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  • Hello it's Crown. Today I'll teach you how to introduce yourself in English


  • It's time for college admissions again. Many high school seniors are going to prepare their profiles, including English self-introductions.


  • My brother, Ray, did a highly requested video about how to introduce yourself in English last year.


  • If you haven't seen it, you can check it out here!

    不過後來我們發現還是有一些部分可以多做補充,所以今天就由我來教大家如何用英文做自我介紹 2.0 版!

  • We thought of some new stuff to add to it, so I'm doing a "How to introduce yourself in English 2.0"!


  • By the way, Ray made me wear my uniform. It's not that I'm trying to look young or something. :P

    好首先,第一句話總是最簡單但是也是最困難的。當你走進去面試,教授跟你說 “Please introduce yourself in English”,一般人會怎麼樣開始呢?

  • To begin with, the first line is both simple and difficult at the same time. When you're at the interview and the professor says, "Please introduce yourself in English", what do most people say?

    My name is Crown, I am 18 years old…blah blah blah

  • 我是Crown, 今年18歲....等等

    I do not say, blah blah blah!

  • 我才不會說, ...等等!


  • Okay, most people start off like this. Or else how would you start it?

    錯!看了影片的你們就是不一樣,讓姐教你如何讓教授眼睛一亮的四個字 I’d be happy to

  • Wrong~~ You guys watching this video will be totally different! Let me show you how to impress the professor "I'd be happy to"

    I’d be happy to 就是「我很樂意」,當教授請你用英文做自我介紹的時候,你只要用漂亮的發音說出這一句,你就成功一半了

  • "I’d be happy to" means「我很樂意」. When the professor asks you to introduce yourself, you'll be winning from the beginning by saying this with a perfect pronunciation

    好,我們來試試看,你問我,然後叫我自介。(我嗎?) 嗯對

  • Okay, let's give it a try, ask me to introduce myself. (Me?) Yes.

    (Please introduce yourself in English) I’d be happy to (You’re in, welcome to our department) Yay!!!

  • 「請用英文自我介紹。」『我很樂意。』「你錄取了,歡迎來到我們系所了。」『耶!!!』


  • But with a good start, we have to make sure the rest of it goes well, too.

    在大學甄試入學面試的英文自我介紹有三個重點,三個P,也就是 proficiency preciseness 跟 personability

  • There are three tips in introducing yourself in English, which are the 3Ps. They are "proficiency", "preciseness", and "personability"

    首先第一個 proficiency 就是你的英文程度,包含用字、發音等。preciseness 則是你的內容是否精簡到位

  • "Proficiency" is your English level, including your word choice, pronunciation. "Preciseness" is how accurate your content is.

    而 personability 則是你這個人講英文的自然度

  • "Personability" is to feel at ease when you speak English

    第一個 proficiency 不用說,就是要讓教授知道你的英文程度如何

  • "Proficiency" means to let the professor know how good your English is


  • Especially the correctness of your grammar. If you're making many errors, it either means you're not well prepared for the interview or you didn't discover these mistakes

    這裏我提供一些很好用的句型,你可以把你想說的話套進去。而且相信我,這些句子完全 100% 正確又自然

  • So I'm gonna provide you a great sentence for you to say. And trust me, it's 100% correct and natual


  • Because it's written by Ray.

    (你懂的) 你懂的

  • (You know.)You know.

    Hello, I’m (Crown) and I’m from (Chong-Guang Girl’s High School).

  • 你好,我是(都冠伶),我來自(崇光女中)。

    My friends say that I’m an (easygoing) and (helpful) person.

  • 朋友們都說我是個(隨和)且(熱心)的人。

    I consider myself a (fast learner).

  • 我自己認為我是個(學習速度很快的人)。

    During high school, I was really into (singing).

  • 在高中期間,我很喜歡(唱歌)。

    I even managed to (win a singing competition) in my second year.

  • 我在高二的時候甚至(贏了一場歌唱比賽)。

    In my free time, I like to (read novels). Other than that, I like to (swim).

  • 我在閒暇時喜歡(看小說)。除此之外,我也喜歡(游泳)。

    I’ve always had great interest in (English), it’s definitely my favorite subject.

  • 我一直都對(英文)抱持強大的興趣,他一直都是我最喜歡的科目。

    I really look up to (my brother), he also studied (English).

  • 而我也很景仰(我的哥哥),他也是主修(英文)的。

    I look forward to (participating in the Student’s Association) in college.

  • 我期待上大學之後能(加入學生組織)。


  • You can find the sentences above in the description box below if you need.

    第二個 preciseness 也很重要,你要盡量精簡講重點

  • The second P, "Preciseness", is important too. Try to cut to the chase.


  • Think about it. A professor has to go through tons of self introduction a day, so he/she might be tired of it.


  • Usually, you only need to talk a little bit about your basic information. But you can accentuate your advantages and why you are suitable for this department.

    比如說,你可以講: I consider myself an Internet addict, that’s why I’ve developed a passion for the online media

  • For instance, you can say: “我認為自己是個網路沈迷者,而這也是我對於網路媒體有所熱情的原因”

    which led me to believe that I’m really suitable for the department of Mass Communication

  • “這也讓我相信我非常適合大眾傳播學系。”


  • Same thing. You can find the sentences I just said in the description box below

    最後第三個 personability 是最後的 icing on the cake,也就是救活駱駝的

  • The last P, "personability" is the last icing on the cake, which is also the last drop of water that...


  • saved the...cammal...

    唉稿子是阿滴寫的,其實我們都知道完全沒有這種用法 (不要這樣嘛很有創意啊) 好好好~

  • Well Ray is the one who wrote this. We all know there's no such thing as "the last drop of water that saved the cammal." Okay okay~~

    你看看這個字,personability,有沒有發現裡面有個 “person”,意思就是要你表現得像個人,而不要只是像一個在背稿的機器人

  • Look at this word, "personability", there's a person in it. This means you have to act like a person and not a robot reading lines.


  • I've seen some really cute situations of the lower class students. They memorized their self introduction so if they forget a line, they go back to the previous line.

    During high school, I found that I

  • 我在高中的時候發現我...

    sorry… during high school, I found that I was interested in

  • 抱歉...在高中的時候,我發現我的興趣在於

    oh okay… during high school

  • 喔喔好...在高中的時候


  • Don't do that. Languages are for communications. You'll ruin your self introduction if you only memorize your draft.


  • I recommend you to grasp the outline, say your basic information first, then your interest in high school, then connect your advantages to why you are suitable for the department


  • This way you can go through your points in order even you forget some details

    然後記得,在講話的時候要有適當的肢體動作跟眼神接觸,絕對不要只是低著頭 murmur

  • And remember to put some gestures and eye contact when you talk, don't just murmur.

    During high school, I found that I

  • 我在高中的時候,我發現我

    …uh sorry…during high school

  • ...嗯不好意思...我高中的時候


  • Keep in mind that "personability" is to be like a person. So treat your professor like a person and introduce yourself in English.

    最後小偏方,你可以適當的用一些填補詞 filler,讓你的英文顯得更自然一點

  • Last tip, you can also use some fillers to make your English more natural.


  • We did a video about fillers before, check it out here if you haven't seen it.

    好,這就是英文自介的三個P,proficiency, preciseness 跟 personability。希望會對你們準備英文自介有幫助喔

  • So, these are the three Ps for English self introduction: proficiency, preciseness, and personability. I hope you find these helpful.

    學了這麼多招,如果教授問你 “How come you’re so good at introducing yourself in English?”,你可以帥氣地回答他

  • And if the professor asks, "How come youre so good at introducing yourself in English?", You can say

    “Ray Du English taught me how.”

  • Ray Du English taught me how.” 「阿滴英文教我的。」


  • By the way, we are having a lucky draw on our Facebook fan page! Just for your information.


  • Share this video and you might have the chance of Ray Du marking your introduction and getting a record of it to listen to and practice!

    這麼好康的活動只辦到 3/18 星期五!現在就去臉書搜尋「阿滴英文」

  • The activity will end on Friday, 3/18. So search "Ray Du English" on Facebook now


  • ...


  • and attend the activity! XDD

Hello it's Crown. Today I'll teach you how to introduce yourself in English



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