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  • Jesus said you are the salt of the earth

  • if

  • salt loses its flavour it's not worth anything

  • it ends up being trampled by men. In fact, He taught

  • 3 realms about our influence: salt, light

  • and leaven. Salt and light is who we are, leaven

  • is the Kingdom and I'd always taught

  • the salt was used as a preservative

  • in Bible days they would pack meat for example in salt and that would preserve

  • it long time and

  • and there's a wonderful lessons involved when you see that

  • God has called us the salt of the earth and there's a preservative

  • preserving affect of the Kingdom culture within us

  • on culture and society I do believe that but that isn't the context in which

  • Jesus

  • talked about us being the salt of the earth. If salt loses its flavour which

  • means what?

  • It means you and I are supposed to add flavour to the world

  • we're just simply supposed to add flavour!

  • God is a God who has extreme value for beauty

  • He celebrates beauty, He celebrates

  • order.

  • He celebrates these things that He put in place

  • and when the Lord says you are the salt of the earth

  • I believe He's really talking about

  • sprinkling us through culture and society to such a point that we actually

  • enhance bring flavour to everything around us

  • everything from the economic system to the educational system to the political

  • environment

  • every environment should be affected by

  • the creative impact of the people of God who know their God

  • and have been planted in that environment to bring an expression of the

  • Kingdom into that part of the world.

Jesus said you are the salt of the earth


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B1 中級 美國腔

受神的委託- 比爾-約翰遜 (Commissioned by God! - Bill Johnson)

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