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Are you hearing all the hype about MICE but do not know what MICE actually is?
What? MICE? Could it be…
The ones shown on TV?? No! Think bigger!
Hmmm… Then what is it?
The real MICE consists of meetings,
incentive travel, conventions
and exhibitions
We organize meetings with a planned agenda to come up with solutions.
Enjoy incentivized travel around the world in recognition of your company's performance
We gather professionals of an industry in conventions
to exchange perspectives. And we showcase the
products or services of companies in exhibitions
MICE offers you glitz and glamour, and endless adventure of fun
And you can always make friends everywhere and anytime
We may make the best-laid plans of mice and men,
but we always adapt and think on our feet. We are able to allocate our resources effectively
apart from managing our time well. And to us,
when we talk about professionalism, it is something we always uphold.
Some say we are as poor as church mice for the amount of hours we put into an event.
We work really hard but wealth is…
more than just money. By the very nature of the MICE industry,
we are connected everywhere around the world. This means that
at the end of the day, our extensive network that we build,
is our net worth! With Singapore being Asia's top convention
city for the 12th consecutive year, and the world's easiest place to do business
for the 8th time, There is no time to remain as quiet as a mouse
in this booming industry. We are the people who bring people together.
We are the MICE Industry. Join us today!


MICE產業:什麼是MICE? (The MICE Industry)

1120 分類 收藏
Sh, Gang (Aaron) 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 17 日    Sh, Gang (Aaron) 翻譯    Jerry 審核
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