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D’ANN RAUH: Nobody in the world has more Dodge Vipers than I do.
COMM: Oil transport company owners D’ann
and Wayne have a collection of Dodge Vipers that many would envy.
WAYNE RAUH: I did a count this morning and
we are to even 80. Out of the 80, I think 21 of them I claim and the rest of them are
D’ann’s. So, you can kind of see who really likes the Viper.
COMM: The Dodge Viper is one of America’s
most iconic sports cars.
D’ANN RAUH: I like the Spiderman, my grand
kids like Spiderman. It’s a fun car, it’s a good car to put like in parades and things for kids.
COMM: The couple’s collection is worth around $7.5 million.
WAYNE RAUH: I’m guessing probably the least
expensive is 45,000 and the most expensive, boy, that’s hard to say. Sons Of Italy was
the most expensive car that we own, we paid $236,000 for that one Viper. This white one
with the blue stripes, this is my first Viper. This is actually a Gen 3 Viper.
D’ANN RAUH: I do have cars that I call my
misfits because they are not Vipers. All and all we have a 140 cars here and they all have to be driven.
COMM: The cars have their own dedicated building.
D’ANN RAUH: We have two levels here. It’s
not just having a place to park them. Each car, you know, does have to be maintained.
COMM: Regular maintenance is crucial as the
couple use their cars daily.
JOHN GASTMAN: They are amazing. A lot of my
customers own three or four Vipers, but they don’t drive them. These folks actually use
and enjoy their cars, it’s fun.
D’ANN RAUH: So I have maybe three that,
you know, I don’t just take out. One, no, not the gold one. The gold one got six miles
on it. Driving the Vipers is always special. There’s been times where I’ll be driving
one and all these people staring at me and, you know, everything is like, ‘Why are they
staring at me for?’ It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m in a Viper.’
COMM: But it’s not all fun and games as
each car must be meticulously cleaned after it’s gone out.
WAYNE RAUH: When we go on a trip, I have got
a two post lifts, and I pick the car up, pull all the tires off, clean it up top to bottom
and that takes a full day per a car to do.
COMM: But they have no plans to sell out any time soon.
D’ANN RAUH: I have never sold one, I mean,
it’s kinda like kids, you know, you don’t just get rid of your kid. Some day, I’m
sure, when I’m really really old and no longer able to bend into a Viper, I guess,
you know, than they will be sold, but for today they’re not gonna be.


世界最大的道奇毒蛇收藏 (World's Largest Dodge Viper Collection)

356 分類 收藏
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