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Hi,this is Crown
Today I'll be sharing 10 things I learnt from England
Hi guys,I'm back
You didn't hear my laughter at the last episode
It's kinda weird right
It's so quiet and feels kinda strang
(no no no)
Guess you just found out how important I am
Actually another YouTuber was also invited to England with me
He's my friend @tessereq
Thanks to him,I finally get to go to my dream country - England
The main purpose is to go to YouTube Space London
and shoot a secret film
It is about a a scene from a film that'll be released soon
Take a guess !
It's a secret,so I can't tell you guys now
It'll be uploaded to @tessereq's channel
I'll put the link over here later
Sleepy Crown will also take a part in that film
Today, I'll be introducing
10 things I learnt during my stay in England
Here we go!
You need to stay longer in England
England's time is 8 hours slower than Taiwan's
and we spent more than 15 hours on the plane
We transfer at Thailand in between
Because of jet lat
I'm still super jet-lagged right naowww
So dizzy
Minus the time spent on flights,we only spent 3 days here
We went straight to work on the first day
We didn't went sightseeing until it's done
At first,I thought we'll be able to visit many places
So I bought this London Pass
It gives you free access to more than 60 popular spots
You can save time from waiting in line as well as entrance fees
This three-day London Pass cost 100 pounds
But I only used it for Tower of London
and London Bridge
So it's kinda lame
If you're there for a short time, I recommend not buying it
After getting into Tower of London
There are lots of theme architectures you still need to wait in line
so actually you spent lots of time waiting
As for London Eye
It's not included in London Pass
It took so long buying the ticket and waiting for the ride
Finally, you'll spent 30 mins on the Ferris Wheel
If you don't have enough time,you'll be literally just browsing
The transportation also consumes lots of time
You'll have an extremely tight schedule if you don't have a handful of time
It's a shame that I didn't have the chance to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral
I also missed Westminster Abbey's opening hours
I only took a picture outside of it,I'll definitely visit these places the next time
You need to pay for public toilets
You need to pay to go to toilets in London
Like toilets in the subway stations,train station and even the one beside London Eye
You need to pay 30 pence to use them
It's approximately 10 NTD
But if they are toilets inside the tourist attractions
like the Tower of London or Tower Bridge
You don't need to pay in addition to entrance fee
I'm not really that surprised
Because when I visited Europe,you also need to pay for using toilets
Taiwan is really convenient
Musicals and operas are very popular
In London, wherever you are, you can buy musical or opera tickets
There are a lot of ads promoting them as well
Like in the subway,there are numerous ads
On both sides of the escalator
more than half of them are musical related
It's also very easy to buy those tickets
You can get them around the MRT or plaza
The subway it's kinda different
In England,subway is called underground
which is literally underground
It's nickname's Tube
and train is called overground
cuz it's literally over the ground
I bought the London Pass with Oyster Card
which is their pass for subway
Oyster is 牡蠣,it's said that it got the name
because oysters produce and protect pearls
this card will also protect something you value, which is money
Because London is a large place, you have to walk for a long time
Like when you're changing another underground route
You can eat and drink in underground
there are two types of carriages
the big one is similar to Taiwan's MRT
the small one is really "cozy"
basically there's only a person's space between you and the guy who sits opposite of you
so it's really,really small. The sign even says
Please keep feet off seats
and the thing that bothers me is that
Though they have elevators and escalators
but they don't reach every floor
so when you have to carry you luggages
up and down,your hands will break
Fish and Chips three days in a row
the must-eat in England
is the famous Fish and Chips,炸魚薯條!
I've never eaten them in taiwan,but once in Macau
This time,I finally had Fish and Chips in England
They tasted like... Fish and Chips XD
but the fish is really soft without fishbones
and the Chips are fat ones
The store I had is at Tower of London
There are salts,peppers and mayonnaise
You can add as much as you want
Ray asked me why
I kept eating only Fish and Chips
I was like
It's good, and not oily
One time @tessereq ordered Burger and Chips
They didn't taste good
Glad I didn't order them
No convenience store
There are no 7-11s in England
The only thing that can be seen as one
Is a store in King's Cross Station
called WHsmith
once you entered,you'll see five rows and a L-shaped drink section
The first two rows are books and magazines,and then chocolates and candies
and the last row is potato chips
There are so many kinds of chocolate,wanna take 'em all home
They look so tasty,envvvyyyyyy
Here's a surprising fact,there's no instant noodle
WTH no instant noodle,I feel bad for English suddenly
and their sandwich sounds really amazing
but how their taste are hmmm kinda boring
you can check out by yourself,just scan the code
It's like returning books in a library
and then you put money inside, its so new and fun
English are friendly
this may be really subjective
But I think they are pretty hospitable
Especially at the underground,I've been cared twice
The first time,is on the first's day's night
I felt pretty uncomfy on my way back to the hotel
Maybe it was because I was walking slowly
or my face was pale
A girl suddenly came up to me and
She looked at me with concern and said "Are you alright?"
She didn't leave until I said “Yeah, thanks”
The second time is when we are dragging our luggages
A guy suddenly appeared from my left and said
"Let me help you with that."
And took the luggage downstair
I admit I was a little afraid then
My friend told me be careful with handsome English men
So I kept thinking that was he trying to rob my luggage
luckily he didn't took it away
The architectures are really nice
England's architectures are all super nice
Most of them are elegant and mignificent
and those that aren't tourist attractions also have a consistent style
It's perfectly balanced between delicacy and beauty. Like our hotel
It's at King’s Cross St.
only minutes away from Pancras Station
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel
It's a classic Victorian style
Buckingham Palace is packed with people
When we first arrived at Green Park Station
we saw a lot of people moving in the same direction
we didn't know what was happening
until we saw Buckingham Palace
People basically filled every blank space
It's like new year countdown
We soon find out it's the guard mounting ceremony
Because there are so many people, we kept walking
hoping to find an open spot
We arrived there around 11, all the good seats have been occupied
So I suggest those who wanna see it,should go there before ten thirty
It starts at 11
Because I'm the shortest
I can barely see anything
except through people's cell phone screens
To record the ceremony, I pretend I was crossing the street, twice
just to get a glimpse at Buckingham Palace
Having good English is convenient
If you have good English
It's really convenient in England
Because no matter what you do
You'll all use English (duh~)
The first time is
when arriving at Heathrow airport
btw, don't forget to take the Arrival Card
We didn't get them on the plane
so we were kinda nervous and got them as soon as we can
After waiting in line for a while, It's time to go through customs
They'll ask you some questions in English
For example, What is the purpose of your visit
How long are you staying
Where are you staying
What do you plan on doing here
It's mainly about why are you here, where are you staying and for how long
Don't be nervous. Just answer clearly and you can get a pass in no time
Buying stuffs,ordering meals。 asking questions and requesting help
also require English
Like we needed a place to deposit our luggage
I went to the counter and asked
Excuse me, can you tell me where I can store my luggage?
He answered “Right over there, beside the stairs”
I double checked with him
Right beside the stairs over there? Thanks so much
Just wanna show off my fake English accent
You guys know the points right?
Subscribe us and learn English with fun
Ok, that's basically what happened in England
Hope you guys like it,would you like to see
more about England
It's my first time there,so I'm really happy
Have you been there? What's your favorite part?
Or is there any must-do?
Just comment below, I'll be taking notes
and the next time I'll definitely check them off the list
If you like this video, give us a thumbup
If you wanna see more videos
Don't forget to subscribe
They'll be new videos every Mon and Thurs at 9 p.m.
And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always,
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~


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