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  • Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. I want to talk about the many benefits of vitamin D as well as

  • vitamin D deficiency. So many people are struggling with vitamin D deficiency. In fact, according

  • to a lot of medical studies today, they're showing that quite possibly the top deficiency

  • we have in America is a vitamin D deficiency, and for a lot of us there are several reasons

  • for that. But let me talk about the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. I'm then going to

  • get into what's causing vitamin D deficiency, then go over the best foods, supplements and

  • things you can do to correct this type of issue.

  • But first and foremost, the big thing that can cause or the big symptoms you might have

  • with a vitamin D deficiency are immune issues. If you have a weakened immune system, that

  • could be correlated with a vitamin D deficiency. If you have candida or bacterial overgrowth,

  • it can be caused from a vitamin D deficiency. If you struggle with let's say emotional ups

  • and downs, like depression and anxiety, that can be a cause. Hormone imbalance, major cause

  • of vitamin D deficiency. If you have trouble putting on muscle or losing weight, those

  • are all correlated with a vitamin D deficiency. If you have weak bones or teeth, osteoporosis

  • or osteopenia, those are warning signs you have a vitamin D deficiency.

  • So again, you can see there are a lot of things -- and I didn't even get into certain other

  • things like cancer and diabetes and heart disease -- but those are all warning signs

  • you could have a vitamin D deficiency.

  • Vitamin D is responsible for really supporting a healthy immune response, digestive health,

  • hormone balance, and here's a key thing to remember. Vitamin D is not just a vitamin.

  • It's also a pro hormone. So it's responsible for so many hormone producing reactions within

  • your body. You've got to have vitamin D.

  • Now here are the biggest causes of vitamin D deficiency. Number one is not getting enough

  • sunlight. The sun should be your number one source of vitamin D. We live in a world today

  • where we live inside, especially if you're in the northern states, whether it be in Canada

  • or northern US or northern Europe. But if you are not getting outside enough and not

  • getting enough direct sunlight on your skin, that will create a vitamin D deficiency. So

  • starting off, the majority of people are vitamin D deficient because we don't get outside enough.

  • And the other thing can be certain chemicals, especially things that are plastic in nature,

  • those can block vitamin D absorption. So if you're drinking out of plastic bottles that

  • have something called BPA, that's bisphenol A, that can cause vitamin D deficiency and

  • really affect the way vitamin D is absorbed and utilized and created by your liver in

  • your body.

  • The other thing is toxicity. If you're exposed to toxins on a regular basis, that affects

  • the liver. Your liver is actually responsible for producing and creating vitamin D within

  • your body. So again, toxicity another major cause of vitamin D deficiency.

  • So if you want to start to correct vitamin D deficiency and see improvements in your

  • immune function, in your metabolism, in your hormones and things like your thyroid and

  • your adrenal glands and improving your overall mood and bone strength, you've got to get

  • more vitamin D.

  • Again, your number one source by far is sunlight. I recommend getting outside 20 minutes to

  • 30 minutes every single day. Even if it's cold outside, getting a little bit of sun

  • on your face and hands, it's so important for getting Vitamin D. So again, number one

  • is get sunlight 20 to 30 minutes a day.

  • Now, apart from that, certain foods will contain small amounts of vitamin D. Number one source

  • will be wild caught salmon or fish, so again getting wild caught fish on a regular basis.

  • Also, raw fermented milk, like a goat's milk yogurt, may have small amounts of vitamin

  • D, as will mushrooms and eggs. But again, you're going to get very small amount in diet.

  • Those foods are good. But again, it's only small amounts of vitamin D.

  • Then the next thing would be take a high quality vitamin D supplement. You don't want to take

  • vitamin D2. You do want to start taking vitamin D3, and there are many forms of this. There

  • are several good brands out there today. But again, you can actually take it in a capsule

  • form. You can actually get it in a spray bottle form. But again, vitamin D is essential to

  • take as a supplement. For most adults, 2000 to 5000 IUs a day is what's recommended.

  • Now if you have a severe deficiency and you've gone and got a vitamin D test done, in that

  • case for 1 to 2 months, you might take 5000 IUs 2 times a day. But again, for the days

  • that you're not in the sun, I recommend 2000 to 5000 IUs of vitamin D3 daily.

  • Here's one last important thing to remember. When you are supplementing with vitamin D3,

  • you want to take it with some fat because it's a fat soluble vitamin. So take it with

  • a teaspoon of coconut oil or take it with a fish oil supplement. But when you are taking

  • vitamin D, you want to take it with some healthy fat like coconut, avocado, or an almond butter.

  • You'll want to get it with some healthy fat because it actually improves and increases

  • absorption there as well. So again, make sure you're getting your vitamin D. It is crucial

  • for immune function, bone health, emotional health, and balanced hormones.

  • So again, remember vitamin D, it's not only a vitamin. It's a hormone. It's an immune

  • boosting nutrient that you've got to have. Hey, if you've enjoyed this video, make sure

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  • here on We've got some great information coming out as well on other vitamins and nutrients

  • that can help take your health to the next level.

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. I want to talk about the many benefits of vitamin D as well as


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