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Opening our list of our most anticipated PC
games is Call Of Duty: World War II

Activision’s latest entry to the Call of
Duty franchise takes you to the height of

World War 2.
Step into these brave soldiers as they take
part in the war that changed the world.

The game’s campaign takes you to the memorable
battles such as the iconic Normandy Beach

Experience their brotherhood in a gripping
action-packed adventure.

Call a friend and go on co-op campaign missions.
Perhaps the game’s biggest overhaul is its
multiplayer mode.

March into popular battlezones during the
second world war and gather your friends for

a fast-paced shootfest.
It’s one of Activision’s biggest releases
this year, and it’s coming to the PC this

November 3rd.
Life is Strange: Before the Storm
Before DONTNOD releases a sequel to their
critically acclaimed adventure, a new studio

is also attempting a prequel starring the
rebellious, blue haired protagonist and her

relationship with Rachel.
Set before Max's return, DeckNine's three-part
series will have less of the mysterious, time-manipulating

tricks of the original, choosing to focus
more on the highs and lows of Chloe's troubled

With the same quick-time events, players will
become more immersed in the narrative, as

each decision will leave them with occasionally
unwanted yet permanent consequences.

It's a unique take on series' coming of age
themes, and we hope it does justice to it.

It's set to release this August 31st.
The Crew 2
Conquer sky, sea, and streets with every vehicle
you can imagine, and all around the United

That's the promise of The Crew's latest entry,
taking open world motorsports to a whole new

While their last title was a little rough
on the edges, this new installment aims to

silence all doubts and shine like a newly
polished gem.

Make a splash, glide through the air, and
zoom through the tracks with cars, boats,

and planes all rendered in beautifully detailed

Let’s hope the driving physics are better
this time.

It's set to release Early 2018.
State of Decay 2
Undead Labs is reinvigorating their successful
zombie-survival formula in this sequel to

their 2013 game of the same name.
Step in the infected suburbs of their vast
open world, and work together with your band

of survivors to live another day.
Their biggest addition is the cooperative
multiplayer that lets you roam around the

decaying streets with up to three other people,
opening up various fun opportunitas for the

With its open world, rideable cars, and permanent
deaths, it's the perfect way to put your zombie

apocalypse theories to the test.
It's set to release on the 2nd quarter of

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
After five years in development, the popular
action RPG is coming back to give you a better

dose of their epic medieval fantasy.
A prequel to their 2010 debut, the game is
set 200 years before the events of the original,

and during the decline of the Calradian Empire.
Set yourself up for some of classic warfare,
as you mount your horse and ride into their

improved full-scale castle sieges.
Or you could make use of its sandbox gameplay
to enhance your reputation or fight against

lowly bandits with their complex and satisfying

No official release date yet, but the hype
keeps going on.

A Way Out
One of the breakout titles of this year's
E3, A Way Out is an exclusively cooperative

game that puts you in the shoes of two convicted
brothers trying find a way out of prison.

It marks the return of splitscreen gaming
as you and your friend guide both of them

through environmental puzzles from each of
their perspectives.

Directed by the same man who lead Brothers:
A Tale of Two sons, it has much of the same

moving brotherly themes, creating a game that’s
both emotionally fulfilling and technically

It’s a whole new way to tell a videogame
story, and it's set to release Early 2018.

One of the most awaited annual sports releases,
the newest FIFA title will pack a handful

of surprises.
Of course, that doesn't include their choice
for this year's cover athlete.

After the record breaking win in La Liga AND
the Champions League, EA has decided against

another popular vote to put Cristiano Ronaldo
on center stage.

As for the game, they've enhanced the experience
with the usual visual tweaks, and with a brand

new chapter for Alex Hunter in their flagship
mode, The Journey.

Show off your skills on the pitch, and rise
through the ranks of the football hierarchy.

It's set to release this September 29th.
Skull & Bones
Ubisoft's newest IP seeks to continue the
pirate misadventures began by Assassin's Creed's

Black Flag.
Removing the disgusting realities of historically
accurate seafaring expeditions, they're giving

you the complete pirate package wrapped in
an enjoyable multiplayer.

Build your own fleet, customize your ships,
raid the others for their precious treasures,

and compete in stunning 5v5 battles.
While it doesn't offer the thrill of exploring
the islands, it does let you revel in the

spectacular barrage of cannons with their
improved ship vs ship combat.

It's set to release on the 4th Quarter of

Dragon Ball FighterZ
From the the creators of BlazBlue and Guilty
Gear, Arc System Works is adding their own

twist to Dragon Ball's long list of fighting

Judging by the looks of it, it’s gonna be

Combining the awesome cast of characters and
iconic locations with their trademark cinematics

and smooth combat--Dragon Ball FighterZ is
shaping up to become this year's biggest fighting

game release.
Step into the shoes of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo,
and more, and recreate the anime's greatest

moments using the fluid, mechanical quirks
of one of the renowned developers of this

It's Dragon Ball game we've all been waiting
for, and it's coming this 2018.

Forza Motorsport 7
Appearing as a Microsoft exclusive, Forza
Motorsport 7 successfully showcased the capabilities

of the newest Xbox One X, with their hyper-realistic
cars and environments in native 4K resolutions

and 60fps.
But, even without the 4K support, Turn 10
Studios claims its one of the most beautiful

Forza games to date, making use of advanced
graphical techniques to improve ambient occlusions,

lighting, and shaders.
Choose from over 700 different cars, including
the mouthwatering Porsche cover star; tweak

it into its most optimized performance, and
brave the Dynamic Weather system.

It's set to release this October 3rd.
Crackdown 3
Destruction gets a step to another level in
Crackdown's first title in over seven years.

Reagent Games and Sumo Digital are giving
you a whole new world to explore and raze

to the ground.
With their cloud-based calculations for the
environmental decimation, it's gonna be one

hell of a multiplayer game as you compete
for the highest scores, more importantly,

the biggest explosions.
Bring along some friends and share the campaign
experience as you collect orbs, and tackle

towering bosses.
While the mayhem is still on, you might want
to be careful who you piss off.

Enjoy some more over the top action once it
releases on November 7th.

An indie platformer with the heart and creativity
of Triple A game.

Introduced as a microsoft exclusive, dive
into its artistic landscapes set to the style

of old-timey cartoons that are reminiscent
of disney's much older collection.

Fulfill your end of a demonic bargain and
guide the porcelain-headed protagonists through

a series of bosses in this run and gun platformer.
It offers a world so strange and so full of
whimsy you probably don't wanna stop--and

you have no reason to with your set of infinite

It's the first one to capture the unique,
vintage style in modern times and fans are

eagerly awaiting its arrival.
Coming this September 29th.
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
We could never remove this game on our lists.
This sequel to Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed
Stick of Truth game takes you to the realm

of superhero movie franchises in the form
of a silly civil war.

Meet the boys of South Park, Colorado and
witness their superhero transformations in

the most ridiculous ways.
As silly as it may sound, the game is very

Censorship issues aside, this next entry offers
a new gameplay mechanic in the form of grid-based

Be the new kid and use your time-bending fart
powers in an effort to quell a rising threat.

Meet the iconic characters from the South
Park universe and help them in their little

It’s coming this October 17th.
Code Vein
Bandai Namco's newest IP puts you in the place
of a bloodthirsty vampire fighting in tough,

skill-based battles against nightmarish monsters.
Set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, you play
as a revenant, struggling to escape the vicious

region of Vein.
It feels a lot like Dark Souls, with its tactical
combat system, gloomy world, and gritty storylines.

Absorb the powers of your fallen enemies,
and use them to increase your own abilities.

For those craving a new Dark Souls experience,
this just might be the game for you.

It's set to release sometime in 2018.
Ori And The Will Of The Wisps
Announced during Microsoft’s presentation
during this year’s E3, the beloved adventures

of our favorite catlike forest spirit has

This sequel is currently still in development
and little The trailer they released shows

us their signature hand painted visuals and
colorful backdrops.

However, darkness looms over the horizon and
we’re afraid Ori might be saving the troubled

forest once more.
The original game delivered a good experience
for metroidvania fans.

Bringing a sense of accomplishment to every
difficult scenario.

It’s beautiful, fluid and emotional.
We’re hoping this game gets a release date

The Evil Within 2
The nightmare continues in Bethesda’s upcoming
sequel to their underrated horror game.

It continues the original’s story.
Return to the shoes of Sebastian Castellanos
as he finds out the deeper mysteries of his

haunted psyche.
This time, Shinji Mikami is no longer taking
center stage but acts as a producer.

Nonetheless, expect more nightmare-inducing
monsters that will trouble you in your sleep.

The only reveal during this year’s E3 was
a cinematic trailer with a glimpse of gameplay.

It shows how unnerving the game is getting
and from the looks of it, it’s scary as

It’s coming this year during October’s
Friday the 13th.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War
Return to the fields of Middle-Earth in this
satisfying Tolkien-generator game.

A sequel to Monolith’s Shadow of Mordor,
Ranger Talion and Celebrimbor’s lust for

vengeance isn’t over.
No longer shackled by the Hands of Sauron,
they set out to the rest of Middle-Earth in

an effort to amass an army worthy of the Bright

Together they take down Orc Strongholds and

Unleash the warlord within you and utilize
the game’s enhanced Nemesis System.

Craft your own stories by manipulating Orc
leaders, or creating your own.

It’s third-person hack and slash gameplay
is also refined, making Orc slaying more gratifying.

It’s set to release this October 10th.
Far Cry 5
Move away from the chilly mountains of Kyrat,
and step into a fictional rural county in

Inside this mysterious town lies a religious
cult capable of tearing down anyone who stand

in their way.
It’s a matter of survival as you get torn
between a place where cult leaders handle

their idea in the most extreme ways.
This first-person shooter returns with all
new surprises and dangerous wildlife.

If it ain’t the religious extremists, then
the fauna will be a major problem in your

Ever since Primal, Ubisoft is starting to
learn from their mistakes and hopefully, this

might be the best Far Cry game yet.
It’s scheduled to release this February
27, 2018.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins
Ancient Egypt awaits the initiated.
This upcoming entry of Ubisoft’s popular
science-fiction franchise takes you to the

origins of the Assassin brotherhood.
Follow Bayek, a man with a troubled past as
he takes down corrupt officials that rob Egypt

of its freedom to grow.
Followed by his pet eagle, Senu, together
they build the foundation of the series’

Compared to their previous locations, Egypt
isn’t a place where skyscrapers are a thing.

Instead, step into ancient temples and climb
the great Pyramids in search for the truth.

Players can also traverse the desert and dive

It’s the most diverse AC game to date, and
we hope it doesn’t disappoint the fans this

It’s coming this October 27, 2017.
Metro Exodus
Based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel, this
survival horror shooter takes you to the radioactive

wastes of Moscow after a chaotic nuclear war.
Think of it as a Russian version of Bethesda’s
Fallout series, but darker and grittier.

It’s set after the events of Metro Last

Ever since its first game, fans have been
dying to experience an open-world Metro game

where anyone can go above the surface, and
vice versa.

Similar to the previous games, gameplay involves
a mixture between first person shooter and

stealth elements.
Encounter mutated creatures and hostile human
beings in this irradiated dystopian world.

Fans have been comparing it to STALKER’s
‘hopeful’ sequel.

Scheduled to release sometime this 2018.
Monster Hunter World
For the veterans, this franchise was once
considered as the first Dark Souls.

Ever since the first game, players have been
up to the extreme challenge of taking down

a compendium of badass monsters with the help
of their friends.

CAPCOM’s latest entry, however, takes it

Finally it’s a PC GAME!
Experience a living and breathing world where
the entire ecosystem of Monster Hunter beasts

roam specific lands.
It’s biggest improvement lies in its online

Co-op has always been the staple for MH games
and this latest entry packs a huge overhaul.

Team up with your friends in the biggest monster
hunting quest you can ever have.

It’s scheduled to release sometime this

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Bethesda paints the town red in this latest
sequel to their acclaimed Wolfenstein series.

Set in an alternate timeline where the Nazis
won World War 2, Return to the shoes of BJ

Blazkowicz as he wakes up from a coma (again).
After the events of The New Order, the Nazi-controlled
world sets up a whole new threat to the United

States of America.
This game, much like its predecessors, are
visually pleasing.

From the fast-paced first person shooter action
to the thick blood spilled by your enemies.

Face off mutated creatures, Nazi’s and hopefully
Hitler once again.

Get ready for more intense action-sequences
because this game is scheduled to release

this October 27, 2017.
Star Wars: Battlefront II
Return to the battlefront in DICE’s upcoming
sci-fi shooter based on George Lucas’ critically

acclaimed franchise.
Get ready to fly into a galaxy far, far away
and engage in beautiful galactic-scale space

combat with you and your friends.
The game also comes with a gripping single
player story.

Multiplayer is as grand as ever.
DICE manages to include more content from
the new movies such as characters like Kylo

Ren, Rey, and Darth Maul.
Awaken the Force and show the enemies whose

The Dark or the Light?
The game is scheduled to release this November
17, 2017.

Destiny 2
Bungie awakens their new form of Legends in
this much awaited sequel.

This is the first Destiny game to ever release
on the PC.

Now partnered with Blizzard, they’re gonna
use Blizz’s client to run the game.

Similar to its original, Destiny gives players
the ability to scour the vastness of the solar

system and fight enemies that threaten the
nature of the Light.

In this sequel, the world needs a new legend
and it’s your task to step up.

Be a Guardian and harness the power of light
with the amount of customizable weapons and

armor depending on your class.
It’s one of the most anticipated games of
this year, and it’s finally coming this

October 24.
And our most anticipated game so far is Anthem
Though this game may not be for everyone,
but BioWare’s new IP manages to take us

on the hype train.
With Mass Effect: Andromeda’s shenanigans,
it’s time they make up for their mistakes

and give you a worthy science fiction shooter…
with reasonable facial animations.

From the team that gave us Mass Effect 1 and
2 comes a game that will let you embrace exploration

and action with your friends.
It’s a cooperative-multiplayer experience
with beautiful landscapes and badass exosuits.

It’s also a game 10 years in the making.
If this turns out to be good, then we can
always forgive them for Andromeda.

But who knows?
It has no release date yet, but expect more
news once 2018 hits.



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