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  • Watching Hugh Grant and his

  • Stuttering pathetic charm is as

  • Appealing to me as closing my

  • Scrotum in a DVD case.

  • Are these real or do you

  • Make them up to be especially nasty?

  • Kate Hudson is a dead-eyed

  • Trash bag that smells like low tide.

  • Greg Kinnear

  • Stars in holy [BLEEP] who

  • Gives a [BLEEP] coming soon.

  • Chris Evans is a stupid

  • Bearded sweater wearing dumb

  • Dork.

  • Melissa McCarthy is the Medea

  • of white people.

  • Jane Lynch had bigger

  • [BLEEP] than Ultimate Warrior.

  • Norman Reedus, I can fit two

  • Firsts and a leg in my [BLEEP].

  • Hit me up.

  • Okay.

  • I'll do it.

  • Tongue punch in the fart box

  • is a neglected phrase.

  • Use it today.

  • Example: Margot Robbie deserves

  • a tongue punch in the fart box.

  • Wow.

  • Anthony Mackie is probably.

  • Angry that he looks like a

  • [BLEEP] Aardvark.

  • Judd Apatow has completely

  • ruined manhood.

  • Olivia Wilde's forehead is

  • the same size as my left ass

  • cheek.

  • and I weigh 250 pounds.

  • So I'll let you imagine just how

  • big that must be.

  • Paul Rudd is the most boring.

  • vanilla dude.

  • You know he just sits at home

  • with his wife having a bland

  • spaghetti dinner, talking about

  • his day.

  • That's pretty funny.

  • Why does Ryan Gosling always

  • Look like he's trying to squeeze

  • a fart out without making any

  • noise?

  • Has Zac Efron ever been in a

  • Film where he didn't play a

  • total douche?

  • I've never seen one of his

  • Films, I'm just judging by his

  • face.

  • How how I loathe Nickelback.

  • P.S. [BLEEP] you Wanda

  • Sykes.

  • Russell Crowe is delightfully

  • paradoxical in that he is a huge

  • [BLEEP] with a small penis.

  • Bryan Cranston looks like Jim

  • Carrey impersonating Matthew

  • McConaughey.

  • All right, all right,


  • I keep forgetting that Kiefer

  • Sutherland isn't dead.

  • Well, whoever wrote this, if it

  • makes you feel better, it's not

  • for a lack of trying.

  • Oh, yeah, and [BLEEP] you.

  • [ LAUGHTER ]

Watching Hugh Grant and his


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