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  • Hello, it's Crown


  • Today I'll talk about Taylor Swift's Blank Space!

    今天要來介紹 Taylor Swift 的 Blank Space!

  • Welcome to English Song Spotlight. In this series we're going to learn English by songs~


  • In the last episode we introduced Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling

    那上一集我們介紹了 Justin Timberlake 的 Can’t Stop the Feeling

  • Today we're going to listen to the Queen of Country, Taylor Swift's hit single Blank Space!

    今天則是要介紹國民小天后 Taylor Swift 的超紅歌曲 Blank Space!

  • Taylor actually wrote the song to satirize people and media's

    這其實是一首 Taylor 寫來自我解嘲那些外界以及媒體

  • gossip and criticism toward her relationships.


  • Since she has been viewed


  • So what she wanted to convey in her MV was

    所以他在 MV 裡面他想要呈現出一個

  • "Outsiders' perception toward Taylor Swift"

    「外界對於 Taylor Swift 的一個觀感」

  • Therefore she acted like a maniac


  • This time I'm also going to explain and analyze some of the lyrics from the song


  • Let's begin!


  • Saw you there and I thought


  • oh my God, look at that face


  • You look like my next mistake


  • Love's a game, wanna play?


  • "You look like my next mistake" means

    You look like my next mistake 的意思是

  • "You look like someone that's going to break my heart


  • but I'm ready to play this game of love"


  • A more positive saying could be "you look like my next boyfriend"

    樂觀一點的講法可以說,you look like my next boyfriend

  • But she used "mistake" instead, therefore it's like a foretelling saying that

    但他這邊是用 mistake,所以他有一點在預言說

  • You're likely to be a wrong decision


  • New money, suit and tie


  • I can read you like a magazine


  • Ain't it funny, rumors fly


  • and I know you heard about me


  • This line could be translated into: 拿著新鈔、穿著西裝打領帶,我一眼就可以看穿你

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 拿著新鈔、穿著西裝打領帶 我一眼就可以看穿你

  • There are two interpretations of the line. The first one is that "I can read you like a magazine"

    這句歌詞有兩種解釋方法,第一種是 I can read you like a magazine

  • is actually originated from an idiom "I can read you like a book"

    其實是由流行用語 I can read you like a book 改編而成

  • "I can read you like a book" means

    I can read you like a book 這個用意是

  • "You're like a book that could be easily understood"


  • Here, she replaced "book" with "magazine"

    那這裡是用 magazine 來去代替

  • meaning men are like magazines that are easy to read and understand


  • The second interpretation is that, to explain the whole line by

    第二種解釋方法是把前面的 new money, suit and tie 跟 magazine

  • putting "new money, suit and tie" together with "magazine", and it would mean


  • This man is rich and well dressed. Looking at him is like looking at models on magazines

    這個男生有錢又帥又會穿衣服,看著他就好像在 欣賞雜誌上的模特兒一樣

  • So it's gonna be forever


  • or it's gonna go down in flames


  • You can tell me when it's over


  • if the high was worth the pain


  • This line could be translated into: 這會是永永遠遠,還是會燃燒殆盡

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 這會是永永遠遠,還是會燃燒殆盡

  • "Gonna be forever, or gonna go down in flames"

    Gonna be forever, or gonna go down in flames

  • is Taylor's view toward the relationship

    就是 Taylor 對這段感情的看法

  • Either be with each other forever, or be dead together


  • The "gonna" in the line is an informal way of saying "going to"

    這邊歌詞的 gonna 就是 going to 的口語化講法

  • Similarly, "want to" can be expressed as "wanna"

    那一樣的變化有 want to 變成 wanna

  • And "go down in flames" can be used to describe the burn down of buildings or objects

    那 go down in flames 可以用來形容建築物或是物件燒毀

  • or failed to achieve something


  • This line could be translated into: 看看我們享受的歡愉是否值得隨後而來的痛苦

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 看看我們享受的歡愉是否 值得隨後而來的痛苦

  • Here, Taylor described the joy and happiness brought by love as drugs

    Taylor 這裡把愛情帶來的愉快美滿形容像毒品一樣

  • In the US, "get high" or "high" often means

    那在國外,get high 或是 high 通常都是在形容

  • "the temporary joy and excitement brought by doing drugs"


  • The "high" here is similar to Taiwan's slang "很嗨"

    這邊的 high 跟台灣的常用流行語「很嗨」感覺很像

  • However, in Taiwan it means "good vibes, fun, and feeling awesome"


  • So it's somewhat different. Notice that there is no such a usage as "it's high" in foreign countries

    所以其實不太一樣喔,那也要注意國外沒有 it’s high 的這種說法

  • Screaming, crying, perfect storms

    尖叫 哭鬧 大發雷霆

  • I can make all the tables turn


  • Rose garden filled with thorns


  • Keep you second guessing like


  • oh my God, who is she?


  • This line could be translated into: 我有能力翻轉一切狀況

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 我有能力翻轉一切狀況

  • "Turn the tables" is an English idiom

    Turn the tables 本來就是存在的英文諺語喔

  • It means "turning the situation to one's advantage"

    那他的意思是: 「逆轉本來的狀況或是情況,並且得到上風」

  • So this line here could be interpreted as:


  • I won't stop bothering you until you compromise. It's my victory when turning the situation around


  • This line could be translated into: 我會讓你一直猜疑我的心思到讓你抓狂的地步

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 我會讓你一直猜疑我的心思 到讓你抓狂的地步

  • Second guess is "第二次的猜測"

    Second guess 就字面上來看是「第二次的猜測」

  • You not only guessed once, but twice


  • It means the continuous guessing and suspecting of other's thoughts


  • Got a long list of ex-lovers


  • they'll tell you I'm insane


  • But I've got a blank space, baby


  • And I'll write your name


  • This line could be translated into: 但我的心上剛好有個空檔,所以我要把你的名字寫上去

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 但我的心上剛好有個空檔,所以 我要把你的名字寫上去

  • "A blank space" literally means an "empty space"

    A blank space 直譯上就是一個空的空間

  • And in this song I think there are two different perspectives of explanation


  • The first one is more romantic, meaning that there is a room in Taylor's heart

    第一種說法,是比較 romantic 的說法,代表 Taylor 心中有個空位

  • waiting for someone she loves to move in, and let her write the name on her heart


  • Another explanation is more interesting, which is


  • there is still space available on Taylor's long list of ex-lovers

    Taylor 他的那一投拉庫的「前男友名單」上,的下面還有空位

  • meaning: if we break up soon, you'll be listed on the ex-lovers list

    代表著: 如果我們迅速分手的話,你就會在 前男友名單中榜上有名

  • So this is today's English Song Spotlight!


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  • So what song would you like to learn next time?


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  • And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always,

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  • and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~

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  • This is like a top model shooting

    這個是一個 top model 在拍平面照的感覺

  • You sure it's not selling fruits?


  • Hahahaha fruits for sell~ One for $30 NT only~ Come on~


  • Tuned into a "歐巴桑" immediately lol


  • Hey~ Buy some fruits, taste really good~


Hello, it's Crown



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