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  • It's a yucky looking spider!

  • Oh!

  • I think that's a ... What is it?

  • I'm going to get a piece of paper That just crawled under my feet!

  • Eeaghh!

  • It's rearing up at me!

  • Ok, how are we going to do this?

  • I have no idea but I'm terrified.

  • Good heavens!

  • That is disgusting, what is it?

  • Is it a trapdoor or what do they call is...?

  • I've got to get the lid on first.

  • Lid is on - spider is secured!

  • One of the world's deadliest spiders!

  • These things if they bite you they can kill you in 15 minutes, it's a male funnel web

  • spider.

  • They don't want you to kill these things because ... they don't want you to kill these things

  • because there's a shortage of anti-venom.

  • Ok where are we off to Matthew?

  • We are going to the hospital so they can get the venom out to create antivenom.

  • What is this spider called?

  • It's a funnel web.

  • The world's deadliest spider.

  • That's right it's a male funnel web which crawled past my foot and people keep killing

  • them, which I can totally understand, I think if I'd known it was a funnel web I would have

  • killed it.

  • But now we've looked it up and they're short on funnel web venom to make antivenom so they

  • said could we take it in to the hospital please so that's where we're on our way.

  • So here we are at the emergency department, we are going to drop in the world's deadliest

  • spider so that we can save some lives.

  • I've just dropped the spider off.

  • The people from the reptile farm are going to come and they're going to look after it

  • and milk it so that then they can create antivenom.

  • She said that was a big one, I wonder if there's a family of them ...

It's a yucky looking spider!


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B1 中級 美國腔

世界上最危險的蜘蛛在我的廚房!!!安里爾登 (WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS SPIDER IN MY KITCHEN!!! Ann Reardon)

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