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  • From the words of Almighty God, we know

  • that only Christ of the last days can give man the way of eternal life.

  • Yes. Amen.

  • It's so.

  • Oh? Why is he here today?

  • Pastor Yuan? But what's going on?

  • You dare to testify for Almighty God here? Eh?

  • You are here to steal from our flock of sheep! (Yeah, that's right!)

  • It's not right to say that.

  • Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus.

  • God's sheep will hear the voice of God.

  • And you don't have the right

  • to stop believers from studying God's work of the last days!

  • Yes, she's right! We should study it!

  • If Almighty God is truly the second coming of the Lord Jesus,

  • won't we regret it if we miss it?

  • We have to study this. (Right.)

  • Hello! Is this the police?

  • Sister, you can't call the police, you're selling our sister out!

  • We have someone here preaching the Eastern Lightning!

  • You can't! No! It's wrong! Please don't! No! Don't do thisHey, don't go! Don't go!

  • Stop her! Don't let her get away!

  • No, don't go! Stop her!

  • Your wife was reported for believing in the Eastern Lightning. Where did she go?

  • It says so right here.

  • Captain, there she is!

  • Mommy!

  • Let's go this way!

  • Oh, God!

  • It's dangerous and it's become so hard to follow You and preach the gospel here.

  • China is an evil country and cruel.

From the words of Almighty God, we know


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B1 中級 美國腔

決心重生--"向神獻上愛"(官方音樂視頻 (Resolve to be Born Again - "Offer Love to God" (Official Music Video))

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