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When a bag is made from a billboard, it has a story.
It's creative, it's bold.
Every bag is giving back and it's being eco-friendly.
I was working in advertising and I saw that
all the billboards that were going up in essence were going to the landfill.
Most people don't know that billboards are made of vinyl
and it can be turned into something else.
And so, I thought, “Let's create a business that's solely based on billboards.”
On any given month, we get close to around 10,000 pounds of billboards that we turn into product.
Once that billboard goes up, it's usually up for a period of about four weeks.
This is what a typical campaign is on the street for.
It's then shipped to our facility here.
We sort it, we cut it, and send it to the manufacturer
where they do the final sewing and cleaning of the product.
We're able to take a billboard that had one purpose
and then reuse it to make something else.
My brother and myself are both huge surfers.
And we kind of felt like the surfing community loves bright colors.
And billboard vinyl is actually very durable.
It's a thick material.
It's waterproof, it's mildew proof.
So, it's actually the perfect material for a surfboard bag.
After that, we expanded into backpacks, duffle bags, wallets.
Fanny packs, hip packs, snowboard bags.
Every product's different. Every product's one of a kind.
Each piece that we make is unlike anything before it.
Our playground for all of this is based in the environment.
Whether it's the mountains, the rivers, the ocean,
it's something that we, in essence, have a responsibility to maintain and sustain.



路邊廣告牌變身環保背包重獲新生! (Turning Used Billboards Into Vinyl Backpacks)

9289 分類 收藏
rihrong 發佈於 2018 年 6 月 28 日    Sally Hsu 翻譯    Kate Chang 審核
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