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This man has one of the most extensive BMW 3 Series collections worldwide.
He owns nearly every model, starting with the first one.
His name: Daniel Falkenberg from Germany. He keeps his armada of BMW 3 Series in his backyard barn.
When I open the door and enter this garage I feel like being with my second family in a room of happiness, just like in a treasure room with my vehicles that all have their own story.
And this story started years ago, as Daniel remembers.
I already fell in love with the 3 Series at an early age, around the age of 10. Already at this time I felt the joy and enthusiasm to one day become the owner of such a car.
At the age of 18 I finally drove my first BMW 3 Series. I bought a 325 Eta when I was still 17 years old, just so I could drive it on my 18th birthday.
I had the very first 3 Series, the 323i, with the top motorization at the time, with the wonderful six-cylinder-engine.
This car competed quite well with the GTI-cars at the beginning of the 80s. A fascinating car that is still state of the art.
The 320i is an extremely rare special model that had been produced for the Italian and Portuguese market.
From the exterior it looks like a normal 325i, but in the interior, in the heart of the car is a M3, a wolf in sheep's skin.
What I really like a lot about the 3 Series is the variety, the wonderfully simple elegance and the beautiful lines.
What connects the different models of the 3 Series is that all of them used to be driver-oriented cars where driving pleasure and sportiness were always the dominating characteristics.
The new 3 Series GT is a fascinating advancement of what BMW had invented in all the generations before it.
This provides all the joy a BMW driver can wish for, also in terms of space.
A wonderful car that I would really like to have in my own collection.


這個人有最好的BMW 3系列收藏。 (This man has one of the best BMW 3 Series collections.)

217 分類 收藏
rihrong 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 27 日
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