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Are you looking for a job?
Do you not know what
job you should do?

Many people, all people in the
world struggle with this problem.

Maybe you are going to start university and you
have no idea what you want or need to study.

Maybe you have lost your job
and you need to get a new job.

Maybe you hate your job, and you want
to quit your job and get a new job.

So one way that people do this
is the magic of astrology.

Now, before you run away
and click off and go:

"Uh, Ronnie, I don't like astrology.
I think it's bollocks",

which means it's not
true - let me back up.

This is not a horoscope.
I'm not telling you what you're going to do
today, that you're going to have a good day

and you're going to
meet someone special.

Horoscopes and astrology
are completely different.

Horoscopes are made up words in a newspaper, and
astrology is based on the stars in the sky.

And it's a science,
believe it or not.

I don't care.
But what I want to do is help you
find the perfect job for you.

So, first, I need you
to do something.

I want you to look at the board and I
want you to please find your birthday.

All right.
Now that you have found your birthday, there's
one important thing that I need you to know.

If your birthday, for example, is December
21st or if your birthday is one of these exact

dates, this means that you
are on the cusp of the sign.

The cusp of the sign means that you're going
to have both of these energies together.

Have I lost you?
So, people that are born on the cusp don't
have the strongest of forces from each sign,

but you're still going to have some
kind of influence in your personality.

So when we fought...
When we talk about astrology, we break
the signs down into four basic elements:

Fire, water, earth, and air.
Once you've found your birthday, you're
going to know what your element is.

If you are a fire sign, so if you are Aries,
Leo, or Sagittarius, you've got something

really special that the other signs
don't, and that is action, power.

You are dynamic, you're amazing.
You're like: "Woo! Let's
go!" all the time.

So, you would be a very
good business owner.

You would be a very,
very good manager.

Or you like to be in the spotlight, especially
if you're a Leo, and you would be good in

the entertainment industry.
You are confident and ambitious.
This means that you do it,
no one is going to stop you.

You are enthusiastic
and you are energetic.

This means you have power and energy
when some people are sleeping, like me.

You do have a problem, though.
You don't like small details, so this is why
if you're a business owner, or a manager,

or in entertainment, you can use your confident
energy and you can do a very, very good job.

You're very, very good managers because you're
good at telling other people what to do.

But that's not a bad thing because
people will look to you for leadership.

So, fire signs you are
natural born leaders.

It's just how it works.
You're lucky.
But, yeah, you do
have some problems.

We're not all perfect.
I'm not going to tell you
about the bad things.

We're going to focus
on the good things.

So, if you're thinking of starting
your own business - do it.

You are natural leaders, you can do it because
your brain says: "I'm going to do it."

Cool. The next one we
have is a water sign.

Now, water signs are very,
very, very emotional.

Is that a good thing
or a bad thing?

We don't know yet.
But you have a special talent of being able to
feel other people's emotions or other people's

This can be really, really beneficial if you are
thinking of being a psychologist, so you're

helping people figure out what's happening
inside their brain; a therapist if you're

helping someone who's in...
Having problems in their life.
And also any kind
of a charity work.

A "charity" means an organization that relies
on people's donations or money to operate.

So, Greenpeace, or UNICEF,
that's a charity organization.

So you would do well with charity work because
water signs are very supportive, which means

they like to help people.
They're very nurturing.
Think about your mom.
She cuddles you and
takes care of you.

Very compassionate, you have a lot of
passion because you want to help people.

And you're sensitive.
Do you think sensitive
is a negative word?

Sometimes it can be.
If you are sensitive it means you can
feel what other people are feeling.

But if you're too sensitive, that's a
bad thing and you become too emotional.

So, because your power is emotions,
you can be really, really moody.

"Moody" means that if you are sad, you're
not just a little bit sad, you are so sad

that everything's tragic
and you're depressed.

It's always a negative
way to be moody.

It means your mood changes.
So if you walk into a room and everyone's
sad, you're going to feel the energy from

those people because you're so sensitive, and
you're actually going to become a little

sad, too.
Don't you wish you had some
fire to help you out of that?

But it's a good thing because you
can help people that are in need.

So, also being a nurse would be a
good job for you, especially Cancers.

Earth signs, your special
power is you are reliable.

If I ask you to do something,
you're going to do it.

And I can always trust you.
You're very trusting people.
So, Taurus, Virgo, and
Capricorn, you are earth signs.

Oh, our water signs are
Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

So if you're a water sign,
you're one of these.

So back to the earth signs,
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Think about the earth as
being very solid or stable.

So you're stable, stable people.
You are good engineers, you're good at developing
someone else's business-our Leos over here-and

you'd be very good as an administrative
assistant because you like detail.

It doesn't bother you to sit down at a desk
and do a job completely until it's perfect.

You are very determined
and patient.

This gives you the ability to have an office
job, where other people, like these guys could

never have an office job
because it feels like a cage.

There's one problem with you, though, you
do not want a job that you have to have a

risk in.
A "risk" means there could be a big
problem and you lose your job.

So "risky" or "taking a risk" means that you
don't really care what happens, you're just

going to try it.
Oh, oh no.
Hell no.
Not for you guys.
You need the stability of a job.
You need to work for a company.
But because you are so hardworking and patient,
you're going to do the best job that you can.

And this is an amazing thing.
Hey. If you guys are looking for people to work in
your office, ask people when their birthday is.

If they're an earth
sign, go for it.

And the last one, air.
Your special power is
communication and talking.

Many, many, many famous actors
and actresses, they're Geminis.

So, Geminis, Libras, and Aquarius, your special
ability is we say the gift of the gab.

You can talk.
You can entertain,
but you can talk.

Sometimes too much.
So, because you are very, very good at speaking,
you are really, really good lawyers because

lawyers like to talk.
You're also very good actors
and actresses, as I said.

But because you can think so well, you're a
very, very quick thinker, you're adaptable,

which means you can
change when you need to.

And you're very creative.
You're really, really
good scientists.

You're good at inventing things
and thinking of new ideas.

That's your creativity.
Architects and designers also are really,
really good because it gives you the ability

to be creative and to think about things that
no other people really can because you've

got your special brain.
You have a problem
with authority.

You don't like other people telling you what
to do or how to do it, because you're doing

it your creative way.
So, when you're thinking about what job you
want to do, think of your strengths, think

of the things you're good at.
Be careful of your weaknesses.
Water signs, you're not going to get a job
in an office with people telling you what

to do; but for earth signs,
go ahead, it's cool.

If you're a water sign, you're going to want
to be with people, you're going to want to

help them.
You're probably not a good
manager because you're moody.

And fire signs, go get 'em, tigers -
you're there to help us, to guide us.

And just be careful.
We're sensitive people.


增進英文字彙: 從占星字彙探討個性與職業 (Improve your English vocabulary with astrology! Personalities and Professions)

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