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  • Set the Record Straight from the seminars of Jacque Fresco

    《把話說清楚》 出自於雅克·法斯科的研討會

  • If you want a better world, you have to move in that direction.

    如果你想有一個更美好的世界 你必須朝那個方向移動

  • You have to give up the things that prevent the world from becoming better.


  • When people got sick and began to die, they said "It's the wrath of God!

    當人們生病並開始死亡 他們說:「這是上帝的憤怒!

  • They're sick, they're being punished", or "That's their karma."

    他們生病了 他們正在受罰」 或者「這是他們的業障」

  • But the research attitude of the scientist says "Karma bullshit!

    但科學家的研究態度 會說這是:「業障狗屁!

  • There's probably some swamp of mosquitoes with malaria, or rats- something!"


  • Or "There's a lot of food growing here and the soil is exhausted


  • in iron and manganese,


  • and these people are suffering from malnutrition and have brain damage",

    而且這些人營養不良 並有腦部損傷」

  • not because it's their karma, which is strictly fascist horseshit!

    根本不是因為他們的業障 這簡直是嚴重的鬼扯!

  • And it's because that men haven't taken on the responsibility of saying

    而且這是因為從沒有人想負起責任 像是說:

  • "Let's make the world a better place"


  • rather then get down on your knees and saying


  • "Let us have no more war, and let us have a brotherhood of man,

    「讓我們不要再有戰爭 讓我們親愛如手足

  • and let our neighbors be peaceful and lovable..."


  • All you have to do is be lovable and peaceful


  • and discourage war-like attitudes.


  • This is a job that religion ought to be involved in.


  • If you believe that there is a supreme being,


  • the supreme being would want you to do the things that bring about


  • the brotherhood of man on earth. Not pray for it; DO it!

    帶來四海一家的情誼 那就別只有禱告...而是確實去「做」!

  • Don't pray for good corn crops; dig and irrigate the ground!

    不要為玉米作物好收成而禱告; 去挖掘和澆地吧!

  • Grow healthy food. Do the best you can to take care of life.

    去種出健康的食物 盡力而為照料你的生活

  • Men of science try to find answers, not merely say

    崇尚科學的人會試圖找到答案 而不僅僅是說:

  • "Well, I hope you'll have a happy new year..."

    「好吧 我希望你新年快樂...」

  • Why don't you buy him an encyclopedia or a set of books


  • or good music or something that will make his life happier?


  • Here's where you get the message real hard.


  • Suppose I went to a doctor with ... gangrene in this region of the leg,


  • and the doctor says "Sit down," took out all his instruments,

    而醫生說:「請坐」 並掏出所有儀器

  • put them on the table (very sincere doctor) and he said

    把它們放在桌子上(很真誠的醫生) 然後他說:

  • "Believe me, I hope your infection goes away, I really hope it does."

    「相信我 我希望你的感染消失了 我真的希望如此」

  • Then he gets up and walks away!


  • Well, this is what the language of 'normal' people sounds like to me.

    那麼 對我而言這樣的話聽起來就像是「正常人」的反應

  • The job is to get up off your ass and go to work.


  • Ready to go to work?


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Set the Record Straight from the seminars of Jacque Fresco

《把話說清楚》 出自於雅克·法斯科的研討會


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