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  • In a Moment of Vision...


  • Early 1800s.

    18 世紀初期。

  • It's the middle of the Napoleonic Wars in the middle of Europe, and it's the middle of the night.

    歐洲大陸中部正值拿破崙戰爭,而那時是午夜 。

  • One Captain Charles Barbier of Napoleon's army is trying to relay a message to one of his troops.


  • But sending written communications to the front lines can be deadly for the recipient.


  • Lighting a candle to read the missive can give away their positions to the enemy.


  • In a moment of vision, Barbier pokes a series of holes into a sheet of a paper with his blade,


  • creating a coded message that can be deciphered by fingertip, even in the pitch black.


  • The merits of his so-called night writing are never acknowledged by the military,


  • but in 1821, Barbier approaches the Royal Institute for Blind Youth in Paris in the hopes that they might find a use for his innovative, new communication method.

    但在 1821 年,巴比爾向巴黎盲人青年皇家學會提出建議,希望他們能運用這套創新的溝通方式。

  • There, a precocious teen by the name of Louis Braille does just that.


  • Louis spends the next several years improving on Barbier's idea, creating an organized alphabet fitting into a six dot standardized cell.

    路易花了許多年修正巴比爾原版的點字,創設了一套新系統,運用六個整齊的洞,排列組合出 26 個字母。

  • The system catches on.


  • Today, Braille is the universally accepted system of writing for the blind, adapted for more than 130 languages.

    直到今日,點字已是全球通用的盲人書寫系統,適用於 130 種以上的語言。

In a Moment of Vision...


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TED-Ed】(盲文是如何被髮明的|視覺時刻9-Jessica Oreck)。 (【TED-Ed】(How Braille was invented | Moments of Vision 9 - Jessica Oreck))

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