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  • Myopia Causes -- The Hidden Story Never Told... Now that we know you can correct myopia and

  • that these techniques have been around for a long time, let's have a look at myopia causes.

  • What's really behind short-sightedness? The "Official" Myopia Causes

  • By that I mean how your "eye specialist" would explain the problem, if they explain it at

  • all. Often you just get a prescription or a pair of glasses, but let's see how they

  • explain myopia causes. The cause of the myopic picture you see is

  • light falling incorrectly onto the retina. The retina is the back part of your eye containing

  • the light and colour receptors to perceive what you see. It sends the information to

  • your mind, which assembles the picture you see.

  • As you can see in the image above, the light falls short. If you draw out the lines to

  • the retina, they create multiple points of focus, rather than a single one that you see

  • with normal vision. "Eye specialists" explain myopia causes by

  • your lens being too round, which causes the light entering your lens to be redirected

  • incorrectly. So the theory is changing the lens' shape by either offsetting the shape

  • with another lens, or by taking off what they consider excess with myopia surgery.

  • Myopia Causes at a Higher Level Something this image shows nicely is that

  • the eyeball is actually too long. This is the cause of myopia, since it moves the focal

  • plane. The question remaining is what causes the elongated eyeball?

  • As you can see on this image, 6 muscles are attached to the eyeball. When they contract,

  • your eyeball stretches out like a zoom on a camera, which then pushes out the lens.

  • That causes the round shape of the lens. That's a healthy functioning eye. This is

  • how we zoom in on things we need to make out in the distance. This is how we can see far

  • away objects clearly. But in the case of myopia this happens chronically.

  • Chronic tension in the eye muscles causes this process to occur all day, every day.

  • It starts as a short zoom, and then becomes stronger the longer you wear glasses. That

  • then pushes out the lens more and more, causing a rounder shape.

  • Then "eye specialists" say that myopia causes the round shape of the lens and want to offset

  • it with glasses, or cut it out. The Multi-Billion Dollar Question

  • The question the ophthalmic industry, your optometrist, optician, "eye specialist" (or

  • whatever you call them) avoids at all costs is, "What causes the chronic tension in the

  • eye muscles that's underlying the myopia causes?" Why the multi-billion dollar question? Because

  • if they'd address that, they would lose the $50+ billion the industry turns over each

  • and every year -- in the U.S. alone. So let's examine what causes chronic tension

  • in other muscles in our body? Simple answer: stress.

  • Chronic tension is caused by all types of stress: physical, mental, financial, emotional,

  • you name it. All of these create chronic muscle tension in areas of your body. Some have people

  • have it in the neck, some in the back, some in the arms, fingers, shoulders, and some

  • in the eyes. So read the next part to learn more about

  • myopia causes...

  • Causes for Myopia -- And the Story Continues This is part 2 about causes for myopia. If

  • you didn't read part 1 yet, start with that -- click here.

  • So what causes the stress in the eye muscles, rather than other parts of the body? Great

  • question! Causes for Myopia -- Transcend Your Eyes

  • Here we get into the metaphysical world. That world has received a bad reputation lately

  • due to the films "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction." But leave those out of the

  • picture. Metaphysical simply means "beyond the physical."

  • In other words, metaphysical causes for myopia are those that exist beyond your physical

  • body. That leaves only one place: your mind. Your

  • mind is the determining factor of where the stress accumulates. With vision it's very

  • easy. What you don't want to see, you won't. The Black-Out Phenomenon

  • You get myopia when you have issues seeing yourself in the future. It used to be common

  • that kids got myopia at the end of high school, or the end of university. Why? It's because

  • that's when they had problems seeing themselves in the future.

  • At these points in your life you have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.

  • You have to decide which job to apply for. If you don't want to look at that, the stress

  • manifests in your eyes, and voila! You literally can't see into the distance.

  • Causes for Myopia -- "Selective Seeing" If we want to black out something, we literally

  • can do that. Since we see in the mind, not the eyes, we can black out anything. We only

  • perceive the light in the eye, but our mind assembles the picture we see.

  • Our mind is powerful, so powerful it can decide where it sends your tension to achieve the

  • results it needs. If you don't want to look into the future because it's scary, you won't.

  • The decision is made meta-physically, beyond the physical, but manifests itself on the

  • physical plane. Myopia causes you to black out what you don't want to look at.

  • The Underlying Root Causes for Myopia Can glasses, contacts, or eye surgery get

  • rid of the myopia causes in your mind? Nope! That's why you get stronger glasses after

  • a while, and that's why conditions return after eye surgery.

  • If you don't remove what's causing the problem, it's going to come back. You wanted to black

  • it out, so your mind continues to do that. He who asks shall receive.

  • This is one example of an underlying root cause. Others include tight shoulders, toxic

  • liver, toxic kidneys, plus an inflexible neck and back. All of these cause disruptions to

  • proper functioning eyes. All of these are myopia causes.

  • Continue with the other articles in this series to learn more about myopia. And download your

  • Free Vision Improvement Toolkit, so you find out about ways to tackle the problem.

  • Also, tell me what you think. Leave comments and questions below, so we can discuss...

Myopia Causes -- The Hidden Story Never Told... Now that we know you can correct myopia and


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近視原因--這是你近視的原因嗎? (Myopia Causes - Is This What Causes Your Myopia?)

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