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  • In the 1800’s Manchester England was the epicenter

    英格蘭曼徹斯特在 19 世紀時 是工業革命的

  • of the Industrial Revolution.


  • Manchester’s story is often shrouded in the smog

    曼徹斯特雖然經常籠罩在 查爾斯 • 狄更斯小說中所描述的

  • and soot of Charles Dickensnovels,


  • but this is a city with a glorious past,


  • and perhaps, an even a greater future.


  • It’s been said,


  • What Manchester thinks today, the world thinks tomorrow.”

    「曼徹斯特今日思考的,世界 要待明日才會想到。」

  • Manchester is a city of firsts.


  • This is the world’s first truly modern city,


  • the place where mankind first split the atom,


  • the birthplace of the first modern computer.


  • Manchester’s story began here, in Castlefield,

    曼徹斯特的故事從城堡區 (Castlefield) 開始,

  • where the many chapters of the city’s story merge into one.

    故事各篇章在此 匯流為一。

  • Explore the remains of the Roman fort,


  • built to guard an ancient river crossing.


  • Wander the banks of Bridgewater canal,

    漫步於橋梁運河 (Bridgewater canal) 兩岸,

  • whose completion in 1761 is regarded as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

    遙想 1761 年運河完工時正是公認的 工業革命伊始。

  • Admire the warehouses and mills which once numbered in the thousands

    以欣羨之心看待現存的穀倉與磨坊, 其數量過去曾以千計,

  • and generated incredible wealth for the city.


  • While in the background, is Beetham Tower,

    背景處的比瑟姆塔 (Beetham Tower)

  • the symbol of a city once again on the rise.


  • As the city’s fortunes swelled in the 19th century,

    當城市財富在 19 世紀 快速累積之際,

  • so too did its civic pride.


  • Manchester’s elite saw their city as the new Venice,

    曼徹斯特的菁英階層把他們的城市 視為新的威尼斯,

  • and commissioned grand buildings and monuments,


  • taking architectural inspiration from across the ages.

    興建出宏偉的建物 及紀念碑。

  • Manchester’s crowning glory is its Town Hall,

    曼徹斯特的城市之冠 非市政廳 (Town Hall) 莫屬,

  • built to rival the great buildings of London.


  • Admire the incredible Victorian Gothic exterior,


  • lavish staterooms,…and murals which celebrate the city’s history.

    奢華會客廳、... 及表彰這個城市歷史的 壁畫。

  • This is a building that proclaimed,


  • this is Manchester, and weve arrived!”


  • For two centuries, Manchester’s merchants went on a spending spree,

    兩百年來,曼徹斯特的商人 揮霍無度

  • scouring the world in search of cultural treasures


  • to fill their stately homes.


  • Many of these treasures now reside in the city’s museums and galleries.

    這些寶藏如今大多存放在 城市博物館及畫廊內。

  • At the Manchester Art Gallery,


  • explore the works of the Pre-Raphaelites


  • Britain’s first radical art movement


  • and more contemporary works which continue to challenge.

    以及從未停止挑戰的 當代作品。

  • At the Manchester Museum,


  • step into a Gothic Revival time-capsule housing millions of items,

    彷彿踏入有著數百萬件展品的 哥德復興式時光膠囊,

  • from a T-Rex skeleton called Stan,


  • to one of the UK’s most important Egyptology collections.

    到英國最重要的埃及學藏品 之一。

  • This city enjoys a proud philanthropic tradition.


  • Perhaps the city’s greatest was Enriqueta Rylands,

    其中最偉大的或許應屬 Enriqueta Rylands,

  • whose gift to the city was the John Rylands Library.

    John Rylands 圖書館就是她贈與城市的 大禮。

  • Dedicated to Manchester’s largest textile magnate,

    為紀念曼徹斯特紡織 大亨,

  • in the ten years it took to create this neo-gothic masterpiece,

    花了 10 年工夫打造出這座新哥德式 傑作,

  • the widow acquired 40 000 books and oversaw every last detail

    這名寡婦不僅提供 4 萬冊藏書,還 鉅細靡遺親自監工,

  • a labor of love for her late husband, and the people of Manchester.

    藉此傳達她對已逝丈夫和 曼徹斯特人民的摯愛。

  • Manchester has long understood the power of knowledge.

    曼徹斯特向來深諳 知識的力量。

  • In 1653 the Chetham Library became the country’s first free public library

    1653 年,Chetham 圖書館成為全國 首間免費公立圖書館

  • and has been open to all ever since.


  • Let your fingertips wander the Tudor era shelves,


  • then step into the room where Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx

    接著踏入恩格斯 (Friedrich Engels) 和馬克斯 (Karl Marx)

  • began to write the Communist Manifesto,


  • a work inspired by the crushing conditions the city’s workers once endured.

    痛苦景況刺激 而開始撰寫共產黨宣言的房間。

  • Revolution and reform run deep in Manchester’s waters.

    革命和改造兩個特質可見於曼徹斯特的 用水系統。

  • Housed in a restored Edwardian pump house is The People’s History Museum,

    修復後的愛德華式抽水房 如今是人民歷史博物館 (People’s History Museum),

  • which celebrates those who challenged Britain’s rigid political and class systems.

    表彰當時對英國僵化的政治 與階級制度挑戰的勇氣。

  • Stand before the simple desk where Thomas Paine penned The Rights of Man,

    站在湯瑪斯 • 潘恩 當年撰寫人的權利的簡陋小桌前,

  • a book that helped ignite the revolutionary fires in America and France.

    這本書助燃了遍及美洲和法國的 革命之火。

  • At the world’s oldest surviving railway station,

    在全世界現存最古老的 火車站,

  • youll find The Museum of Science and Industry.

    你會找到科學產業博物館 (The Museum of Science and Industry)。

  • In the museum’s Power Hall,

    在博物館的動力廳 (Power Hall) 裡,

  • feel the heat and steam that powered the shafts


  • and wheels which once made Manchester the Empire’s engine room.

    一度成為全帝國引擎室 的熱能和蒸汽。

  • From textile looms to locally produced aircraft and motor vehicles,

    從織布機到當地生產的飛機 和馬達車輛,

  • this museum is a both fascinating journey through the city’s glory days,

    從這間博物館既可看到城市的 光榮歷程,

  • and a peek into the future.


  • The Imperial War Museum North is designed to resemble

    帝國戰爭博物館北館 (The Imperial War Museum North) 的設計係為模擬

  • the shards of a world shattered by conflict.


  • Manchester knows well the horrors of war. During the Manchester Blitz,

    曼徹斯特對於戰爭的可怕了然於心。 德軍在突襲曼徹斯特 (Manchester Blitz) 期間,

  • thousands of German bombs reigned down upon the city.

    對該市投擲了 數千枚砲彈。

  • In typical Mancunian fashion,


  • this museum strips away the pomp and glory of war

    褪去戰爭的盛況 與榮耀,

  • and reminds us instead, of its human cost.


  • After the 1950s, Manchester’s fortunes went into a serious decline

    1950 年代之後,曼徹斯特的財富 如江河日下,

  • and the city was all but written off as a post-industrial basket-case.

    成為人們筆下蓋棺論定的 後工業時代廢墟。

  • But in recent decades, the city began to awaken once more,

    然而近幾十年間,這個城市 拜豐富的青年創意之賜而

  • largely thanks to its youthful creativity.


  • A succession of bands like Joy Division, the Smiths,

    一連串興起的樂團,像歡樂分隊 (Joy Division)、 史密斯樂團 (The Smiths)、

  • The Stone Roses and Oasis shook up the

    石玫瑰 (The Stone Roses) 和綠洲合唱團 (Oasis)

  • foundations of popular music and put Manchester back on the map.

    徹底撼動了流行音樂,並讓曼徹斯特 重新擁有一席之地。

  • Explore the city’s incredible musical heritage

    到北區 (The Northern Quarter) 探索這個城市

  • in areas like the Northern Quarter,


  • and pick up some rare vinyl along the way.


  • Then head toThe Villagearound Canal Street,

    接著前往運河街附近的 「同志村 (The Village)」,

  • which perfectly encapsulates the Mancunian ideals of tolerance,

    那裡完美落實了曼徹斯特對於 包容、

  • self-expression and good times.


  • But if there’s one source of pride that truly unites this city,

    不過,若只能舉出一項使這個城市 團結、驕傲的真正原因,

  • it’s its two football clubs,


  • Manchester City and Manchester United.


  • In 1968, Manchester United,

    1968 年,曼聯

  • became the first English club to become European Champions.

    成為第一支歐洲冠軍的 英國足球隊。

  • Today, the club enjoys a global fan base in the millions.

    今天,這個俱樂部擁有全球 數百萬球迷。

  • Learn more at the National Football Museum in the city center,

    到位於市中心的國家足球博物館, 可進一步了解足球發展史,

  • or better still, time your visit for a match at Old Trafford,

    若能衡量旅遊時間,前往曼聯主場 老特拉福球場 (Old Trafford) 欣賞比賽則更佳,

  • Manchester’s “Theatre of Dreamssince 1910.

    該處自 1910 年起就被稱為 曼徹斯特的「夢劇場」。

  • Manchester may no longer be England’s industrial powerhouse,

    曼徹斯特或許不再是英格蘭的工業 動力重鎮,

  • but it’s a city that’s never stopped dreaming.


  • Right across the city, daring new projects,


  • innovations and ideas continue to capture the world’s attention.

    創意和想法持續抓住 世界的目光。

  • In this city of firsts, the only question is,

    在這個集各種第一於一身的城市裡, 唯一的問題是,

  • what will Manchester do next?


In the 1800’s Manchester England was the epicenter

英格蘭曼徹斯特在 19 世紀時 是工業革命的


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