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- Good morning Believe Nation,
my name is Evan Carmichael, my one word is Believe
and I believe that entrepreneurs
will solve all of the major problems in the world.
So today's message is work on yourself.
Over to you, Oprah Winfrey.
(rooster crowing)
♫ I wake up every morning
♫ Entspresso keep me going
♫ I wake up every morning
- I say to my girls all of the time, that your real work
is to figure out where your power base is
and to work on the alignment of your personality,
your gifts, that you have to give
with the real reason why you're here,
that's the number one thing, you have to do
is to work on yourself and to fill yourself up
and keep your cup full, keep yourself full.
Now, I used to be afraid of that, I used to be afraid,
particularly from people who say,
"Oh, she's so full of herself,
"mm, she's so full of herself,"
and now I embrace it,
I consider it a compliment, that I am full of myself,
because you only when you're full,
I'm full, I'm overflowing, my cup runneth over,
I've so much, I have so much to offer and so much to give
and I am not afraid of honoring myself, you know,
it's miraculous when you think about it.
- I really love how Oprah Winfrey
turned what was intended as a negative,
but being full of yourself
and she turns that into a positive,
and I think it's such a necessary skill as entrepreneurs,
to take negative things and find the positivity in it,
to find the optimism in it, to find the solutions in it,
'cause that's how we stand out and succeed.
I also really agree with the point on developing
and working on yourself and this is working it really hard,
it's easy to say I'm going to work on myself,
it's easy to say I'm going to work on improving this new skill
or learning that new language
or building that new business,
or whatever it is that you want to go out and do,
it's easy to say, but it's hard to execute,
it's hard to execute because chances are,
you're the only one in your environment,
that actually cares about it,
like say you want to be a YouTuber,
you look at these YouTubes and say, "I want to be a YouTuber,
"I want to build a business on YouTube,
"I want to have a impact,
"I have a message, that needs to come out,
"I want to get my YouTube channel started."
Chances are, you're the only person,
that you know, who wants to do YouTube
and so it can be hard to stay motivated,
because the people around you, some of them may be negative,
some of them may be saying, "Well, you can't do that,
"you've never gone to school for that,
"what makes you think you can create a YouTube channel,
"are you kidding me, do you know who you are?"
That's great, some people may be negative,
some people though may just not care
and some people may be encouraging,
but no matter how encouraging they are,
you are the one who cares the most about this dream
and when you don't have the people around you,
who are also doing the same thing,
especially at a higher level than you are,
it can be really hard to continue and stay motivated,
and what happens then is you have a day,
when you're motivated, you're off, you're working hard,
you're creating your channel,
you want to make a new video
and then you wake up the next day like,
that momentum has gone,
you say, "Who am I to make a video, I'm not very good,
"did you see what I did yesterday, that was terrible,"
and then you get inspired by something else,
maybe you watch a video and then you're on fire again,
like, "I'm going to make another video,"
and you go off and you create it and then you fall off,
and so this constant up and down, rollercoaster,
yo yo, you know, up and down,
never really getting any consistency in it
and so the key for me,
when there's something that you really want to work on,
that nobody else in your environment cares about,
is putting it into your calendar and scheduling it out.
If you goal is to have success on YouTube,
as an example, or insert whatever you goal is,
then schedule it out, make time for it every single day,
that you're spending time building your skills,
learning the language of that industry to get better at it,
honing your craft, because on the days where you're on fire
and motivated, you won't need to schedule, you'll just be,
you'll blast through it and just have tons of productivity,
but on the off days, on the days in between those spikes,
the schedule helps you stay committed
to the goal that you have,
the schedule helps you stay on path,
even when you don't have
a stronger motivation to do the work
and so I would look at, what are your big goals?
What is it that you want to accomplish?
How do you want to work on yourself?
And then look at your calendar
and do the things in your calendar mapped to your ambition?
Are you doing the work in your daily calendar,
that will help you achieve your goals,
because for too many people, it's not,
too many have these big goals
and then you look at how they're spending their time,
they don't match up,
the work they're doing consistently
is not going to help get them to where they want to go
and so those days of inspiration are amazing,
but if you want to continue the process
and actually make real progress towards
achieving your goals and really building yourself up,
then you have to schedule it in
and make time for it to happen.
So the question of the day today is I'm curious,
what is a daily non-negotiable for you?
What do you schedule into your calendar every day,
at least during the week, weekdays,
that has to happen every day, non-negotiable,
I'm curious to find out,
leave it down in the Comments below.
I also want to give a quick shout out
to Margarita from Lovesomi.com, thank you so much
for picking up a copy of my book, Your One Word,
I really, really appreciate the support
and I hope you enjoy the read.
So thank you guys again for watching.
I believe in you,
I hope you can continue to believe in yourself
and whatever your one word is,
I will see you again tomorrow morning
for another shot of Entspresso.
♫ I wake up every morning
♫ Entspresso keep me going
(clicking typewriter keys)
- I spoke at an education summit for Microsoft,
I also spoke at an education summit for Apple.
At the education summit for Microsoft,
I would say that 70% of the executives
spent about 70% of their presentations
talking about how to beat Apple.
At the Apple education summit, 100% of the executives
spent 100% of their presentations
talking about how to help teachers teach
and how to help students learn.
One is playing this way and one is playing that way.
One is playing finite and the other one is playing infinite,
guess which one gets frustrated?
(audience laughing)
So at the end of my talk at Microsoft,
they gave me a gift, they gave me the new Zune,
when it was a thing
(audience laughing)
and let me tell ya, this thing was spectacular,
it was the most elegant piece of technology I'd ever used,
the user interface was incredible,
the design was spectacular, I absolutely loved it,
it was easy to use and it was bright and gorgeous and,
it didn't work on Itunes, which is a different problem,
so I couldn't use it, but it was amazing
(audience laughing)
and elegant, my God, it was elegant.
So I'm sitting in the back of a taxi
with a very senior, Apple executive,
sort of employee number 12 kind of guy
and you know, I like to stir pots,
so I turned to him and I said, "You know,
"Microsoft gave me their new Zune
"and it is so much better than your Ipod Touch,"
and he turned to me and he said, "I have no doubt,"
conversation over,
(audience laughing)
because the infinite player understands,
sometimes you're ahead and sometimes you're behind,
sometimes your product is better and sometimes its worse.
The goal isn't to be the best every day,
the goal isn't to outdo your competition every day,
that's a finite construction.
If I had said to Microsoft, "I've got the new Ipod Touch
"and it's so much better than your Zune,"
they would have said, "Can we see it, what does it do?"
react, react, react.
Finite players play to beat the people around them,
infinite players play to be better than themselves,
to wake up every single day and say,
"How can we make our company a better version
"of itself today, than it was yesterday?
"How can we create a product this week,
"that's better than the product we created last week?"
We also have to play the infinite game,
it's not about being ranked number one,
it's not about having more followers on Twitter,
than your friends, it's not about outdoing anyone,
it's about how to outdo yourself.
It's not about selling more books
or getting more TED views than somebody else,
it's about how to make sure
that the work that you're producing
is better than the work you produced before.
You are your competition
and that is what ensures you stay in the game the longest
and that is what ensures you find joy,
because the joy comes not from comparison,
but from advantage.
- The concept of improving lives
runs through the center of everything I do
and then I realize
that the way to improve lives
is to continually improve yourself, right,
so with that, every morning when I get out of the bed,
you know, I haven't fixed everything in the world yet,
so there's always something to do
and in this film, I read an interesting quote,
the Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, he said that,
"Good people have to get out of the bed every day
"and try to empty the ocean with a ladle,"
right, and I thought that was, you know,
I knew that was profound and I paused for a second
and I said, "Alright, what the hell is a ladle?"
alright. (audience laughing)
Right, so then, you know, I just, I touched it on my Ipad,
it was ladle, oh, it's like a big spoon, a big spoon, okay,
- [Host] As we say in Philly. - it was like a soup spoon,
yeah, (laughs) I was like a soup spoon,
I was like, "Why a soup spoon?"
so trying to empty the ocean with a soup spoon, you know,
as the mentality of how you wake up every day
to try to do good in the world,
so for me, - Yeah.
I'm really driven by continually trying
to elevate my mind
and elevate my spirit and care for my body
and to be able to love as many people
as effectively as possible
with this mystery of life, that I've been given.
- And the worst people that you know
are the people that don't have a good self-judge,
that everything they do is awesome.
- [Guest] Yeah.
- Those mother(expletive) never grow anyway, right,
and that's a huge issue with comedy,
when you run into people, that have terrible comedy sets,
but think they did great, like we would always,
Greg Fitzsimmons and I would always talk
about that with like open mic-ers,
like there's people that hear phantom laughs,
they think they're doing great
and they have this delusional self-opinion,
where everything they do is awesome
and they don't know why they're not successful already,
they don't know why they're not famous
and those people, I believe, (sighs)
I mean, in some sort of a weird, narcissistic way,
you could look at it this way,
that those people are there to teach you,
this is the consequences of not feeling
that awful feeling, when you fail.
I was talking to Burr a couple of weeks ago,
he did a set at The Comedy Store and I saw part of it,
he was killing and then I ran into him in the hallway
and I go, "Oh man, main room show was great, right?"
and he goes, "Yeah, (expletive) up at the end though,
"I tried to hang in there too long and the last bit bombed,"
like he was just, it was rotting at him,
that the last bit, like he goes,
"I (expletive) hung in there too long,
"I should have got off at the bit before that,"
(laughs) - Yeah.
- You know like, but you know, when I was in there,
he was (expletive) killing,
- [Guest] Yeah. - you know,
but that wasn't in his mind,
the success was not in his mind, what was like,
okay, whatever that happened at the end,
don't (expletive) do that again, you know,
- [Guest] Right, right.
- But that's why he's Bill Burr,
that's why he's really good.


作你自己 (Work on YOURSELF - Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) - #Entspresso)

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