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  • Hi guys, okay so we're gonna make the most incredible potato salad. Potato salad is the

  • best, but many of us get them from the supermarkets, I don't think they're very good. So real deal

  • potato salad. The flavours are phenomenal and the textures as well. I'm gonna show you

  • them three ways, almost like a evolution of a very, very simple salad. Here, we have got

  • new potatoes boiling. Always put the new potatoes into boiling water as suppose to cold and

  • bringing them up. This preserves the flavour and the nutrients. So these have been cooking

  • for about fifteen minutes. You can sort of tell when they're cooked, when you can just

  • get them out and just squash them- lovely. Let's drain these, cut them up into little quarters. If

  • some completely break up and smash into almost, like, potato snow, that's fine cause it'll

  • make your dressing more interesting. So don't be worried about that. Gorgeous, extra virgin,

  • cold-pressed, olive oil. Season with some salt and pepper. And we're gonna go in with

  • some lemon. We don't have to waste the skin. If you've got one of these little fine graters,

  • give it a few little swoops of the lemon skin. No bitterness there at all, just pure flavour.

  • And the juice, going in. Often when you flavour things, when their cold, it just sits on the

  • outside. Because it's hot, whatever you put in now will go into the actual veggie. This

  • is beautiful. With our bowl, we'll give it a nice little toss and that is your basic

  • salad. Then we're gonna add our flavours. So some chives, parsley, little bit of mint.

  • We'll roll it up, almost like a sort of herby cigar. And just finely slice it the best we

  • can. Chives have that very delicate onion smell, very gentle. This is rock chopping,

  • you can easily do a great job by cross chopping. And that's the simpliest, safest

  • way. just grab your hand flat like that and just go through it. Into the potatoes right

  • there. We'll have a little taste. Really happy with that. As it is, goregous. So if you wanted

  • it to be a little creamy. You could just slap a load of mayonnaise in there. To be honest,

  • mayonaise is nice, but I prefer really good quality yogurt. And it'll give you that creaminess.

  • So two or three tablespoons of yogurt. And just toss that up. That's perfectly lovely,

  • but I think we can add some flavour to that as well. Some english mustard for me, a teaspoon

  • is the way to do it. It just gives it a really nice hum. So I'm really happy with that, but

  • there's more we can do. Get two or three rashers or bacon- smoked, it has to be smoked. And

  • just finely slice the bacon. And in a matter of minutes, you can get them super crispy.

  • So the fat with render out of the bacon. Crispy and golden. Get the bacon out and let this

  • cool down. That's gonna give an amazing crunch. And then that fat is just absolutely gagging

  • to have bread crumbs cooked in it. So crispy bacon bits, crispy bread crumbs. Another level,

  • this is a really, really delicious thing to do. So there are our crispy bacon bits, we'll

  • just sprinkle those over the potato salad. Smokiness, little crunch, little savoury.

  • Bread crumbs, over the top it should sizzle. You've got all the lovely flavour from that

  • bacon into bread crumbs. Delicious. Good flavour, clean, crunchy, soft, so really really nice.

  • Love this on picnics, BBQs, serving on roasted meats. So there you go, potato salads three

  • ways. If you want more potato recipes then click the 'i' button up there, we've got roast

  • potatoes done the most awesome way- 3 ways. So thank you very much, if you want the recipe,

  • look in the information box below, go to Enjoy, cook it, love it and see you next time.

  • Take care.

Hi guys, okay so we're gonna make the most incredible potato salad. Potato salad is the


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完美的洋芋沙拉--3種方法 | 傑米-奧利弗 (Perfect Potato Salad - 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver)

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