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I'm back on the interview route and this time I'm here to find out
whether people agree with our saying that the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is the people
hi Sorry excuse me I'm a youtuber
I'm conducting a little interview here okay
I've got questions for you guys
since you guys are you are.. tourists? yes
we pride ourselves for the friendliness of our people
there is a saying in Taiwan that the best scenery is the people in Taiwan
would you agree with that sentiment?
yes of course this is not the first time
you know I'm doing business with Taiwan
yes I'm selling Taiwanese machineries and this is very good quality
I like the friendliness you do? great!
this is my son it's his first time [in Taiwan]
what do you think about Taiwan in general?
I agree very friendly
I don't know how to say
have you encounter the people personally? yes of course
we were invited by several companies which we are dealing with
and always very friendly and kind
would you agree with that sentiment?
yeah? have you encounter the people personally throughout your...?
I guess you're an athlete [Universiade] yeah we have interacted with the people a bit
and people are kind? very kind!
sounds awesome! thank you enjoy the trip!
the most beautiful scenery is the people would you agree with that sentiment?
yes actually the people have been incredibly friendly
very very helpful
they always want to show you the way I'm so glad to hear it. thank you so much
enjoy the rest of your day thank you
I think so
there are many different faces in Taiwan
do you think people are friendly towards all these different races?
are you talking about personality or physical appearance?
I meant the interactions between people
I think the people in Taiwan are very affectionate Wow
would you agree with that sentiment or?
I would think so?
yeah? so have you encounter the people personally?
he's got a high school friend here
okay but you're good like traveling around there's no problem
no people are really nice
everyone speaks English
so our interview was cut short because it's starting to rain, pour like pretty crazy
but as you've seen the response has been overwhelmingly positive
so I hope it's not narcissistic to say that the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is the people



街訪外國人:「台灣最美的風景是人,請問你同意嗎?」 (Is People the Most Beautiful Scenery in Taiwan?)

6252 分類 收藏
韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 31 日
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