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  • The Austrian city of Salzburg is situated on the northern edge of the Alps,

    奧地利城市薩爾斯堡坐落在 阿爾卑斯山的北邊

  • close to the border of Germany.


  • Surrounded by lakes and mountains,


  • and straddling the banks of the Salzach River,

    城中有薩爾斯河 緩緩流過

  • few cities can match Salzburg’s fairytale setting.

    少有城市可以媲美 薩爾斯堡童話般的景致

  • Few places can match its musical heritage either.


  • Salzburg is the hometown of one of the giants of classical music,

    薩爾斯堡是 古典音樂大師

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


  • Its stately homes, churches and hillsides


  • provided the settings for one of cinema’s most-adored musicals,

    就是深受觀眾喜愛的音樂劇 《真善美》

  • The Sound Of Music.


  • And today, its exquisite architecture provides


  • a dramatic backdrop for operatic and classical performances all year round.

    對全年演出的歌劇和古典樂來說 仍是最富效果的戲劇場景

  • Just as a glissando provides the transition


  • between two musical notes,


  • the Salzach River glides between Salzburg’s two parts,

    著名的薩爾斯河 就如滑奏般將薩爾斯堡一分為二

  • the old medieval and Baroque city on the left bank,


  • and the new 19th century city on the right.

    右岸則是 19 世紀新城區

  • For the most commanding views of this compact city and the nearby Alps,

    要一睹城鎮和鄰近阿爾卑斯山的 壯麗美景

  • take the funicular up to the battlements of Hohensalzburg,

    可以搭乘登山纜車上到 薩爾斯堡要塞

  • one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval fortresses.

    這是歐洲保存狀況最良好的 中世紀堡壘之一

  • Despite Napoleon plundering the best furnishings in 1800,

    雖然拿破崙在 1800 年毀了城堡內 最美的裝飾

  • the stately chambers still glitter with gold leaf and the cold steel of ancient weaponry.

    但莊嚴氣派的房間內,金箔裝飾 和古代兵器仍散發著耀眼光芒

  • While the fortress was built to protect Salzburg’s ruling prince bishops,

    雖然這座堡壘的用途是為了 保護薩爾斯堡的采邑主教

  • the rulers of the principality spent most of their days down below, in the heart of the old city.

    當時的統治階層卻在 老城區中心度過大部分的時光

  • For centuries these prince bishops conducted the affairs of Salzburg

    幾世紀以來,采邑主教都在 薩爾斯堡主教宮的

  • from the lavish staterooms of the Residenz.


  • Chandeliers of bohemian glass, venetian mirrors,


  • and lavish ceilings were designed to project power and prestige to those few deemed worthy of visiting,

    奢華天花板原本只是為了 向少數來訪的權貴展示權力和聲望

  • but today the Residenz is open to all.


  • Take a short walk across the Residenzplaz,


  • to the towering pink-marbled splendor of Salzburg Cathedral.

    來到粉紅色大理石建成的宏偉教堂 薩爾斯堡主教座堂

  • Rising from the ruins of the original Celtic and Roman settlements,

    教堂所在地原是塞爾特和羅馬居民 住處的廢墟

  • the cathedral’s dome has dominated the skyline for over four centuries.

    教堂圓頂已聳立薩爾斯堡天際 超過 4 個世紀

  • It also shelters the very font in which Mozart was baptized.

    教堂內還有莫扎特進行洗禮的 受洗池

  • Directly behind the cathedral,


  • journey through the city’s 1,600 year history at the Salzburg and Panorama Museums.

    則座落著薩爾斯堡博物館和薩爾斯堡全景博物館 讓您能瀏覽城市 1,600 年的歷史

  • While many of Salzburg’s antiquities are kept safely behind glass,

    薩爾斯堡的許多古文物 都珍藏在玻璃展櫃內

  • it’s in the streets of the old town where the echoes of the past ring loudest.

    然而,老城區內古色古香的街道 才是最能喚起舊時記憶的地方

  • Wander along narrow Getreidegasse,

    狹長的糧食胡同 (格特萊德巷)

  • one of the loveliest shopping streets in the world.


  • Lose yourself in its many laneways and passages


  • where centuries of craft and tradition are kept alive,

    品味傳承數百年的工藝和傳統 令人流連忘返

  • and the hands of time seem forever paused.


  • Youll find Salzburg’s most famous address at number 9 Getreidegasse.

    薩爾斯堡最著名的地址 就是糧食胡同 9 號

  • Take the stairs to the third floor, where on the 27th January, 1756,

    沿著樓梯走上 3 樓 在 1756 年 1 月 27 日

  • Mozart was born.


  • The child prodigy spent seventeen years of his life here,

    音樂神童就在這間房子度過 17 年歲月

  • composing and performing on his first violin from the age of five.

    從 5 歲便開始創作並表演 小提琴曲目

  • Gaze from the window from which his music spilled into the streets of Salzburg,

    莫扎特的音樂曾從這扇窗戶傳到 薩爾斯堡大街小巷

  • and in time, around the entire world.


  • Salzburg is a symphony for the taste buds too.


  • Just off the Old Market Square,


  • savor 300 years of coffee-making tradition at Café Tomaselli,

    在托馬塞利咖啡館體驗歷經 300 年的 咖啡泡製傳統

  • once a favorite haunt of Mozart and his wife, Constanze.

    這裡曾是莫扎特和妻子康絲坦茲經常流連的 咖啡館

  • For classical Austrian fare served with a side of Opera,


  • take the short walk to Stiftskeller St. Peter,


  • which has been operating within the walls and vaults of St. Peter’s Monastery for 1,200 years.

    這間餐廳在聖彼得修道院內和其地窖內 營業了長達 1,200 年

  • According to legend, Columbus is said to have enjoyed a beer here

    據說哥倫布 1492 年曾在地窖餐廳內 暢飲啤酒後

  • before sailing to America in 1492.


  • Over the centuries, Salzburg’s monks and hermits have practiced the art of brewing with religious zeal.

    幾世紀以來,薩爾斯堡的僧侶和隱士 以近乎宗教般的狂熱實踐釀酒藝術

  • At thellner Bräu Brewery at Augustiner Abby,


  • rinse out a stone pitcher and enjoy a quarter gallon of beer poured straight from the wooden barrel.

    略微沖洗一下裝啤酒用的石杯,即可盡情暢飲 直接從木桶倒出的四分之一加侖啤酒

  • Then, hang out in Austria’s largest beer garden and enjoy local snacks with beer devotees

    接著在奧地利規模最大的啤酒花園 與來自世界各地的啤酒愛好者

  • from all over the world.


  • After youve explored the finer points of Salzburg hospitality,

    在您探索完薩爾斯堡精細的 音樂和美食文化後

  • head across the river to enjoy another of the city’s proudest traditions, puppetry,

    不妨穿越薩爾斯河 來到薩爾斯堡木偶劇院

  • at the Salzburg Marionette Theater.


  • The theater opened with Mozart’s opera

    劇院在 100 多年前啟用

  • Bastien und Bastienne over one hundred years ago,


  • and today, the company tours internationally,


  • transporting audiences to imaginary realms far and wide.

    帶各地觀眾進入遙遠而寬廣的 想像國度

  • Salzburg has long been a city where inspiration knows no bounds,

    薩爾斯堡一直以來都是 靈感源源不絕的城市

  • especially when it comes to its palaces.


  • Just a short stroll from the Marionette Theater,


  • the grandeur of Mirabell Palace and Gardens awaits.

    就可一睹米拉貝爾宮與花園 的風采

  • Commissioned in 1606 by Prince-Archbishop,


  • Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau to impress his beloved mistress,

    於 1606 年所建造 他為了打動心愛的情人

  • the palace was completed within a staggering six months.

    竟在短短 6 個月內 就完成宮殿的建造

  • The Italian inspired palace, rose gardens and statue of Pegasus obviously worked their magic,

    義大利風格的浪漫宮殿、美麗的玫瑰花園 和天馬珀伽索斯的雕像顯然深得美人心

  • as the pair went on to have 15 children.

    這對伴侶共有 15 個孩子

  • Years later, the Prince-Archbishop was deposed,


  • spending the rest of his lonely days interned in the dungeons of Hohensalzburg,

    在薩爾斯堡要塞的地牢內 孤獨地度過餘生

  • overlooking his beloved palace.


  • Wolf Dietrich’s successor, Mark Sittich von Hohenems,

    萊特瑙的繼任者 霍恩埃姆斯

  • was given more to practical jokes than matters of the heart.

    則改以惡作劇路線 而非浪漫風格來打造宮殿

  • The new Prince-Archbishop created Hellbrunn Palace on Salzburg’s southern outskirts.

    新任大主教建造的海爾布倫宮 位於薩爾斯堡的南郊

  • This Renaissance-inspired palace was built over a natural spring,

    這座深受文藝復興時期影響的宮殿 其所在地有天然泉水

  • which fed hidden water features designed to soak his unsuspecting guests.

    泉內設置了隱藏的整人噴泉 用以偷襲不知情的客人

  • The grounds are dotted with curiosities, grottos and water-driven automations,

    宮殿四周遍布的各式新奇裝置、石窟 和水力驅動的自動裝置

  • as marvelous today as when the trickster prince led his soaked guests across the grounds 400 years ago.

    現今依然令人驚艷不已,可以想見 400 年前 溼透的客人隨著頑皮大主教參觀時的驚喜感受

  • Built as a summer daytime playhouse, the palace contains not a single bedroom.

    宮殿當時是用作夏季時的消遣場所 內部完全沒有設置臥房

  • While Salzburg abounds with fountains,


  • some of the cities most impressive water features are its surrounding lakes and waterfalls.

    最令人印象深刻的水景 仍是周圍的湖泊和瀑布莫屬

  • Stretching east from the city is the Salzkammergut resort region,

    從城市邊緣向東延伸的 薩爾斯卡默古特渡假區

  • home to stunning glacial lakes and picturesque villages.

    有令人嘆為觀止的冰河湖可供欣賞 還有如詩如畫的村莊景致

  • A twenty-minute drive from Salzburg is the lakeside town Mondsee.

    從薩爾斯堡出發,開車 20 分鐘 即可抵達湖濱小鎮蒙德塞

  • The town’s basilica starred in the wedding scene in The Sound Of Music,

    電影《真善美》中的婚禮場景 就是在小鎮的教堂拍攝

  • and is one of the most photographed churches in the world.

    也因此讓這座教堂成為全球最熱門的 拍照景點之一

  • Just to the south of Lake Mondsee, are the clear waters of Lake Wolfgang.

    蒙德湖的南邊 就是清澈的沃爾夫岡湖

  • Stay a few nights in the sleepy village of Strobl,

    在施特羅布爾寧靜的村莊 住上幾晚

  • and let yourself be serenaded by nature’s ever-shifting rhythms and moods.

    聆聽大自然創作的小夜曲 體驗變化多端的自然節奏和氛圍

  • A two-hour drive southwest from Salzburg,


  • nature’s tempo intensifies, at Krimml Waterfalls.


  • Here, the thundering glacial falls beat in a continuous crescendo throughout the valley,

    水勢強勁的冰河傾流而下 漸強的樂章在山谷間迴盪

  • while its drifting mists create the perfect wonderland for mosses, ferns and lichens.

    瀰漫著瀑布水霧的環境 是適合苔蘚、蕨類和地衣生長的自然仙境

  • For a waterfall with a difference visit the spa town of Bad Gastein,

    如果想體驗更獨特的瀑布之旅,可以造訪 水療鎮巴特加斯泰因

  • whose falls roar straight through the heart of town,


  • plunging past historic hotels and into the valley floor below.

    奔流而過歷史悠久的飯店 最後湧入河谷河床

  • After losing yourself in the mesmerizing spectacle of Bad Gastein Falls,

    暢遊令人心醉神馳的 巴特加斯泰因瀑布後

  • turn your attention skyward.


  • From the town, take the cable car over dreamy alpine meadows to the summit of Stubnerkogel Mountain,

    從小鎮出發,搭乘纜車越過夢幻的高山草原 直登史鐸本納科格山的山頂

  • and hear the wind singing through the cables of one of Europe’s highest suspension bridges.

    放膽挑戰歐洲最高的吊橋之一 聆聽山風吹過繩索的響聲

  • The Salzburg region is full of surprises,


  • so before heading back to the city,


  • head underground, into the Hallein Salt Mine.


  • Take the 70-minute tour deep into this 7,000 year old mine,

    在這座有 7,000 年歷史的老礦場 來趟 70 分鐘的探索之旅

  • whose rich deposits of white gold once gave Salzburg a starring role on the worlds trading stage.

    此區豐富的白金礦藏曾將薩爾斯堡 推上世界貿易的舞台

  • From its salt mines to its symphonies,


  • from its fountains to its waterfalls,


  • Salzburg plays out like a living opera,


  • filled with drama, comedy, intrigue and passion.


  • And it all awaits, in a setting perfectly crafted by the human hand,

    這場精彩演出的場地 由古今人物

  • and by the greatest composer of them all,


  • Mother Nature.


  • Salzburg is more than just a city,


  • it is a triumph!


The Austrian city of Salzburg is situated on the northern edge of the Alps,

奧地利城市薩爾斯堡坐落在 阿爾卑斯山的北邊


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