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Confucius was a brilliant guy. Apart from his numerous sayings of wisdom, spreading
enlightenment, and also being the cornerstone of Eastern Philosophy, he must have been an
avid games player, for it is mythologized that he was the one to create Mahjong, the
ancient tiles game. And while the game is thousands of years old, most people know for
it being a free game on Windows computers, and playing it when they are taking a little
break and sneaking in in at work. But what was a free game on most every computer in
the world, now makes its way onto the Playstation 3, so if you ever want to sneak away from
playing video games, you can now play Mahjong.
In case you use an Apple Computer, or actually pay attention at work, or been living under
a rock, Mahjong is a tile game. There are numerous different tiles, each with a number
and an image associated with it. They are stacked upon themselves, in a pattern. Your
job is to match them with each other, which will then make available more tiles underneath.
You do this until every tile has a partner, kinda like Noah’s Ark. But this isn’t
just a simple affair, knowing which to match and which to come back takes a decent amount
of thought. Thus this game is said to increase brain activity and improve thinking, unlike
a lot of video games today.
But I know what you thinking? What makes this game worth buying on consoles when I can just
play it for free on a computer? And I don’t really have a good answer. There are plenty
of game modes, including the major draw which is story mode, that’s right, a story mode
for Mahjong, that has drawn storyboard scenes in-between games. There is also Infinity mode,
which is what is sounds like, a game that last forever. And also motion, where tiles
move around the board and you have to use them before the dragon burns them. And the
game even has multiplayer. These are all nice variations on a classic game.
But the biggest problem with the game is the controls. The analog stick just doesn’t
have the speed and responsiveness of a mouse, which can hurt the gameplay. If you ever wanted
to play Mahjong on the PS3, this is your best option because well, I’m pretty sure it’s
your only.


[電玩遊戲 PlayStation 3麻將傳說之遠古寓言遊戲回顧]CGR Undertow - MAHJONG TALES: ANCIENT WISDOM review for PlayStation 3

866 分類 收藏
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