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  • Nanxi is surrounded by mountains on all sides, 楠西四面環山

  • and is therefore, situated inside a basin. 中央為盆地

  • It has a tropical monsoon climate, 氣候屬於熱帶季風氣候

  • and tourism and agriculture are its two main industries. 主要以農業及觀光為主

  • Nanxi is a large producer of many different fruits. 楠西盛產各類水果

  • So, it’s also known as theHome of Fruits” 又有水果之鄉的稱號

  • Besides its famous plums, 除了梅子有名之外

  • it also has mangoes and lychees. 也盛產芒果和荔枝

  • In fact, the lychees are in season in 而端午節前後

  • and around the Dragon Boat Festival. 正是荔枝盛產期

  • Hi, I’m Vera 嗨 我是薇拉

  • So, in Nanxi, you can see not only plums, 在楠西除了看的到梅子外

  • but lychees. 還有荔枝

  • So, let’s go and check it out. 我們去看看吧

  • There are about 30 different cultivars of lychees. 荔枝的品種大約有30種

  • From March to July, 比較重要的品種

  • five of the more important cultivars become available, 從五月中到七月中可分為九類

  • such as the March Red, 分別為三月紅

  • Nanxi Early-Bloom, Jade Purse, 楠西早生、玉荷包

  • Black Leaves, Sand Pit, 黑葉、沙坑

  • Sticky Rice Ball, Gang-Wei 糯米糍、港尾

  • Sweet Olive and Huai-Chee. 桂味、淮荔

  • There is also the new Tainung #7,or theBig Early Bloom”, 還有新品種台農7號或稱為「早大荔」

  • which this orchard plants. 也就是這個果園所種植的品種

  • Hi, this is Mr. Lee 這位是李先生

  • Greetings viewers 各位觀眾朋友大家好

  • So, what are the characteristics of growing lychees? 那麼荔枝在栽種上 有什麼特別的地方呢

  • Regardless of cultivars, 荔枝 不論什麼品種

  • lychees need four years from planting to harvesting. 栽種約四年後才能開始採收

  • Lychees grow best in temperatures between 24-30 degrees. 荔枝適合栽種在24-30度左右

  • Too cold, and they would stop growing altogether. 溫度太低荔枝的生長就會停滯

  • However, when flowering, lychees prefer colder temperatures, 但是開花期需要低溫

  • but the most suitable temperature is always cultivar-dependent. 不同品種所需要的溫度不同

  • Under normal, uncontrolled circumstances, 在自然生長情況下

Nanxi is surrounded by mountains on all sides, 楠西四面環山


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南溪荔枝 (Lychees of Nanxi )

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