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  • As the gateway to Argentina’s famous wine region,

    門多薩是 阿根廷知名葡萄酒產區的門戶

  • Mendoza is a popular stopover between Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

    也是阿根廷首都布宜諾斯艾利斯和 智利首都聖地牙哥之間的熱門轉機點

  • Labeled as theEden of the Andes”, this green city is bursting with flavor.

    它有著「安地斯山伊甸園」之美稱 綠意盎然且風味絕倫,值得細細品味

  • Mendoza isThe Land of Sun and Good Wine”.


  • The Andean city represents what Argentineans do best:

    這座安地斯山城將阿根廷人 「盡情享受美好生活」的哲學

  • enjoying the good life.


  • Here, the glass is always half full and this optimism is palpable when you explore Mendoza.

    在這裡,您絕對看不到空的酒杯 隨著您深入探索門多薩,此一樂觀進取精神也益發顯著

  • Set on a dry, sun-kissed plateau in the foothills of the Andes,

    這座盆地城市位於安地斯山的山腳 氣候乾燥且陽光普照

  • the city sprouted from an ancient network of irrigation channels

    辛勤的瓦爾佩印地安人 於此挖掘了

  • dug by the indigenous Huarpe people


  • to water their crops with the snowmelt from the peaks.

    引入山峰的融雪 來灌溉其農作物

  • When the Spanish arrived in the mid-sixteenth century,

    在西班牙人於 16 世紀中葉 抵達此處後

  • they adopted theseacequias


  • to establish Argentina’s first vineyards.


  • In doing so, they planted the seed of Mendoza’s future


  • as one of the world's Great Capitals of Wine.


  • Like a vine that is lovingly cultivated,


  • the region's wine industry is thriving.


  • Because the conditions in these mountains are so perfect,

    此一山城的氣候得天獨厚,相當適合栽種葡萄 正因如此

  • Mendoza’s vineyards produce about three-quarters of the country's wine.

    在阿根廷全國的葡萄酒中,有四分之三 皆出產自門多薩

  • Set in a historic homestead in the original wine-growing region of Mendoza,

    Bodega Lagarde 餐廳位於 門多薩古老葡萄酒產地的農場內

  • Bodega Lagarde is as traditional as it gets,


  • Follow your nose to the smoking parrilla on the patio to enjoy a mouthwatering feast.

    只要依循香氣前往露臺上熊熊燃燒的烤架 即可享受令人食指大動的美味佳餚

  • Pair each course with a different drop for unexpected bursts of flavor.

    每道菜皆搭配不同的葡萄酒 在您口中譜出獨具風味的動人協奏曲

  • Those with sophisticated palates can also book a private wine tasting session at Catena Zapata,

    如果您是擁有過人味蕾的品酒好手,也可預約 Catena Zapata 酒莊的私人品酒課程

  • run by the descendants of a pioneering winegrower from Italy.

    由義大利葡萄酒釀造先驅的後裔 為您授課

  • The vineyards in its fertile valleys are not the only reason why Mendoza is nicknamed

    坐擁富饒的鄉間葡萄園 並不是門多薩搏得「安地斯山伊甸園」美稱的

  • The Eden of the Andes.”


  • The city’s sunny climate and abundance of shady parks round out its flavors.

    陽光普照的氣候與眾多綠意盎然的公園 是此美譽的另一重要推手

  • The most generous park of all is Parque General San Martín,

    在所有公園當中 又以市中心西部的

  • just west of the city center.


  • This massive urban green space is big enough to drive

    這座佔地廣闊的都市綠地空間 不僅寬敞到可駕車馳騁其中

  • and even row through.


  • Adorning El Cerro de la Gloria,


  • the park’s glorious hill, is the national monument for the Army of the Andes.

    設有國家紀念碑 用以紀念在戰役中犧牲的安地斯軍隊

  • Scenes depict how General San Martín and his troops first liberated Argentina

    當中刻畫出聖馬丁將軍 於 19 世紀初期

  • in the early nineteenth century and then crossed the mountains from here

    帶領軍隊解放阿根廷 以及隨後穿越山脈

  • to also liberate Chile and Peru.


  • In the heart of the city center,


  • the Teatro Independencia also serves as a grand memorial

    獨立廣場也設有一座 巨大的紀念碑

  • to the country’s War of Independence from Spain.


  • Don’t miss the sculpture under the beautiful dome of the nearby Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte,

    此外,前身為銀行的 現代藝術美術館就在附近

  • which is housed in a former bank.


  • This well-lit art space stands in stark contrast to the underground modern art museum,

    這個明亮耀眼的空間 與地底下的現代藝術博物館城形成了強烈對比

  • which features acclaimed South American and European artists

    當中展示了南美洲和 歐洲藝術家的多項傑出作品

  • and is located right under the central terrace of Plaza Independencia.

    而且所在之地正位於 獨立廣場中央平台的正下方

  • This pocket of green is the central point of five leafy squares

    這個綠意盎然的空間 同時也是市區內

  • that are dotted around the downtown area.


  • Nearby Plaza General San Martín features the general’s horseback statue,

    鄰近的聖馬丁將軍廣場豎立著 在馬背上英姿煥發的將軍雕像

  • while the Plaza España features an Iberian fountain,

    而西班牙廣場 則設有一座伊比利風格噴泉

  • Andalusian benches and Maiolica murals,


  • which all symbolize the restored relations between Argentina and Spain.

    盡皆展現阿根廷與西班牙之間 日益修復的關係

  • Just four blocks away is the Plaza Italia,


  • with its Romanesque stonework and sculpture.


  • It’s a tribute to the social influence of the province’s Italian community.

    旨在向當地義大利社群 所發揮的社會影響力致敬

  • When you explore this South American city it’s clear that the people of Mendoza

    在您探索這座南美洲城市之際 勢必不難發現門多薩人

  • live their lives with gusto and know how to have a good time.

    不僅將藝術與生活融合 更懂得如何享受人生

  • So, why don’t you join them on a bustling café terrace along the boulevard at night.

    因此,當夜幕低垂之際 何不前往道路兩旁的咖啡館露臺與之同樂

  • Like a good wine,


  • the spirited city of Mendoza has aged beautifully


  • since first sprouting from the foothills of the Andes

    便隨著時間推移 而逐漸熟成

  • and has matured into a full-bodied blend with a hint of elegance.

    不僅越陳越香 更融合了圓潤典雅的風味

  • Come and get a taste of Mendoza’s zest for life

    歡迎造訪門多薩 透過多元且令人著迷的生活元素

  • by uncorking the city’s intoxicating ingredients which, all combined,

    感受當地充沛勃發的生命力 並由此領會這些成分

  • make Mendoza into what it is today:


  • The Eden of the Andes.


As the gateway to Argentina’s famous wine region,

門多薩是 阿根廷知名葡萄酒產區的門戶


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