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I've never done coke, or heroine, or crystal meth,
because I have a very addictive personality,
and I don't wanna become one of those people.
Girl in Dress: Hi, can I please have some more drugs?
Girl in Hoodie: You got money?
Dress: No, but I really loved the drugs.
Hoodie: Nah, dawg, no money no drugs. That's simple economics.
Dress: [gasps] Oh my God, pleeeeaaaase.
Hoodie: No!
Dress: Pretty please with a cherry on top.
Hoodie: No!
Dress: Please, please, please, please, please,
Dress: I really liked the drugs so please give me some more drugs.
Hoodie: Shut up!
Dress: Please.
Hoodie: No!

Hoodie: No!

Dress: [whispering] Please
Hoodie: Shut up!

Dress: Please!
Hoodie: No! Get lost, bitch!

Dress: Give me the mother[beep]ing drugs you mother[beep]ing [beep]sucker,
before I pop a mother[beep]ing bullet in your mother[beep]ing [beep]!
But you know what has always been my drug of choice?
Yeah, that's right, you heard me.
I'm absolutely, completely, 100% addicted to planning.
Facebook event? Made. Anime club? Set. Sunday society? Check.
And, yes, the trip of witches. [giggles]
[softly] Oh no. There's nothing left to plan.
Oh nononnonononono, there's gotta be something else that I can plan!
Just like a little baby event!
I just wanna plan one more thing, just one more thing, just one more thing!
I don't know why, it's just that it's always been my jam
and like, not only do I get really excited about it, but,
it kinda turns me on.
You know, when I was like a teenager I would just go into OfficeMax
and I would like, nearly cum my pants
just looking at all those rows of like, binders and colour coordinated folders and pens,
and the whiteboards with the grids on them that break it down by month or week,
mmm, yeah, mama likes that.
I know this video is like, super weird but for real,
I just genuinely have so much excitement about planning.
Like, four months ago, I was planning an event
that's supposed to happen in April, so like next month,
and I made the mistake of planning way too late in the night,
because I couldn't sleep. I was literally so fucking excited.
Oh my god, what snacks am I gonna bring?
Oh and meals for every night! We have to do a taco night, everybody loves tacos.
Oh! But I should get everyone's dietary restrictions
in case someone is gluten-free or dairy-free or something
[gasp] And the carpool thread! Oh, I get to start a carpool thread, that's gonna be so much fun!
[gasp] Should I assign rooms based on personality types,
or do I send everyone a list and they get to choose for themselves?
[gasp] Oh my god, there is so much to plan!
[squeals] So much to plan!
[gasp] Oh my god, I only have 5 months to make all these decisions.
What about you? Is this relatable in any way? Is this just a Type A thing?
Like, I feel like I get a sense of immense satisfaction
by just having control over all of these chaotic elements, you know?
Just bringing them together into a designated location in a point of time and
[sigh] I just feel like a God.
I'm Anna Akana, stay awesome Gotham.


改變我最奇怪得是 (The weirdest thing that turns me on)

259 分類 收藏
Ken Song 發佈於 2017 年 9 月 16 日
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