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  • Myopia Correction to Improve Vision -- Dream or Reality?

  • It's not a dream, not for thousands of years. No surgery or glasses are needed either. Myopia

  • correction has been around for a long time, it just doesn't pay as well as your prescriptions.

  • Let's check out the history. Myopia Correction History

  • Imagine this: one of our ancestors is browsing through the fields, hunting weapon in hand.

  • The grass is moving 100 meters away, but he is short-sighted. He can't make out what it

  • is in the grass. Is it his hunting buddy? Is it prey? Or maybe

  • it's a predator trying to hunt him down? He doesn't have a clue because he can't make

  • it out. As he gets more and more scared, still being

  • unable to make out what is in the grass; the movement increases and comes closer. He launches

  • his weapon, and boom! He breaks his knife on a turtle's back.

  • Seriously, it could have been his brother or his dog, or some other buddy of his.

  • Ancient Myopia Correction Techniques Our ancestors knew the importance of their

  • distance vision and they had great motivation to maintain and fix it. Now, they didn't have

  • glasses, let alone contacts or eye surgery. Glasses only have been around since 1855,

  • and eye surgery for about 50-odd years. Today's myopia correction method, LASIK eye surgery,

  • only exists since 1998 and never has been tested properly.

  • That aside, what did our ancestors do to maintain their vision and combat short-sightedness?

  • They used something totally "New Age," some voodoo techniques that only strange people

  • on the Internet discuss: eye exercises. That's correct; this "new fad" on the Net has been

  • around for millennia as a myopia correction method.

  • Around the world, many cultures used the same techniques. So why don't we? Why do we wear

  • annoying glasses? Myopia Correction & Glasses

  • It all started in 1855 when German physicist Herman Helmholtz studied optics and tried

  • understanding our eyes. When he did so, research tools were rather primitive. He concluded

  • people get short-sighted when the eye's lens is shaped too steep.

  • Being a physicist into optics he came up with the idea that you just put another lens in

  • front of the eye to offset the distortion. That does work, but it doesn't correct myopia.

  • Does a crutch help you walk when you have a twisted ankle? Of course it does, but crutches

  • don't fix the ankle. The same thing applies to glasses.

  • With eye surgery as a myopia correction method, the ophthalmic industry came up with the idea

  • that you make the change in the lens permanent and scrape something off. Today a laser burns

  • it off, but conceptually it's the same. Does it work? For a while, but the root cause

  • is still there. So the surgery's effects don't last very long, maybe 2 - 5 years and then

  • the same conditions return. That's why eye surgery has been under scrutiny since 2008.

  • Continue reading about the supposed "New Age" myopia correction techniques...

  • Correction for Myopia -- Not So "New Age" After All

  • Fast forward 46 years from Helmholtz's discovery, and the ophthalmic industry was thriving.

  • They were selling a hoax correction for myopia and making a bunch of money with it. They

  • were selling glasses and making a nice profit. It was the old paradigm of the West -- just

  • sell a patch, but don't treat it. "New Age" Correction for Myopia Came Along

  • Then along came an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor, William Bates. He observed what the

  • Native Americans did to improve their eyesight. He studied it and did a ton of research with

  • a lot of people. Dr Bates discovered the wrong shape of the lens comes from tension in the

  • eye muscles that are attached to the eyeball. He had more sophisticated tools than Helmholtz.

  • He actually understood the eye; he had studied it all his life. Then he applied these myopia

  • correction techniques to his patients and recorded the results. He presented them to

  • his peers and got lobbied out of his profession! The ophthalmic industry did not want to know

  • how correction for myopia really worked because glasses were making too much money for them.

  • Healing doesn't pay in recurring fashion... Why Eye Exercises Fall Short Today

  • The reason eye exercises come across as a "New Age" thingy is lots of people copied

  • and republished Dr Bates eye exercises as an e-book on the Internet. Many people claim

  • they don't work and in today's society they are partially right.

  • Eye exercises work today as a correction for myopia, if you perform them regularly. If

  • you stop, the effects easily can diminish because the root cause of your myopia is not

  • addressed. Life was different when our ancestors lived,

  • and even when Bates did his research at the beginning of the 20th century. Food was different.

  • Stress was different. People used their bodies and their eyes differently. People worked

  • and travelled differently. All of that affects myopia as well.

  • What Has Changed Correction For Myopia? For example, back when Dr Bates was doing

  • his research, food was grown organically and without chemicals. Water was still clean,

  • and there was no environment pollution from two world wars, many other wars, nuclear energy

  • production, and many other factors. Also, our lifestyle has changed dramatically

  • in the last 40 years. That's the exact reason why myopia has skyrocketed in that same period.

  • We have to deal with lifestyle changes and environmental factors Dr Bates and our ancestors

  • did not face. Correction for myopia today has to address

  • the health of your liver, your colon, your physical body, your joints, your blood flow

  • and many other factors. Life has changed. So we have to adapt, too.

  • What's Next? One thing that remains constant is you can

  • improve your vision naturally and that glasses, contacts, and eye surgery are NOT the correction

  • for myopia they are made out to be. They are crutches.

  • They don't work long-term because otherwise you'd get weaker and weaker glasses with every

  • eye test. But do you. In the next few articles, we'll get to the

  • details of how correction for myopia really works.

  • For immediate correction for myopia tips you can start using today, Click Here and download

  • your Free Vision Improvement Toolkit. Then join the discussion and leave a comment

  • below.

Myopia Correction to Improve Vision -- Dream or Reality?


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