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It's the wedding video touching hearts across the nation.
I want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person.
Don't cry, baby.
A marine's four-year-old son burst into tears
as he hears his new stepmom reading vows she wrote just for him.
You are so extremely smart, handsome, and kind to others.
You have helped shape me into the woman that I am today,
and I may not have given you the gift of life,
but life surely gave me the gift of you.
Overcome with emotion, little Gage wraps his arms around his stepmom
and won't let go.
We spoke to adorable Gage,
his father, Marine Sergeant Josh Newville,
and bride, Emily, who serves in the Air Force.
I think that it was just as important to say vows to him as it was to say them to Josh.
It certainly makes a great statement to any blended families.
I mean, I just think that it was so beautiful.
Yeah, it's just been really an awesome experience
to show the world how blended family can work,
and how you can make it a positive thing for your child.
Gage stole the show at the reception, too,
making a grand entrance wearing a Darth Vader mask,
and dancing up a storm.
Don't cry baby.
But it was his touching tears
that made a perfect day even more unforgettable.


超感人!繼母唸完婚禮誓詞,四歲男孩感動大哭 (4-Year-Old Boy Cries as Stepmom Reads Wedding Vows She Wrote for Him)

74670 分類 收藏
Ann 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 23 日    Ann 翻譯    Samuel 審核
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