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I couldn't come out with the song like this as a brand-new artist.
I kind of had to Taylor Swift it.
But originally 2006 when she put out "My Song", it was very approachable and it could be applied
to a lot of situations.
And I took that same approach.
I'm only one call away.
I'm going to get as many fucking fans as I can and I'm going to get their mothers to
like the music too, and maybe their dads, even.
And then the whole family's going to listen to my shit.
It's like bright and happy and everyone has their iPhones in the air and they're all singing
along, and now we're on the 'This is about me' music.
This is what I wanted to say for a long time.
When I came up with the song originally, I was on this hotel bed in this really cool
room in the Philippines.
I think back about the time when I was in that hotel room and she was literally crying
to me about how mistreated she was by her ex.
Had me thinking that I could be the guy who could fix her.
Like, girls are crazy.
They're amazing and crazy at the same time.
It almost paints a picture of the background music played at all the parties I went to
with her.
Like a soft kick with noise under it.
I don’t know.
Something people can walk to.
It's a very small industry, this music industry, so you hear from many different outlets and
people about, "Oh she's saying this about you.
She told this person that you were shit and you're no good."
And I never heard it from the horse's mouth, so I always thought it would be interesting
to include that, like, right off the get-go.
I have a very Swedish approach to lyrics, so sometimes my initial scratched lyrics make
no sense.
As long as the syllables sound good.
A typical L.A. party is full of dudes who look like they took six hours to figure out
what kind of bomber they were going to wear.
Whereas I just walk in with a shirt on that I've been wearing for two days, because I
wrote a good song in that shirt and I want to write a good song two days later, so I
thought it would be a good idea to keep that shirt on, so I kept the same shirt on and
they're like, "Who is this kid with this half eyebrow coming into my rented house with my
rented Audi in the front?"
It's like that type of shit.
I go into the Edition hotel and she's wearing this very distinct perfume.
It's almost like she wore it on purpose, because it's the perfume that she wore when I first
fell in love with her and I've never fallen in love with anybody like that before.
So I came in with someone who, you know, I was definitely having a nice time with.
I enjoyed her company, but she wore that perfume on purpose to fuck me up.
Literally, when I saw her I just...
It sounds mean, but I just ditched the girl that I was with and I was so enamored by this
girl that I wanted everything...
I knew it was over, but I just thought if I walked up to her, something would ignite
But, I figured she's not coming home with me tonight.
She just wants attention.
We would be talking in the hotel and she would be like, "Do you want to sleep over?"
And I'd be like, 'Yes!
I'm gonna get it in!'
And then nothing would happen.
Which is totally fine, but after the fifth time of that happening, I knew what she was
I knew that she was trying to make me so embedded to her that I would never leave her.
But I would never get what I wanted out of her.
So she was just doing that repetitively, just to get something out of me, which was for
me to be attached to her hip at all times.
It might've been the first time that
I kissed her or something simple like that.
I just kind of in the most manly way possible, shed a little tear, because it was a lot and
I didn't expect it to be a lot, either.
It's a real thing, it's not an act.
It's hard to listen to it.
This new music is genuinely me and kind of minor and dark and I'm not always happy Charlie
like I appear to be in interviews.
I'm crazy, I have perfect pitch, and I hear car horns and I have to leave the party, because
I heard too many car horns.
And this girl's hitting on me and it stresses me out that I keep hearing the car horns and
I'm thinking about a song that I made a couple of hours ago and I'm comparing it to the key
of the car horn, which is two notes together rubbing up against each other and it's stressing
me out.
And she's getting me a drink and it's too much to handle, so I have to go home and write
a sad song.
This is what this album is about.
This is what this new music is about.


注意 (Charlie Puth "Attention" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified)

572 分類 收藏
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