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When I was 18, politics seemed boring. I didn't go and vote,
I didn't pay attention. I didn't really care at what age people got their pension,
That seemed ages away
I was just starting out. I really had no interest in what politics was about
but I should have. The young are most affected. Most 18 to 24's don't care
who gets elected, and I'm not surprised
I once felt that way too. Why vote for a system that doesn't represent you?
Middle-aged, middle-classed. old men in old buildings. Too posh and too rich to care
about the small things.
From the same schools and clubs, to same suits and same tailors
to the same privileged upbringings with no experience of failures.
When we see them answer questions,
a chance they should be seizing, they forget about us and resort to playground
teasing, like children, taking part in a food fight
wasting words that have power on a false appetite that lies. That only wants first prize.
That cares less about it's people, and more what power buys.
But the government works for you, and this can all be resolved,
if you stand up for what you believe in,
and do your part to get involved. There is strength in your numbers. You are not the minority.
You only feel this way as you've been made a low priority by politicians who are chasing the vote,
They won't try and please you if they think there's no hope. So prove them all wrong.
Prove you have a voice. Do the unexpected and accept you have a choice
and vote! But first find out the truth. Look at their policies,
and how they affect the youth. This world is yours to inherit. it's more your future then theirs.
Don't let your life be dictated by the old and billionaires.
It's the young that pay tuition.
It's the young that fight the wars.
it's the young who need jobs or could end up living outdoors.
It's the young who adopt the planet. it's the young who clean up the mess.
It's the young that care for the old. So why do the young vote less?
You have a say, that needs to be respected. People are dying for the right
to have a leader that's elected.
So register to vote, be a part of democracy. Doing nothing and complaining
is outright hypocrisy.
You don't have to be a whisper, your voice's are real. You can be the generation
that gets a better deal. If you want to make a difference, you have to grow up.
Our country's fate is decided by those who show up.


這就是你的未來 (It's Your Future)

949 分類 收藏
Precious Annie Liao 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 20 日    Yvonne ,Lin 翻譯    Tina Hsu 審核
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