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  • Simon's Cat

  • Box Clever

  • (The cat walks towards the fish)

  • (The cat smells the fish)

  • (Touching the fish)

  • (Eating the fish)

  • (Simon is spying on his cat)

  • (The cat is licking after eating the fish)

  • (Simon is behind the cat)

  • (Simon looks at the watch)

  • (Simon has a cage in his hand)

  • (Opening it very quietly)

  • (The cat is throwing a pot at Simon)

  • (The cat throws a knife and fork into the cage)

  • (The cat throws a bottle at Simon)

  • (The cat is using his claws on Simon)

  • (Simon goes out)

Simon's Cat


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A1 初級 美國腔

盒子精 - 西蒙的貓 (Box Clever - Simon's Cat)

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