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  • Hey guys, this is Austin and today I'm here with a review of the new Apple TV 3.

  • This latest model is very similar to the previous Apple TV but it does have a few

  • major improvements such as 1080p support as well as a new interface so let’s take

  • a look. To get this out of the way first, if you have the previous generation

  • Apple TV the only improvement is 1080p video streaming as the new interface is

  • available as an update for your box. If you're like me however and this is your

  • first Apple TV then there's quite a bit to like. The hardware on the Apple TV is

  • very small, only slightly larger overall than an iPhone. Around back youll find

  • ports for power, HDMI, MicroUSB, Optical Audio out along with Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

  • Probably my favorite feature is AirPlay. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad,

  • Mac or even a PC with iTunes you can stream pictures, music and video over to your

  • TV via your local Wi-Fi network. I'll put it simply: this by itself more than makes

  • the Apple TV worth it for it for me. For example I wrote this review out on the

  • couch on my iPad while streaming music through the surround sound connected to my TV.

  • Even when you throw in more complicated things like streaming music using Safari it

  • still works brilliantly, allowing you to continue on with whatever you want to do and

  • keeping the native audio controls from iOS. You can also throw pictures up onto the

  • screen and swipe through them as well as streaming video, both what’s on your device

  • as well as video from Safari. In addition you can wirelessly mirror the display of

  • your iDevice which can be very cool for sharing anything on a larger screen and some

  • games like Real Racing 2 HD will allow you to use your iPad as the controller and have

  • the game display on the TV. You can find a bit of lag from time to time but I

  • suspect this has more to do with my Wireless-G router than AirPlay itself.

  • Beyond AirPlay the new Apple TV interface looks and works well, much more like iOS.

  • You have all of your standard apps such as Netflix, YouTube and more, however what you

  • see is what you get. There isn’t a way to add more apps and you can’t move or delete

  • anything unfortunately. I won’t go into detail on everything but most apps have a

  • very

  • similar style that’s half Cover Flow and half list. To access video, music or photos

  • youll either need to stream it if youve bought it from iTunes or run it via

  • Home Sharing on a Mac or PC with iTunes installed. While it would be nice to be able

  • to store content on the Apple TV itself I really didn’t ever find myself lacking for

  • a way to get at anything I wanted to watch. Between my media on my iPhone and iPad and

  • what’s available on Netflix I never found myself wanting more. If you don’t have any

  • Apple products then this is still a fine Netflix player and you can still stream your

  • media using Home Sharing with iTunes. If youre invested into the Apple ecosystem with

  • iTunes, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad then the Apple TV makes a lot of sense. AirPlay is

  • outstanding and really ties it all together and with the ability to output 1080p it’s

  • no longer held back quality-wise. Overall for $100 this is a fantastic little device

  • that I highly recommend. If you enjoyed be sure to leave this video a thumbs up and if

  • youre interested in more videos like this be sure to subscribe!

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I'm here with a review of the new Apple TV 3.


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