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  • Red: Hey, cat, that's my trash! Get out of there!

  • Red: Hoho what? Look at your cute cat face! You are soooooooft!

  • Red: What is your name? I don't even know!

  • Red: I'mma call you Kitty Amazing 'cause that's what you look like!

  • Blue: We are not keeping that cat.

  • Red: Pleeeeeease?

  • Blue: I can't even see what you're doing, you know I had eye surgery.

  • Red: Oh, man, I feel sorry for you because this cat is sooo cute!


  • Blue: Ohhh, oh, yeah, it does feel soft. And strangely cold...

  • Red: Let's take this cat for a test drive!

  • Blue: What does that mean?

  • Red: It means chicas love gatos! Gatos! Gatos! Gatos! Gatos!

  • Blue: Red? Wait up! Marco! Marco?

  • Red: !Azul, mira! Dos chicas jalapenos.(Blue, look! two girls are hot!)

  • Woman: Oh, my God, that is a cute cat! Ohh, my heart is melting...


  • Red: Oh, shit!

  • Blue: Red? What happened? I hear sirens!

  • Red: You hear nothing!

  • Green Man: Hey, is she ok?

  • Orange Woman: Hey, is he ok?

  • Red: AAAAAAAAAH!!!! Blue: Wait. We're running towards the sirens?

  • Tour Man: And if you look to your left you will see....

  • Red: Oh, no, there's a parade! Aaaaaahhh!

  • Elderly Man: What have I told you about pets in the apartment?

  • Red: Mr. Dingleberry, look away!

  • Blue: Huh? What's going on? Mr. Dingleberry?

  • Red: Oh, haha, he just tossed a sack of potatoes down the steps. Those Irish love their potatoes.

  • Officer: I just heard the sound of death and secrets in here. Is everything all right?

  • Red: You're too cute... too cute for this world. I have to destroy you!

  • Red: Goodbye, Kitty Amazing...

  • Red: Go wide, asshole!

  • Blue: Yeah, yeah, I'm going-- Wait, what?

  • Blue: Ah, shi-

Red: Hey, cat, that's my trash! Get out of there!


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B2 中高級

迪克模型 - Kitty Amazing (Dick Figures - Kitty Amazing)

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