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(ambient techno music)
- [Kendra] Tell us about
your imaginary friend?

- His name's Kyle.
- Hey!
- [Caleb] I'm recording.
- You're not supposed to vlog.

- Yes I am.
- No you're not.
- [All] Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
♫ Hallelujah!
- [Jeremy] Are you vlogging?
- My camera.
- [Jeremy] Is that your camera?
Laura is walking around
talking to her camera

about what's going on this morning.
(speaks gibberish)
Laura, it's bath time!
Let's get Caleb!
- Caleb, bath time!
- So after doing a shower and
baths today with the kids,

I told them they could
wear whatever they wanted,

and this was what Caleb decided to wear.
- And Mom was fine with it.
- I'm kind of excited it's Monday.
I know that's kind of weird,
I know Monday gets a
really bad reputation,

but I kind of like Mondays,
they're a fresh start at a week.

Like, alright let's dive in,
let's get back into our routines.
I don't know,
there's something really
refreshing about that.

I feel like every Monday is
the beginning of something new.

So Caleb and Elise are
playing Legos together

and Elise comes into
me and she's all upset

and she's like, "Caleb's being mean to me,
"he's calling me mean names."
I'm like, "Okay."
So I go in there and I'm like,
"Caleb, we don't call names."

He said, "I'm not calling Elise names.
"I'm calling my imaginary friend
"that's sitting next
to me names." (laughs)

I was just cracking up inside.
Like, is that his really clever idea
of how to get out of trouble
for calling his sister names?

- Hey!
- I'm recording.
- You're not supposed to vlog.

- Yes I am.
- No you're not.
So today, we are doing a rhyming game
which Elise is doing.
- You cannot see.
- [Caleb] I'm vlogging you. (laughs)
- [Kendra] So Elise is
playing this rhyming game

where you rhyme one picture on
one side with the other side,

so here's fly rhymes with
pie, and plug rhymes with rug.

What's next?
- Wheel...
Wheel, seal.
- [Kendra] Good work.
- Woo!
- [Kendra] Are you helping?
- [Elise] I guess he wasn't.
- [Kendra] Caleb, tell us
about your imaginary friend.

- His name's Kyle.
- [Kendra] His name's Kyle?
What's he look like?
- He has, um, brown hair.
Just like me.
- [Kendra] Is he older than
you or younger than you?

- We're the same size, we're both four.
- [Kendra] You're both four.
What does he like to do?
- He likes to do the same stuff as me!
- [Kendra] Is he, like, your twin?
Do you have an invisible twin?
- Yep.
- [Kendra] Kyle, huh?
- Yep.
- I recommend Greetings From Somewhere.
I recommend the series.
- Alright, so this is book one.
He sat down to read it 30 minutes ago?
45 minutes ago?
How long did it take you to read it?
- [Isaac] 46 minutes.
- 46 minutes ago and
he read the entire book

and he wants me to put number two on hold.
You liked it?
- It's my favorite series.
- Yes!
So I'm just sitting here
cuddling with Darth Vader.

He came up and said,
"Mom, I'm Darth Vader.

"Wanna snuggle?"
Did you wanna snuggle me?
'Cause you love snuggles, huh?
- Yeah.
- Are you scary Darth
Vader or nice Darth Vader?

- Nice.
- You're nice Darth Vader.
I like that.
So here's his Darth Vader look.
And oh, who do we have here?
- Snow White.
- [Kendra] Snow White.
So yes, we're playing
dress-up this afternoon

and snuggling.
Waaa! (laughing)
Laura, what are you wearing?
- Just my tutus, just my ballerina.
- [Kendra] Oh, is that
your ballerina tutus?

Can you do your ballet dance for me?
Oh, that is a beautiful dance.
You gonna dance with your brother?
Darth Vader and the ballerina.
- Because it's nice Darth Vader.
- [Kendra] Oh it's a nice Darth Vader.
(stately chamber music)
Come on, hide!
Daddy's coming.
- We'll say "Surprise!"
- [Kendra] Okay.
- He's coming now.
- [Jeremy] Hello?
- [All] Surprise!
- Oh my goodness!
- [Kendra] Surprise!
- Their little faces were
really cute coming in.

Oh, oh, ohh no!
- [Kendra] Poor daddy, poor daddy.
He had no hope.
♫ Hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah!
♫ Hallele-e-Ujah!
♫ Our kingdom of this world
♫ And he shall reign for ever and ever
- They're doing the world's largest
hallelujah choir for Easter, and I--
- [Kendra] It's a virtual one.
- It's a virtual one, so I'm
sending in a video on youtube

and singing with tons of other people.
Peter Hollands is doing
it, Moe Tab is doing it,

and the last time I sang the messiah was
at Carnegie Hall in New York.
I sang and performed it on Easter in 2001.
It was my senior year of high school
and it was such a good memory.
So it's fun to get to sing
with a ton of other people.

- I love that Jeremy's been
practicing at home with the kids

and so the kids are being exposed to it
and I love the joy that
I see on Jeremy's face

as he's doing it, like,
it's fun to get into hobbies

that you haven't done for a long time.
♫ And ever! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
♫ For ever and ever
♫ Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
- Hallelujah!
♫ For ever and ever
♫ Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
- Big finish!
♫ Aaaaaaaaaah
- [Caleb] Do it again!
- Kendra, she climbed out of the crib.
- What happened?
- [Jeremy] She can climb out now.
- [Kendra] No! We knew it was coming soon.
- [Jeremy] Yep.
(playful piano music)
- I'm picking my makeup.
- Yeah you are.
She's all grown up now.
- [Kendra] So apparently miss Laura
can climb out of her crib.
- Out of room, too.
- [Kendra] Oh, you're gonna
go out of the room, too?

- I fall off and down?
- [Kendra] No, don't fall off of there.
Turn around.
- My bed!
- [Kendra] Did you climb out of your bed?
- Yes.
- [Kendra] So Isaac is leaping
because it is leap year this year, people!
Isaac, can you tell me
what leap year is about?

- I've never gotten what it even means.
- [Kendra] What is it
about, what is leap year?

- Um, the time when you leap the most?
- [Kendra] What do you think, Lisee?
What's leap year?
- Maybe when you have fun and leap a lot?
- [Kendra] Okay! Caleb, what is leap year?
- Um, jumping.
- Jumping?
(laughs) That's so precious!
This is what they think leap year is.
Jeremy, it's leap year!
- Better get jumpin'!
- [Kendra] Waaaaa! It's leap year!
Happy leap year from J House!
J House out.
- There's a fire.
- [Kendra] Oh Jeremy,
there's a fire truck!

(sirens wailing)
- We're being asked to cross the street.


從嬰兒床逃出 (Baby Escapes Crib)

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Pedroli Li 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 23 日
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