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Last month I went to Shanghai and had an amazing adventure
Largely because you guys gave me great recommendations of things to do and see and eat
And it was really cool, so I
Documented my trip and take a look
Nei Hao
Now, let's get coffee.
I asked for no ice and then I was like eh, I'll get ice
You can take the Americans out of New York, but we find our way back to Starbucks
So we had an early morning run and now we're going to go adventure. We're going to go get lunch at the famous
dumpling place called Din Tai Fung it's supposed to be really really really good dumplings.
They take a little pinch of dough, perfectly placed with meat and then they weigh it to make sure that it's perfect.
Dumpling dreams come true.
Tianzifang! Away we go.
We found Tianzifang!
What do you think?
We're trying teas
We have little sampling cups which is really cute
It's just enough to try what it tastes like. But we gotta keep movin' we only have 24 hours.
Wrapping up the evening with a delicious dinner at... the Nest!
So it's our last day in Shanghai, and I couldn't leave China without
meeting some of my friends who have been
super supportive here. Thank you so much, really
Today is the day of the big event its opening of the Republic of Sports in Shanghai, and it's really big
project adidas has been working on. And I'm so honored that they brought me here to help unveil
the big opening
Oh my gosh, that was so hard.
Karlie is no joke. She's so strong.
I can't keep up with her!
So that's a wrap on 24 hours in Shanghai
Thank you to everyone that came out and hung out with us. It's been a really special trip here
It did rain on our parade. We still had a really fun time, so *kiss*


跟著超模卡莉克勞斯用24小時遊上海! (24 Hours in Shanghai | Karlie Kloss)

378 分類 收藏
Charo Wen 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 23 日    Evie 翻譯    黃艾瑄 審核
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