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What if I told you that inside that house live two boys who starred in one of the most popular videos on the Internet ever
and they're only 9 and 11 years old.
Can you recognize these two?
Ahh... Ahh...
Charlie bit me.
Ouch! Charlie!
How about now?
Charlie bit me.
This short clip featuring one-year old Charlie and his older brother, Harry
has had millions of views online.
So, Charlie, tell us how many?
8 hundred thousand and 50 people watched our video on the Internet today.
Is that close?
That's not close.
No, they're not even close, Charlie.
No, 800 million people have watched it.
Harry, you're getting warmer.
More than 815 million people have seen this clip since it was uploaded 8 years ago by the boy's dad.
What do you feel when you watched it?
How does it make you feel?
Umm, it makes me laugh.
Is it being embarrassing as well?
No? You don't mind?
I think it's a bit odd that those people watched it.
Howard only have shared his video because the file was too big to send to friends over email.
My dad put it on YouTube, so my godfather could see it in America.
And the rest is Internet history.
Not taking music videos into account,
Charlie's cheeky moment is the biggest viral hit on YouTube.
The boys' videos had more views than Taylor Swift, One Direction and even Adele.
Pretty good.
Their mom and dad had made thousands of pounds through advertising on the website and sponsorship deals.
The boys have even appeared in adverts.
I mean we've always viewed the YouTube thing as a hobby,
The children obviously had school,
I had my own job, brings a bit of extra money in
and so we're more comfortable.
And the boys do different things,
but to them, their different things are quite normal.
Since that video landed online,
Charlie and Harry both have two younger brothers to share the success with.
And by the time they're a bit older,
this 57-second video much likely be viewed one billion times.
Hey guys, Ricky here for more Newsround videos.
Check out the Newsround website and the CBBC YouTube channel.


「查理咬我」可愛小兄弟長大了! (Charlie Bit My Finger' boys grow up! - CBBC Newsround)

32229 分類 收藏
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