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  • Tainan has a very long history‭. ‬ 臺南有著悠久的歷史

  • In order remember the significance 過去發生的歷史事件

  • of some of its historical events, 為了讓人們珍視

  • memorial monuments, 過往的歷史事件

  • parks, 紀念公園、

  • halls or even districts have been built 甚至是紀念館或紀念園區

  • to facilitate the public in remembering 讓人們更深入了解

  • local history and culture. 在地的歷史與人文

  • Hi, this is Vera. 嗨 我是薇拉

  • In Yujing, you will see Tapani Incident Memorial Park. 在玉井 有噍吧哖事件紀念園區

  • So, follow me, and see what’s the story behind it. 快跟我一起去看看吧

  • Yujin used to be known as either Tevorang, or Tapani. 玉井舊稱「大武壠」也叫「噍吧哖」

  • In 1915, 民國四年(西元1915年)

  • there was an armed uprising against Japanese rule. 日治時期發生的抗日事件

  • It was known as the Xilai Temple Incident, the Yu Qingfang Incident, 史稱「西來庵事件」,也就是「余清芳事件」

  • the Yujin Incident, or the Tapani Incident. 「玉井事件」或「噍吧哖事件」

  • Unhappy with the oppressive Japanese police and military forces, 當時余清芳因不滿日本軍警鎮壓,

  • Yu Qingfang, Jiang Ding, Luo Jun, along with many others 暗地結合江定、羅俊等各地志士,

  • decided to stage a revolution in modern day Yujin, 以臺南噍吧哖(今玉井)西來庵為基地,

  • using Xilai Temple as a base of operation. 計劃起義。

  • However, on April 5th, the plan was foiled, 然而四月五號 事跡敗露

  • and Luo Jun was arrested. 羅俊被捕。

  • In July, Yu Qingfang and Jiang Ding led a militia force 七月,余、江二人率義勇軍

  • and exchanged fire with Japanese troops on Niugangzi Mountain 在牛港仔山(今左鎮附近)

  • near modern day Zuozhen. 和日本警方開戰

  • They attempted to raid the Nanzhuang Police Station in August, 八月,攻打南庄派出所

  • but were forced to retreat into the mountains 但武器彈藥不足,

  • due to ammunition shortage, 退守山區農莊,

  • and were subsequently arrested and executed. 最後起義失敗 被捕處決。

  • Thousands more were rounded up 莊民數千人

  • and executed together by firing squads. 被集體射殺

  • This incident was by far the largest 此一事件是日本統治臺灣期間,

  • and most brutal anti-Japanese rebellion during Japanese rule. 規模最大、最為慘烈的抗日活動。

Tainan has a very long history‭. ‬ 臺南有著悠久的歷史


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塔帕尼事件紀念公園 (Tapani Incident Memorial Park )

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