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Are you vegan?
I don't think I've ever touched a single vegan food in my life,
except like by accident.
I usually do like vegan food.
I'm skeptical of these vegan desserts.
This is the vegan glazed doughnut,
but I hear the word doughnut,
and I'm on board.
It looks like a regular doughnut.
It doesn't smell like a doughnut.
It smells like a lemon square.
Oh, this is good.
That's terrible.
This kinda tastes like fruit loops to me.
If I was having this and you told me it was vegan,
I would not believe it.
Yes for the vegan doughnut...
I'm liking it.
Tofu vegan cheesecake? (disgusted noise)
It's more wiggly than regular cheesecake.
It does not smell like cheesecake at all.
It's really gritty.
The texture's awful.
Or like soaked, mushy bread.
I could not describe to you what this taste is,
I can just tell you that it's working for me.
It's like eating a giant tofu with a lot of sugar in it.
Why call it cheesecake if it's not gonna taste like cheesecake?
The more that I have it, the more I like it.
Vegan snickerdoodle.
I'm feeling good about these snickerdoodles.
These are so soft.
They look like rocks.
All vegan desserts look like dirt.
Oh yeah.
It tastes gingery.
These win.
It's mushy. It's just not working for me.
Cookies should crumble and I can mold this into any shape I want.
Vegan cherry ice cream.
It looks like a regular piece of ice cream,
except it's really hard.
There are little pieces of chocolate in it.
Smells like ice cream.
It's really good.
That sucks.
That's super fruity.
It tastes kinda like cherry flavored Bubblicious gum.
Knowing that it's vegan,
it tastes fresher.
Here's the thing,
I would probably eat any dessert no matter what.
Raw vegan brownie.
Looks like a brownie with seeds in it.
It looks like a granola bar.
Nothing about this screams brownie to me.
That's delicious.
I don't like it.
It's definitely chocolatey.
It tastes exactly like a Clif bar.
Mushy texture seems to be a running theme through vegan desserts.
I would eat it again.
I wish vegan foods would just stop trying to imitate non-vegan foods.
Just be yourself.
Be whatever it is that you are.


你敢嘗試嗎?非素食者的全素甜點初體驗 (Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts)

18137 分類 收藏
Ann 發佈於 2017 年 9 月 9 日    Ann 翻譯    Samuel 審核
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