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  • The Australian city of Townsville sits on the sundrenched coastline of Queensland,

    澳洲城市湯斯維爾坐落在 陽光普照的昆士蘭海岸

  • around 700 miles north of the state capital, Brisbane.

    位於昆士蘭省首都布里斯本的北方 約 1126.5 公里處

  • It’s a gateway to the Wild Outback,


  • the Tropical North and the Great Barrier Reef.


  • Townsville’s also the gateway to a laidback state of mind,

    湯斯維爾也是享受悠閒氛圍的 好去處

  • where everything gets done, in its own time.


  • And why rush when there’s over 320 days of sunshine a year to enjoy,

    每年有超過 320 天陽光充足的 好天氣可享受

  • and some of Australia’s best natural attractions right on your doorstep.

    澳洲最美的自然景點就在家門口 沒理由匆忙趕路

  • Youll find plenty to admire in the city itself too,

    城市內有許多令人喜愛的景點 值得一遊

  • fabulous heritage buildings,


  • a waterfront esplanade that stretches away forever,


  • lush tropical gardens,


  • a football team that’s the envy of the nation,


  • and that legendary northern hospitality.


  • Looming large over the Townsville region since the dawn of time,

    只要在湯斯維爾地區,幾乎都可望見城堡山 這座花崗岩山

  • is Castle Hill.


  • This granite guardian has witnessed thousands of years of history,

    已默默守護並見證了 此地數千年來的歷史

  • from the campfires of the Bindal and Wulgurukaba peoples, to the coming of Europeans,

    從賓達爾族和烏古魯卡巴族的營火 歐洲人的到來

  • first as passing explorers and castaways,


  • and eventually as settlers.


  • First established as a port town in 1866 by Sydney entrepreneur Robert Towns,

    湯斯維爾原先是雪梨企業家羅伯特湯斯 於 1866 年建立的港口小鎮

  • Townsville quickly blossomed.


  • Take a walk along Flinders Street and admire some of Australia’s finest 19th century buildings,

    沿著弗林德斯街漫步 欣賞別緻的 19 世紀澳洲建築

  • including gracious pubs,


  • which have been serving up ice-cold beer to thirsty locals for generations.

    世代以來都為當地居民提供沁涼的冰啤酒 讓大夥開懷暢飲

  • For years Townsville was a busy but provincial port,

    自建鎮以來,湯斯維爾一直是座 繁忙的省級港口

  • until her northern skies darkened with the clouds of war.

    直到戰爭的烏雲籠罩 北方的天空

  • At the Army Museum of North Queensland,


  • learn how the city became one of the largest Pacific allied bases during World War Two,

    可以深入了解湯斯維爾如何在二次大戰期間 成為最大的太平洋盟軍基地之一

  • a strategic importance that continues to this day.


  • Discover even more of Townsville’s historical and natural treasures

    如果要更深入探索湯斯維爾的 歷史和自然寶庫

  • at the Museum of Tropical Queensland.


  • Right next door, dive into Reef HQ,


  • where the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef have been brought to shore for all to enjoy.

    您可以探訪水族館的大堡礁環境 在陸上就可欣賞大堡礁奇景

  • While youre there, be sure to pay a visit to the recovering patients at the turtle hospital.

    既然來到這裡,可別忘了去一趟海龜醫院 探訪康復中的動物病患

  • Just a few miles south of Townsville,


  • continue your walk on the wild side at the award winning Billabong Sanctuary,

    在獲獎肯定的死水潭自然保護區 繼續您的自然生態之旅

  • and get close to some of Australia’s most treasured and fearsome animals.

    近距離觀賞澳洲最珍貴 還有最兇猛的動物

  • To experience Townsville’s brightest natural jewel,


  • take the 5-mile ferry ride to Magnetic Island.

    可以搭乘渡輪到約 8 公里外的 磁島

  • From Nelly Bay, rent a Mini Moke, hop on a local bus,

    在耐莉灣租一台迷你吉普 跳上當地公車

  • or set off on foot to discover Maggie’s national parks and coastal communities.

    或是徒步遊覽磁島的 國家公園和沿海社區

  • Explore coastal tracks, World War Two forts, and meet friendly locals along the way.

    您可以探索濱海步道、二次世界大戰堡壘 沿路上與友善的當地小動物交個朋友

  • When the temperature climbs youll find plenty of fabulous beaches to cool off at,

    炎炎夏日,可以在附近找到 許多迷人的海灘,在海水中清涼一下

  • some patrolled by lifeguards, others completely deserted.

    有的海灘有救生員巡邏 有的幾乎空無一人

  • When it comes to Aussie vacation adventures,


  • why not set aside a few days in Townsville.


  • Because sometimes it’s the lesser-known places which hold the sweetest surprises,

    有時在較不知名的地方 反而可以找到最棒的驚喜

  • and offer the warmest welcomes.


The Australian city of Townsville sits on the sundrenched coastline of Queensland,

澳洲城市湯斯維爾坐落在 陽光普照的昆士蘭海岸


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