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we had an opportunity in every free i
say to you joseph always problems like

this movement not a big deal are his
first movie was in two thousand seven

zeitgeist the movie which makes sense
as i can sit down and him and two
thousand make safeguards moving forward

bhai came out in twenty eleven
peter thank you for joining us refresher
pleasure really appreciate you have made

are now all the more might not be
familiar with the zeitgeist moments are

so let's start there what is
psychosom another global sustainability
advocacy group

that s essentially or aids itself around
economic theory and how we can change

the social system to be more
pliable humane and sustainable across
the world

uh... so what's wrong with the system we
have a hazard a guess

on how we double or in the first one on
one hand well i think what negative

things and fortunately
and the problems are seeing the world
both on the human level in the

ecological level is this disc or the
taking a square peg in trying to fit

into a round hole
item here on out its only gonna get
worse across the board

ought counter by saying
the u_s_ senate that we have a electric
car industry a slowing inches when

america what happened to it's a hundred
years ago when the first electric or

actually mars why hasn't
this technology been completely
proliferated around the world wide

because industry also is greedy stubborn
he's established does one change its

mechanisms a profit
across the board misses one of the
greatest thing to talk about movement

we are paralyzed by this value death
economic saying that the marxism wasn't

great along time ago
in the handicraft industry rio de simple
type of post fuel is a mercantilist some

kind of world where people were
everyone was the producer of the most
trade that's beautiful and of itself the

and everything that's happened around us
has completely stifle this to extent
that is no longer apopka borders merit

we are evolving out of it is no better
word to use an evolution i don't put

down capitalism the market economy
because it was always bad
i say it's no longer relevant discussion
will be can create

an abundance so when you see this
corruption that people call

it's not corruption is the freedom of
the market i'll have the freedom in the

to shut you down if you have a competing
product review something that can

interfere with more market share
is the free market
not this allusion that everyone's in a
compete really did not have any

inhibitions in this sort of utopian liza
fair thing because i do wanna resolve

global problems he was all poverty we
can't overnight

do our resolve corruption do you want to
resolve the fact that

that we have ecological destabilization
coming out every single angle of almost

every wife supported client weekend but
it is going to take a overriding the

current social system in the mail
uh... but i mean you know how so
so i agree with you that you know
youtube reader certain culture you will
get back culture so if you

their reward incentivize greed you'll
get more repair it's a with corruption

in center
so i i don't believe that the way we do
things is the only way we can do six

enact and i believe that there is a
better way when you get there

i need to know more about the specifics
of so for example if you say okay we

have enough broke food to feed the world
that's true we do

the question is how the allocated
so that's what i throw achche will with
stable allocation

uh... what is the play of the allocation
a market system is to get needs two

people really it's something that
doesn't really happen you know as

at every major world health organization
stated it is not the food

sought the new trees are the calories
that's an in in that deficit is the fact

that does not have money environments
these poor people to have a resolution
bazaar of money to create a

desalinization plants to bring
clean water is the problem is economic
so allocation was it meaning his knees
and human population washington give

birth to anyone on this planet
but we cannot take care of
the fact of the matter is we can
so that's a huge subject i could go on a
massive feel about how an entirely new

social system to be generated
texan all the needs of the entire human
population at once

and probably the first thing that comes
out of anyone listed as with the hope

will be communism
because it'll reaction that is not what
it is at all it's actually making a

society that isn't an anti society which
is what we have now so how do you change

how do you change a system that is
inherently corrupt how do you change the

system move from something where
everyone is been soda

deeply conditioned into these values and
ethics to the factors glamorize now

into something that that is actually
sustainable in meeting the needs of the

human population in abundance
transition again as most complicated
thing you can talk about we'd have to

change was with the psyches movement
does the value systems first

if you get people to realize the
underlying problem

and get them to actually understand

so when you talk about change literally
it's a change of the mundane

straight at you and i'm
to realize that we might be a part of
this system we might have to engage it i

have to sell movies acting gage in the
evil capitalist often everyone schism a

hypocrite for that
but that's that's me living in the
system i was born into trying to work

through it
we have to deviate in creative plans to
enable abundance to enable these

these elements that would comprise the
characteristics of the new social system

in the future which would again awardees
these attributes
one of the great psychological
revolutions great sociological

revolutions that has to occur if we
intend to serve on this planet

is we have to stop delegated decision
making to people

in delhi incision aching to a process
of rational
this is completely devoid in the world
let me let me let me express this to

those of difficult thing the destructive
we can calculate society
sides only been with us really
application about six hundred years

we can calculate
what the greatest conductor
of and cutting metal is and why should
be used in certain forms and i and

we can apply this type of reasoning to
everything and i don't mean some utopia

stooped openness to thing where suddenly
there's a matrix everything's ka

that's an ideal
that probably isn't reality at least on

but if that's the way we should approach
a fart process we have to arrive at

conclusions not based them on
traditional notions of pre-existing

systems where i think it wide enough
them call you a little bit speaker-to-be

now look at what's possible right
you know it was possible
and thinking about how a lot of the
fears that we have about a loss of

individuality lost a decision making not
actually half of the ball to the type of

system contraction of speaking of
and i'll say one night on a i'm not sure

affecting his life to him
he again i i i'm not quite sure who's
making the decision into seems a little
too let me reiterate your piano about

how we all windup agreeing on the right
phase and then and then what's my
primers of choice theory so i'd like you

come up with this great car except
that i said okay but i want different
carly said don't worry about it is all

preserving a print all crackers you want
to ask you this one that how much choice

do you think you really have how much
choice to any of you people think you

really have
their world is driven entirely by
corporate incentive

in taiwan mass production in various
issues way producing things again as the

of difference
everything is is is nineteen eighty-four
zepa could possibly imagine the world

today at least carbon copy
but they are reforms out there there's
very little variation

the entire infrastructures certainly
without variation

people a very little options did tons
and tons of things

i can't put solar panels on it with an
enormous amount of money

as an addition to cross the board
so this idea of the sea this sort of
indulgence that we have the
we can exist in a way
we can't exist in a way excuse me
without the market system because mark

is it enables this freedom of choice is
really dilution with you leave this

materialistic culture
if we stop this obsession with
consumption that was been imposed upon

we could find
talents it with a step where we drive
our values importance from how we relate

to each other
how we help we contribute to the world
we better ourselves in a deep personal

not only cars have mcgraw through the



債該死運動創始人彼得·約瑟夫 (Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist Movement Founder on TYT)

167 分類 收藏
王惟惟 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 9 日
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