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  • It is now possible to accept this challenge of designing our future,

  • if we have the courage to examine newer directions

  • for solving our problems of energy, hunger,

  • pollution and war.

  • It is entirely possible to develop

  • non-polluting renewable energy systems

  • to operate the entire country

  • and still maintain our natural surroundings.

  • This could be accomplished by harnessing the Sun,

  • the tides,

  • the wind,

  • the Gulf Stream and other sources.

  • Another possible development

  • is the building of a land bridge or dam

  • across the Bering Strait,

  • which would bridge Asia and Europe with the US.

  • This could generate enough power to eliminate

  • much of the suffering and scarcity of the third world countries.

  • Eventually, with the advent of clean fusion power,

  • we could easily propel our world’s technology for the next thousand years.

  • In the Venus Project,

  • priority will be given to the development of these clean energy sources.

  • There are many other possibilities for developing photovoltaic systems

  • that generate electricity, while at the same time

  • harness the currently unused radiant heat energy from the Sun.

  • Roadways, rooftops, and many other services

  • could be designed to collect and store the heat from radiant energy,

  • which could be used for heating or cooling.

  • At present, our planet is our only sustainable environment,

  • and we must protect it for ourselves and generations to come.

  • The technology and resources are available today,

  • to translate the aims of the Venus Project into a working reality.

  • [Jacque Fresco] We are tied in with nature

  • and all of the environment surrounding us.

  • To negate or neglect any part of that

  • would be damaging to ourselves and our own lives.




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金星計劃--能源 (The Venus Project - Energy)

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