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  • Usher and Justin Timberlake got into a bidding war over this vocalist.


  • The twist: he's only 15!

    意外的是: 他只有15歲

  • Hi. I'm Rebecca Brayton. Welcome to and


  • today we're speaking to YouTube sensation: Justin Bieber. ("One Time")


  • So when did you start performing? - Basically, I was always

    雷貝卡: 所以,你什麼開始表演的? 小賈: "基本上我總是

  • singing around the house. It was kind of

    在家裡附近唱歌。 那是我

  • thing that I just loved to do. I always played a lot of instruments and stuff

    喜歡做的事。 在我成長的過程中,我總是喜歡彈奏不同樂器以及

  • so I grew up around music my whole life


  • Had it always been your plan to pursue music as a career? - No it actually wasn't

    雷貝卡: 你一直想要當個音樂家嗎? 小賈: "不,實際上不是。

  • ("One time" plays)


  • I was in a singing competition just for fun


  • And-uh-

    我的朋友跟家人沒有辦法。 他們想參加但是沒辦法,所以我把參賽的影片放上YouTube。

  • my friends and family that couldn't make it. They wanted to be there but they couldn't so I put videos of the competition on YouTube


  • And-uh-just for them


  • And it just kind of blew up. I started getting thousands of hits. I started getting millions of hits.

    雷貝卡: 何不告訴我們亞瑟小子是如何發掘你的?

  • (singing) Oh (unintelligible singing)

    "嘿,亞瑟! - 小賈怎麼了?

  • Why don't you tell us a bit more about how Usher managed to find you?

    小賈: 基本上,這發生在我把影片上傳到YouTube之後。

  • Yo, Usher! - JB wassup man?


  • Basically, it happened after I put the videos on YouTube.

    我跑上前去跟他說: "亞瑟,我喜歡你的歌

  • This one manager found me. He flew me out to Atlanta. I was going to the studio and I met Usher... Randomly


  • And so I ran up to him and said "Usher, I love your songs"

    然後他說:" 喔~,那小伙子你進來一下。"

  • "Do you want me to sing you one?"


  • And he was like... "Uh...just come up on inside little buddy

    "哇,我一定要把這孩子找回來。" 之後他請我飛回亞特蘭大,再見他一次並唱歌給他聽看看。

  • I ended up not being able to sing for him. A week later he actually watched my videos on YouTube and then-um-was like


  • "Man, I gotta get this kid back." So he flew me back to Atlanta where then I got to meet him again and sing for him

    雷貝卡: 唱亞瑟的歌給他本人聽是什麼樣的感覺呢?

  • (Justin singing for Usher)

    小賈: "真的很瘋狂,如果你有在YouTube上看到那影片的話。"

  • ("One Time" plays)


  • So he wanted to sign me but then a week later-uh-Justin Timberlake wanted to sign me

    雷貝卡: 有人多名人少年得志,卻在長大後誤入歧途。

  • What is it like singing Usher's song for Usher?


  • It was definitely crazy. If you saw that on YouTube

    小賈: "這很瘋狂。就像你說的,有很多人悲劇了,

  • That was the first time I actually ever sang for him so it was pretty awesome


  • ("One Time" plays)

    雷貝卡: "現在應該有很多女生圍繞著你,真的是這樣嗎?"

  • Rebecca: Now we so many celebrities who became famous at a young age and they kind of trainwreck when they grow up


  • Uh-how do you plan to stay grounded?


  • It's crazy. There's a lot of people that have basically trainwrecked as you've said

    雷貝卡:" 非常感謝你。"

  • But I just have so many people surrounding me that are just great people. I plan to just stay grounded and it will be a good road ahead.


  • Rebecca: Now I am assuming you have girls following you around all over the place now. Was it always that way?

  • ("One Time")

  • Umm-yeah-(chuckles)-No I just-I had a lot of girls chasing me before this but

  • Umm...but now there's definitely alot more

  • ("One Time")

  • Rebecca: Thank you very much

  • Thank you very much for having me

  • ("One Time" plays to ending)

Usher and Justin Timberlake got into a bidding war over this vocalist.



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