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-How've you been? -I've been good.
It was a while back. When was... I was just about to start this, then.
That's like, two years ago.
Yeah, I remember, 'cause 'Crimson Peak' released in October 2015,
and I went straight from, um, New York to Hawaii.
-Oh, wow. -Yeah.
To start this, yeah.
Ok, Kjersti Flaa, today I'm covering for Hungary.
I'm a bit all over the place. I'm from Norway, but.
I know, yeah.
You know that, too? [Flaa and Hiddleston chuckle]
I remember. You told me, I think.
Yeah. We were talking about your fans, as well.
Because you have -- like, I don't know anyone who has more dedicated fans than you do.
-Do you think? -I think so, yes.
People are, like, so obsessed with you.
Why -- [Flaa and Hiddleston chuckle]
Why -- I understand why, but why do you think that you have, like, this thing about you,
that makes the fans go so crazy?
I don't know. Um...
Truthfully. I just feel very lucky that I've got people -- there are people out there who have enjoyed the work.
Um... That's what matters most, to me. And then also, there are --
that some of those people have also taken up the causes I believe in, at the same time.
Um --
And that's really touching.
Do you ever get used to that kind of attention?
Uhh... I don't think you ever -- I don't think anyone ever gets used it, really.
Um -- um --
No. [Flaa and Hiddleston chuckle]
No. Um --
I just -- ultimately, I try to stay true to myself,
and I think that's the only thing that keeps you grounded in reality.
Well, I've seen you're active on social media too, now.
-Yeah. -So I'm following you on Instagram.
Do you like, kind of, to be able to express yourself, through social media?
I'm quite -- I think, it's -- relatively, I'm quite sparing with social media.
I only recently joined Instagram, I just --
the idea that people are communicating with pictures is something that I think is a good thing.
Um -- And, it seems to be quite a positive forum, as well.
Um, so, that's a good thing.
I love that photo on the plane, where you take the selfie.
Yeah, yeah yeah. Yeah. [Flaa indistinct]
Well, we had a great time making this film.
We -- you know, it was an amazing group of people, throwing together, going off to these extraordinary places.
And, uh -- [inhales]
You know, it's nice to have a record of it, sometimes.
So, you're very fit in this movie, as you are in a lot of movies.
Are you always, like, in good shape?
Well, I've always been a runner. I love running.
Many, many people hate running. I'm aware of that.
Um, and -- uh --
But running for me, has been a way of, um --
there's something very monotonous and habitual about it.
And sometimes it's a really good place to think.
So I've always --
It was a habit I started to get into on 'War Horse,' with Steven Spielberg.
Because we'd -- he wanted to shoot very early in the morning,
and the horses would always be wide awake,
and I wanted to make sure that I was awake as well, so I'd get up and run.
Um, so that's a -- it is a creative habit that I have.
It's a way of thinking about the scene, and -- that I -- every day, and, um --
So, yeah.
There's a lot of pain, going through that, too.
I feel like it's taking the pain that's, like, building…
That's part of it, yeah.
It's interesting that, um --
I think a physical discipline yields something psychological and mental at the same time,
that you don't know is happening until a little later.
Um --
Just the act of, uh....
of that habit,
kind of reveals -- you kind of find out who you are,
when you're being made to push and pull and lift and run,
and you feel like you have nothing else to give, but you do.
Hi, there, thanks for watching my interview.
I hope you liked it, and if you did, there might be some other interviews you like on my channel.
So please subscribe by clicking this button down here, and hopefully I'll see you again.
Thanks again for watching. Bye.


戀愛的感覺!抖森記得主持人說過的小事 (The real reason TOM HIDDLESTON finally joined INSTAGRAM and how he remembers EVERYTHING you tell him)

5702 分類 收藏
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