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Mark your calendars: October 25.
The day the Rachel’s English Academy online
school opens.

The Rachel’s English Academy is a set of
online courses to help you speak better English

and understand Americans.
There’s a course on listening skills and
listening comprehension.

There are a couple of courses on conversation.
There’s a basics course, covering placement
and building your imitation skills.

That one was fun to make.
There’s a course on vowels and diphthongs
that expands

upon my book, American English pronunciation.
And, there are going to be lots of Ben Franklin

There’s also a secret Facebook group for
members of the Academy to ask questions, start

discussions, and look for conversation partners.
There are live classes where I will interact
with selected students in the webinar.

I’ll turn on your camera, we’ll talk;
I’ll coach you.

Every webinar is saved to be viewed an unlimited
number of times.

The courses are made up of video and audio.
One of the features that I love about the
video is that it can be played at 50% speed.

That’s nice and slow for anyone who needs
a little extra time to understand.

It’s also a cool way to study the pronunciation.
And, all of the videos have closed captioning
so you won’t miss a thing.

There’s a lot of audio in the courses that
you can download to put on your phone, tablet,

or computer to listen offline on the go.
This a subscription, and new lessons are added
every month.

Upcoming courses include idioms, phrasal verbs,
consonants, stress, linking.

When you sign up for a membership, you get
instant access to every lesson in the school.

So, you can work at your own pace, on the
topics that interest you.

If you don’t want to have to decide what
to study when, don’t worry.

One of the courses is a daily plan that tells
you step by step what to work on each day.

To start, there’s about 2 months’ worth
of content in the school.

Each month I’ll add more material, but once
you sign up you’re locked into that price

for life, no matter how much the price goes

For the first week only, you’ll be able
to sign up for the Academy for just $10/month.

After that, the price goes up to $14/month,
so if you sign up in the first week, you save

almost $50/year.
Most people would pay $10 for just the live
monthly classes, but that’s just a fraction

of what you’ll get in the Rachel’s English

So click here or in the description below to get on the VIP list
to make sure you know exactly when to buy
to get that discounted pricing and to get some killer bonuses.


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1239 分類 收藏
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