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  • Ubisoft to release yearly sequels of every game they make, the NCAA decides not to renew

  • its licensing deal with EA, Neil Patrick Harris lends his voice to Saints Row IV, an official

  • FIrefly video game, and more!

  • Hey guys, Jess here, and this is the Curse Weekly Roundup!

  • First up, it kind of goes without saying that we expect annual installments of many Ubisoft

  • properties like Assassin's Creed, Just Dance, and something involved either Rayman or his

  • Rabbids - now, however, Ubisoft VP of sales Tony Key claims that the company won't get

  • the go-ahead to any new game unless it thinks it can be made into a franchise. Alright,

  • so what do we think about this? Is it a good thing, because it means if we like a game

  • we can definitely expect more of it? Or is it a bad thing - it's kind of restrictive,

  • makes it hard for Ubisoft to make new IPs, and means we're gonna be seeing our favorite

  • franchises run into the ground, making sequels until they stop selling. Leave me a comment

  • and let me know what you think of this decision.

  • Next, the NCAA has decided not to renew its licensing deal with EA. The contract expires

  • in June 2014, which means that the recently-released NCAA Football 14 will be the last game in

  • the franchise - or the last game using that particular name, anyway. Evidently this decision

  • is a result of former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon suing the NCAA, EA, and the Collegiate

  • Licensing Company over the use of his likeness without permission. So what does this mean?

  • EA says that they'll continue to develop and publish college football games, but will no

  • longer be using the NCAA names and marks. Bad news for you college football fans, but

  • at least we've still got Madden NFL right?

  • Moving on, Deep Silver revealed the cast list for Saints Row IV earlier this week, which

  • most notably includes Neil Patrick Harris! As well as Keith David playing himself, along

  • with Rob Van Dam, Michael Dorn, Terry Crew, and others. Several Saints Row IV voice actors

  • will be making an appearance on a panel at San Diego Comic Con tomorrow at 6:30 PM.

  • And speaking of Comic Con, also on Saturday Amazon Video Games is presenting a free Video

  • Games Live concert, featuring the San Diego Symphony Orchestra playing classic video game

  • music complete with cutting-edge visuals and audience interactivity. So if you were lucky

  • enough to go to SDCC, check out VIdeo Games Live tomorrow at 8 PM.

  • Next up, ever hear of a game called Patterns? It's a 3D sandbox building game with powerful

  • buliding tools, and simulated physics and gravity. It's a fun game that you'll love

  • if you're into Minecraft, and if you're having trouble getting started, our very own James

  • will help you out with a 5-part tutorial on all the things Patterns lets you do. Click

  • right over here to watch part 1, and be on the lookout for the following four videos

  • over the next month or so.

  • Finally, for fans of short-lived but awesome sci-fi show Firefly, good news! Firefly Online

  • is coming in Summer of 2014. Fox Digital Entertainment revealed the news at San Diego Comic Con on

  • Thursday, and you can preregister on the game's official website to find out more, but for

  • now we do know that it's going to be a social online role-playing game for iOS and Android-based

  • smartphones and tablets - kind of a letdown if you ask me - I would've preferred some

  • sort of full pC MMO, but who knows - what do you gusy think? Looking forward to Firefly

  • Online or is it gonna be kind of a dud? Let me know in the comments.

  • Well, that's all for this week, but as always be sure to subscribe if you haven't already,

  • and give this video a thumbs up for gaming news.

  • Thanks for watching! Enjoy the game.

Ubisoft to release yearly sequels of every game they make, the NCAA decides not to renew


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