List the individuals in your family. The purpose of this step is to give the basic
details about your family.
For example, how many are in your family and who they are.
“There are five people in my family including me.
My father, my mother, me, my younger brother, and my younger sister.”
Now STEP 3 : List details for each family member.
For this step, you will begin to give more details about each member of your family.
The details that you want to list for each person are:
First, their appearance. “My father is a very handsome man.
Many people say he also has very kind eyes.”
Second, their personality or character. “He is actually a very kind and considerate person."
Third, their job or education. “For the last 15 years my dad has worked
for Apple as a leading Web Developer.
He loves his job.”
And fourth, their hobby.
“But, his main hobby is skiing.
So, he likes to travel to Canada every year during the Christmas holiday.”
Remember that you need to this for each of your family members.
This will make your introduction of your family sound more natural.
It will also show that you are a confident English speaker.
And finally, STEP 4 : Wrap up your intro. Give a final statement that summarizes once
again what your family means to you.
“My family means the world to me and without them I would not be who I am today.”
So, with these 4 steps, you will now be able to fluently introduce your family in English
like a native English speaker.
Now, try to use these steps at least one time today.
You can do it!
You can Speak English!


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